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Free POS Softwares, 20 Best Point Of Sale Softwares Reviewed

Would it not be good if you were able to manage all of your businesses through free POS software? If you are running a business, whether it is a restaurant business or a retail store, having a suitable point-of-sale (POS) system is very important because it reduces a lot of your accounting work. It can help your customers pay for the products or services that you offer, and at the same time, you can also record all the transactions that come to your business automatically.

Advanced point-of-sale software can help business people thoroughly in the accounting process for your business and make it easier for you to track your profits. Of course, a suitable point-of-sale (POS) system must be backed up by good POS software to ensure everything goes smoothly.

The demand for POS systems has recently increased, and everyone likes to look after the profit and loss in their business through clicks. Therefore, there are numerous paid and free software in 2022 capable of managing your business’s accounting system. You will require a regular PC with an internet connection if you are willing to hand over everything to the point-of-sale software. So, before suggesting free POS software to our visitors, we used hundreds of them and short-listed only the free and best ones.

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Free POS Software | Best in 2022

Below you will find the top 20 free POS software you can use to manage the transactions and inventory in your business. Moreover, these systems are trending in 2022, are free to use, and have satisfied users’ reviews. So, let’s start discussing the options on our list.

eHopper – Best Free POS Software

Free POS Softwares


At the first spot, we have the eHopper system, which is multifunctional and free to use at the same time. Firstly, you can use this software on PCs, windows, and tablets with full features. In other words, it allows you to provide maximum customer satisfaction and run your business professionally in 2022. eHopper provides a free POS and transaction processing software designed for small businesses, and it can be used across different platforms. Furthermore, it has a cloud-based system that allows you to store all the transaction data in the cloud and sync them across your devices.

Whether you are using a desktop or mobile device, you can use this software to improve your retail business’s sales and payment processing system. Rather than the point of sale system, you can confidently use this free software for customer, inventory, order, and tip management. Interestingly, eHopper lets you manage your online store for free if you are running an eCommerce site. This feature has been added recently, which means you keep getting new advanced things.

eHopper Advantages:

  • You can access your data anytime via the dashboard that you can access from various devices.
  • It offers free processing fees for card transactions.
  • In light of the new features of eHopper, you can manage the earnings of your eCommerce store.
  • It offers a quick payment process that only takes a few seconds to complete.
  • You can use it on multiple devices and platforms and instantly sync data across devices.
  • It can manage your transactions automatically and provides time efficiency for your business.

Official Website

Imonggo – Free POS System 2022


About Imonggo:

We all know that running any business without POS software takes much of your time arguing with the customers. We have brought this free POS software to overcome this problem. Imonggo saves a lot of your time by selling items quicker than before. Also, it provides a web-based point-of-sale system that is entirely free to use, making it easy for you to start processing transactions in your store.

You can also use this platform to manage your product inventory easily and automatically track your list in real time. Since it is web-based, you can access this platform from any device, providing the ultimate convenience for your business. We believe you audit your business after a few months with or without software. This point of sale system is second to none in generating the earning and loss report. It keeps generating reports that you can download anytime, anywhere.


  • For free, you can use this platform to process transactions in your retail store.
  • You can manage your products and inventory easily.
  • The sales graph will be displayed for you on your dashboard.
  • Although web-based, you can still use this platform, even offline.
  • It also has an intelligent tax management system to track your business’s taxes.

Loyverse POS

Free POS Softwares


If you wish to increase your monthly sales and decrease the time you spend selling them, you should use Loyverse POS. Like the other two software we reviewed before, it is also a free point-of-sale and inventory management software designed for retail and service businesses. You can use this software on your desktop or mobile devices so that you can manage your store transactions from anywhere. One account will allow you to manage multiple stores at the same time. You can also run a loyalty program for your store using this software.

The good thing about this system is that it can look after your multiple businesses of different types. Once you have access to Loyverse, you can effortlessly manage the report about what you are spending and earning. Furthermore, the salaries of your employees and the rents of the shops can also be controlled through this software. Overall, it is one of the best and most advanced systems that business persons will use confidently in 2022. Furthermore, you will be able to generate the profit or loss report daily, weekly, or monthly. Lastly, it is user-friendly and free to use POS software.

What Loyverse Provides:

  • You can use this software to manage your inventory and process transactions in your store.
  • Loyverse is an excellent software for any business, whether a café, retail store, restaurant, or other.
  • You can create a loyalty program using this software to keep customers coming to your store.
  • There are visual analytical reports that you can access to give you insights into your business growth.
  • You can access this software both from desktop and mobile devices.

Official Website

uniCenta – Free POS Software

Free POS Software

About uniCenta:

There is not anything that uniCenta software will miss about your business. Every report is available in this free POS software from selling, ordering, paying, and earning. uniCenta is an open source and free POS software that aims to help businesses save time and money in processing their store transactions. This software can run on Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms, and you can host it on your local drives, shared servers, or remote servers. It can be used for retail, hospitality, education, and many more organizations.

Whoever has used this point-of-sale system for managing inventory has greatly praised its abilities. Most of the reviews say that you get what you look for in accounting software. If you do a little research, you will come to know that most of the cafés, bars, restaurants and departmental stores’ owners use uniCenta to look after the projects thoroughly. In the end, its database has attracted many business persons because of its versatility and ease of use.


  • You can process the transactions in your store in various ways, such as using barcode scanning, card payments, and more.
  • uniCenta lets you change various aspects of your sales, including applying discounts, creating receipts, and more.
  • You can manage your product inventory and keep track of the available stocks.
  • Employees and customers can have access to the system with different access levels.
  • It provides various reports for various parties (customers, employees, etc.), and there are also web reports that you can access online.
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Chromis POS System

Chromis POS

About Chromis POS:

Start tracking your various businesses with the Chromis system because it has that ability. It is one of the most advanced POS software on our list that ensures you spend less time dealing with your customers. Moreover, you will find it comparatively easy to use. Chromis POS provides free and open-source POS software initially made by a single developer looking to help his friend manage sales for his shop in 2015. This software will later get released to the public and is available to download for anyone who wants to try it. It offers various features to help you manage your store easily.

If you are struggling to manage the product list of your business, you should start using Chromis POS. It has multiple exciting features in 2022, and creating the items list is one of them. Another noticeable advantage is that you can customize this system according to your needs. Furthermore, it allows you to download the earning and spending reports in CSV files which every business person wants.


  • You can use this free POS software on Windows and Linux platforms.
  • In addition, it supports the use of barcodes.
  • It supports various types of point-of-sale hardware.
  • You can also use various open-source database platforms with this software.
  • You can also attach your USB printers to your device and use them with this software.

Floreant – Free POS Software for Beginners

Floreant POS


Spending less time can earn more through any of your work. If you have been involved in a restaurant, store, bