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Top 20 Free Sites Like SolarMovie – Best Alternatives to SolarMovie

SolarMovie is one of the most popular websites that has become the destination for people to watch movies and TV series online for free. This site provides plenty of movies and TV shows you can browse and watch on your browser. There is no necessary requirement for you to start watching your favorite titles. Instead, you click on the link and start watching. People use many other best sites like SolarMovie widely and confidently in 2022.

In this discussion, we are going to review the best SolarMovie alternatives in 2022 that have a massive collection of old, new, latest, and trending multi genres movies. Also, you will find web series, TV shows, news, and updates about upcoming films. Almost all of the options on our list provide you with on-demand services as well so that you can watch premium content in high quality at a reasonable price. If you are finding similar sites to Putlocker, click the link below.

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Best Sites Like SolarMovie – September 2022 Additions

Here are the top 20 sites like SolarMovie that allow you to watch TV shows and movies online with your desktop browsers, mobile devices, and more. Most importantly, none of the options we have suggested contain any virus that harms your device. So, select the movie streaming site you like the most and have fun.

Peacock TV – Sites Like SolarMovie 2022

Peacock TV provides you with a legal streaming service that doesn’t require you to pay for subscription fees. You can enjoy this service for free for as long as you want, but you will also be given an option to upgrade to Premium if you want to enjoy some premium-only features. Most importantly, if you are a sports lover, you can watch your favorite sports live streaming on desktop and mobile.

Sites Like SolarMovie

You will come across trending films and TV shows that are worth watching. To start watching, you need to sign up with an email address. Moreover, the quality of the content available on the site is excellent. If you want to enjoy all these features on your mobile, you can install the Peacock app from the Play Store for free. You can view action, comedy, and romance shows and movies there.

Updated Qualities:

  • You can enjoy various shows, including the current NBC hits, popular Latino shows, Kids & Family, Timeless Favorites, plenty of movie titles, and classic comedy.
  • It is ad-supported, and you can see any shows for free with ads in-between the viewing sessions.
  • It allows sports lovers to watch their favorite baseball, football, and NBA teams playing.
  • Some channels are exclusively available only on Peacock TV.
  • New titles are being regularly added, whether they are classic or currently aired titles.
  • The premium plan includes exclusive TV shows and movies only available for premium users, premier sports, and more.

Netflix – Sites Like SolarMovie

With a paid subscription, Netflix is one of the best websites to watch movies and shows online IN 2022. Netflix provides plenty of Blockbuster movies, hit TV shows, original series, local series, documentaries, and other video content that can keep you entertained for hours on end. In addition, it offers different plans based on what you need, such as whether you want to watch the shows in HD or 4K and whether you want to watch the shows on multiple devices simultaneously.


Unfortunately, it has no free trial, but its package isn’t too expensive. Moreover, its most significant advantage is that it produces its original series, movies, and shows yearly. The Grey Man, Darlings, Day Shift, and Interceptor are the best 2022 movies that you can watch on Netflix with HD quality.

Qualities – Updated

  • You can watch popular shows like Stranger Things, The Witcher, Castlevania, and more.
  • You can watch Netflix on any device and download the episodes to watch offline on your mobile devices.
  • Netflix also creates its own films and shows that attract many people, which is one reason why people use it.
  • It has an extensive library of titles that are constantly updated every month to give you fresh new titles to watch at all times.
  • It also has plenty of original shows you can only access from this platform.
  • You can have an unlimited watching experience without being disturbed by ads or commercials.

Official Website – Netflix

Vumoo – Alternative to SolarMovie

Vumoo provides you with a collection of movies and TV series that you can access and watch online from your browsers. All you need to do is enter the title of the movie or TV show you want to watch, and you can access it immediately. It gives you plenty of movies and shows, and you can get complete seasons of popular shows on this site.

Sites Like SolarMovie

Also, you can download any of the movies you find on Vumoo for free to watch later. There are no ads shown during the watching time. Most importantly, if you are looking for a SolarMovie alternative that does not require signing up, Vumoo is the best option for you. American Carnage, First Head, and Spiderhead are the most popular movies of 2022 that are available on Vumoo.

Noticeable Features:

  • It allows you to stream various movies in HD, such as Dolittle, Birds of Prey, and Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • All seasons of the popular TV series titles are also available, such as Carnival Row, The Boys, Chornobyl, and The Righteous Gemstones.
  • The movies and shows are available in many genres, including Comedy, Action & Adventure, Family, and Documentary.
  • Aside from streaming in HD, you can also download any title or episode in HD.
  • Each movie page includes details about the movie and similar titles you might like to watch.

Tubi TV – SolarMovie Alternatives in 2022

It is one of the best sites like SolarMovie because it is a versatile platform for movie lovers. As a user of Tubi TV, you can watch movies for a free, premium account and have on-demand content. So, you must make sure you can spend a few dollars to watch the trending movies. A rough estimate says that there are around 40000 films available on this platform.

Tubi TV

If you want to use a legal streaming service that provides popular movies and TV shows to watch and it is available in almost any country or region, Tubi TV is the way to go. In addition, unlike many similar legal streaming sites that are only available in the US, Tubi TV allows you to access plenty of Blockbuster titles and watch them online for free in almost any region or country.


  • Tubi TV is not only accessible via browsers; it is also accessible via various other devices, such as smart TVs, game consoles, and mobile devices.
  • Thousands of titles from famous studios like Lionsgate, MGM, Paramount, and Starz are available to watch online.
  • It is an entirely free and legal streaming platform supported by ads.
  • You can sign up for the service to keep track of your watch history and use various other features.
  • Popular titles like The Perfect Game, Raising the Bar, Bullet Boy, and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo can be found.
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Official Website – Tubi TV

Popcornflix – Replacement for SolarMovie

Popcornflix is the place where you can watch unique and high-quality movies, TV shows, and viral videos online for free. It is also a legal streaming service that is available in various countries, not limited to the United States. The database of movies and TV shows is continually being updated on a regular basis, and the staff picks are always available to give you some good movie recommendations to watch.


Another noticeable feature of this website in 2022 is that it provides you with an app. You can install it from the play store and app store. The advantage of using the app is that you will get every film on this app that is available on the site. Are you a firestick user? If yes, you can also launch this free movie streaming site on Firestick. Also, read how to reset the Firestick without using a remote.


  • You can watch popular movie titles, such as Black Death, Internal Affairs, Sabrina, and Mr. Nobody.
  • Many original movies, such as The Void, Stray Bullets, and Adult Life Skills, are only available on this platform.
  • There are plenty of featured TV shows to watch, such as Animal Tales, Kitchen Nightmare, and Hell’s Kitchen.
  • You can browse for shows in various categories, such as Kids, Drama, Reality TV, Action/Adventure, and Comedy.
  • It provides you with an option of android and iPhone apps, which also contain a massive collection of movies and shows.
  • You can access viral videos from channels such as FailArmy, PeopleAreAwesome, and the Pet Collective.

Hotstar – SolarMovie Alternative for India

Hotstar is a popular streaming platform for movies and TV series based in India, and it is available primarily for the Indian audience. It features hit movies and shows from India, as well as shows and movies available from Western countries. It is also teamed up with Disney+ to provide various movies and shows produced or published by Disney. In 2022, it has many more advanced features that everyone loves. For example, it now streams knowledge-based content as well.

Sites Like SolarMovie

Moreover, as an Hotstar user, you will find films and shows in eight different languages and spanning 15 TV channels to ensure you don’t miss any movie or update. It is one of the best sites to watch movies because it has comparatively higher ratings.


  • You can access many Disney movies and shows on this platform, such as Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Narnia: Prince Caspian.
  • It provides various channels originating from India and overseas, such as StarPlus, StarWorld, HBO, and Showtime.
  • It also offers content that is only available on Hotstar, which is included in the Hotstar Specials channel.
  • The most significant advantage is that all of the content available on the Hotstar app or website is free to watch.
  • You can browse many genres, including romance, drama, family, reality, mythology, and more.
  • Popular TV shows from India are also available, such as Medium, Mahabharat, Mahadev, and many more.

Crackle – Best Sites Like SolarMovie

This free movies streaming site was founded in 2004 and is still one of the most popular websites in 2022. It has many excellent characteristics that keep getting updated over time. Don’t get confused with the name, as Crackle was partnered with Sony Network. Therefore, its name in 2022 is Sony Crackle.


Crackle is a free and legal streaming platform provided by Sony, which is only available in the United States. On this platform, you can watch many popular movies and TV series, such as Grand Isle, Changing Lanes, On Point, 5 Bullets, and more. You will see some commercials on this platform when you watch these movies and shows. You can watch these shows on desktop and mobile devices.


  • Various channels are available, such as Spotlight, Comedy, Field of Streams, Automobiles, Old School Action Heroes, and many others.
  • You can find plenty of good documentary movies and series, such as To Hell and Back, American Rap Stars, Final 24, and more.
  • It is also a perfect platform for kids, with exciting shows like Rainbow Ruby, Brain Candy TV, and Baby Einstein Classic.
  • You can add any title or episode to your Watch Later list so that you can remember what to watch later.
  • You can also find recommended movies and shows based on your watching habits.

Official Website – Crackle

PrimeWire – Sites Like SolarMovie

We added this option to our list of best sites like SolarMovie for multiple exciting reasons. Firstly, it has multi genres of movies and shows like anime, action, cartoons for kids, etc. Secondly, it lets you watch full-length web series, films, or whatever you want to view. Most importantly, it shows you the most trending and latest movies and shows on the homepage.

Sites Like SolarMovie

PrimeWire is the site that allows you to search for any movie or TV show title and start watching them online from various servers. Whether you want to watch some classic titles or the recently released titles, you can easily find them on this site. It is always updated with the new titles as they become available.

Qualities in 2022:

  • You can stream various movies and TV shows in HD quality, including all available seasons of hit TV series.
  • You can find popular titles like 365 Days, Sex Doll, Greys Anatomy, and many others.
  • New episodes of popular TV series are being added after they have been broadcasted.
  • You can download any title in HD, as well as browse for episodes, seasons, and take a look at the release schedules.
  • You can upgrade to Premium if you want various additional benefits, such as no ads, more subtitles, reliable streaming servers, and more.

YouTube – Sites Similar to SolarMovie

YouTube is the home of plenty of user-generated videos. It is also the home for plenty of high-quality shows that are released by official channels. You can find various original videos uploaded by official channels that feature high-quality content for you to watch. Ads support it, and it is the biggest streaming platform in the world today. This website keeps adding new aspects and has many noticeable features in 2022. That is the primary reason people in a million numbers use this platform daily.

Sites Like SolarMovie

Features in 2022:

  • YouTube is available on almost any device, such as browsers, desktop, mobile, TV, game console, and more.
  • Lots of original video contents can be found on this platform, generated by users as well as official channels.
  • You can stop the video playback and continue where you left off later.
  • You can also keep track of your watch history and subscribe to the channels that you like.
  • You can discover new videos in various sections, such as Recommended, Trending, Music, Gaming, and News.
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Official Website – YouTube

CONtv – Sites Like SolarMovie for Anime

You can call it the hub of anime movies and shows as well. It is ranked in the top 10 sites to watch anime online. You will find thousands of old, latest, and trending anime currently. Of course, it is not only suitable for animated films. It has a vast collection of Hollywood movies as well.


CONtv is a streaming platform suitable for those who love to watch comic-related movies, shows, events, and more. Aside from providing content on demand, you can also access the CONtv live streaming channel that is available 24/7. This is the platform created for the fans of comic cons to discover new videos and news that can entertain them further.

Characteristics – Updated

  • You can browse various categories, including fantasy, anime, horror, cult cinema, and sci-fi.
  • You can also access the live TV streaming channel that updates various information and entertainment related to comic cons and the fan base.
  • You can find information about top comics on this platform.
  • It is one of the best streaming sites like SolarMovie to watch animated TV shows and films.
  • You can also find various video clips about your favorite comics and other related entertainment.
  • On this platform, you can find titles such as CONtv Anime, BAMBU, Real Fights, and Blood Mania.

YesMovies – Filmlicious and SolarMovie Alternative

Whoever uses this best alternative to SolarMovie loves it for multiple reasons. First, it does not annoy you with unlimited ads when watching your favorite film. Also, this platform is easy to access and has numerous TV shows and movies currently trending.

sites like SolarMovie

YesMovies provides a database of movies and TV shows that you can stream right away from your browsers. On this site, you can find the latest movies and movies released many years ago. So, you can start streaming them online on this site if you want to watch Scoob, Onward, Trolls World Tour, or any other movies.


  • You can browse the suggested titles and the latest movies and TV series in various categories, such as action, romance, and thriller.
  • You can find various TV series from the United States and other countries.
  • The latest seasons and episodes of popular TV series are available on this site.
  • It is super easy to find the pictures with titles only as it has a more advanced search box in 2022.
  • Streaming any title is just a single click away.
  • The database of titles and stream links is constantly updated.

Movie4K – Online Streaming Site

You can use this website confidently, whether you are living in the USA, Turkey, Italy, or anywhere else in the world. Its most outstanding feature is that it lets you watch films and series in different languages. In addition, movie4 K provides a list of movies and TV series that you can watch online through various streaming channels.

websites like SolarMovie

You can see which streaming channels are available and which are not available. So, you will be able to start streaming your favorite titles with the best streaming links out there. It lists all available streaming links, so you will always see various options to stream your favorite movies and shows. The channels you will get on this site have many top-rated movies of all time.


  • You can find high-quality movies to stream, such as The Blackout: Invasion Earth, Sonic the Hedgehog, Bloodshot, Cars, and more.
  • It lists all available stream channels as well as their quality.
  • The list of streaming channels is always updated to ensure the highest stream availability.
  • You can browse various genres, such as action, adventure, animation, comedy, and plenty more.
  • Each movie page provides a description of the movie and similar movies you can watch.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time gives you an app that you can install on your device, allowing you to watch movies and TV shows online instantly. There is no need to download any movie file, as you will stream directly via torrent links provided in the app. The app is available for desktop and mobile devices, and you will be directed to install the correct version of the app for the device that you are currently using.

SolarMovie Alternatives

Let’s enlighten the Popcorn Time app a bit more. It is user-friendly and easy to use. You can confidently install this app without any fear of side effects for your device. Finding your desired content is as easy as opening the app. You will be guided thoroughly on each step.

Characteristics of Popcorn Time App:

  • It is a torrent client that allows you to stream any movie or TV show title via torrent directly to your device.
  • The list of titles is always updated as new movies and episodes are becoming available for you to watch.
  • You can stream your device’s highest quality movies and shows without delay.
  • You can pick any subtitle you want to display on each streamed title.
  • The supported devices include Mac, Windows, Linux 32-bit and 64-bit, Android, and Android TV.

Vudu – Better Than SolarMovie

You need to go to the Vudu homepage and find yourself in the hub of movies. You can browse all titles for free. Also, there are always new releases available on this best SolarMovie alternative.

Vudu gives you free access to watch movies and TV shows online without any subscription. However, the site also provides you with movie and TV show titles to rent or buy. In addition, it often gives you various discounts on specific movies and TV shows, allowing you to own your favorite titles for cheap. Vudu is a service based in the United States.

Updated Characteristics:

  • You can watch various titles for free on this platform without subscribing to any plan.
  • The list of free movies and shows you can watch is always updated regularly.
  • You can find many discounts, such as Weekend Deals, Summer of Savings, True Stories Sale, and more.
  • It provides complete seasons for popular TV shows, which you can watch for free and rent or purchase.
  • Original titles are available in Vudu Originals.

Hoopla – Sites Like SolarMovie for TV Shows

This multifunctional website on our list has multiple entertaining items for you. From this website in 2022, you can explore numerous pictures and TV shows without any paid subscription. Moreover, this platform keeps getting updated with new releases, news, and many more.


Hoopla provides a digital media service that allows you to access various digital media files, including movies, e-books, music, and more. You can access this site anytime you want, and you can sign up for the service for free. However, the catch is that you need to have a valid library card to be able to access all the content offered on this site. Also, it is only available in the US.


  • Using your local public library card, you can use it to borrow various digital media files, such as movies, music, and e-books.
  • You can stream your borrowed movies on any device that you own.
  • You can also download any movie you have borrowed to your mobile device for offline viewing.
  • The list of digital media files you can access is always being updated, and you can pick up thousands of titles immediately.
  • Supported platforms include App Store, Google Play, Amazon, Chromecast, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, and Roku.
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Yidio – Free Website Like SolarMovie

Yidio is the site that connects various streaming services in one place, providing you with the information to access any title that you want to watch online. For instance, if you want to watch Avengers. Yidio also provides an advanced app for Android and iPhone devices.

You can get all the news about movies and streaming using Yidio App.
Age of Ultron, you need to search for the title on this site, and the site will give you all the links to the available streaming platforms for this title. It is connected to various services, such as Hulu, Amazon, Showtime, and others.

Yidio Characteristics:

  • You don’t need to search any title manually on each platform; you can find the stream links simply by using this site.
  • You can see the trending titles, as well as popular TV shows and popular movies, based on the search terms entered by the users.
  • It also provides you with a list of free movies you can watch online immediately.
  • You can also check the daily schedules of TV shows to watch.
  • It offers live TV streaming channels and a list of just aired episodes.

FMovies – SolarMovie and Series9 io Alternative

There are around twenty thousand movies available on FMovies in 2022. This platform allows access to watch these movies and more than four thousand TV shows. Most importantly, all the content available on FMovies is of high quality.


FMovies allows you to watch movies and TV series online for free, updating the list of titles daily. You can watch movies based on genres, countries, A-Z list, and top IMDb ratings on this site. You can also find the suggested titles, hot, top favorite, and top-rating movies.

Updated Characteristics:

  • You can request any movie to the site admin, which will be uploaded to the site in the Requests section.
  • You can play and download any movie or episode in HD.
  • Using FMovies, you can find the latest movies and TV series from the United States and other countries.
  • You can also find all seasons of TV series that are popular today.
  • The available movie genres include action, animation, documentary, music, fantasy, and more.


JustWatch is the site that provides a guide to streaming movies and TV shows, meaning that it provides information about the titles that you can stream across various streaming platforms. You can search for any title, and this site will provide information about the streaming availability of that title. So, you will know where you can stream it right away.

Replacement for SolarMovie

Also, it provides you with an excellent app where you can get everything with one click. Using both the app and site, you can find the trending movies and shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other paid streaming sites.


  • You can also see the new titles recommended to you across various platforms.
  • It is available in almost any country in the world.
  • You will automatically find the title you want to watch across multiple platforms in one dashboard.
  • JustWatch provides you the personal recommendations of movies and shows based on your preferences and search history.
  • You can also connect with your accounts to combine your watch list, which can be accessed across your devices.


Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services in the United States, providing you with plenty of movies, TV shows, and originals that you can watch online across various devices. With this service, you can enjoy the essential on-demand video subscription for a low monthly price, and you can also enjoy various other add-ons to improve your viewing experience.


Hulu assures that you will see the top films and web series as soon as they are launched. Moreover, you can also use this SolarMovie alternative in 2022 for watching sports streaming.

Updated Features:

  • It offers a free trial for new subscribers and access to movies, TV shows, and original series for a low monthly price.
  • You can also bundle the basic plan with other services, such as Disney+ and ESPN, for a lower monthly cost.
  • You can find original series and exclusive content on this platform, which are always regularly added.
  • The shows and movies are accessible from any device so that you can watch them anywhere.
  • You can also add live TV streaming to your subscription to be able to access live TV channels, live sports, news, and more.

Amazon Prime Video – Site Like Netflix and SolarMovie

It is one of the best sites like SolarMovie and Netflix in 2022. However, the most exciting feature of this platform is that it has users million that watch their desired TV shows, Web series, and films regularly.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video provides access to various on-demand videos provided by Amazon, such as movies, TV series, as well as originals. You can start a free trial for this service if you are a new subscriber, and you can continue using the service for a low monthly price. The price is the same as Hulu, but the main benefit of Amazon Prime Video is that it is not limited to the United States. The service is available for customers in various other countries as well.

Prime Video Abilities:

  • It is connected to your Amazon account, so you can enjoy various other benefits if you are an Amazon customer.
  • You can watch movies and shows anywhere you want on any device.
  • You can also save the videos on your device to watch later.
  • It has the option to save the bandwidth that you are using by lowering the video quality.
  • You can find great titles like The Boys, Jack Ryan, All or Nothing, Four More Shots, and more.


We all know that SolarMovie is a great website to watch movies and TV shows but as it is unavailable in some of the countries. People are looking for best alternatives. So, these are the best sites like SolarMovie that you can use to start watching movies and TV shows online. On these sites, you can find interesting movies and TV shows that people are watching today, as well as the backlog of titles that were released in the past. Some platforms also offer original series, meaning that you can only watch these series on the respective platforms, giving you the unique viewing experience on each platform that you use.

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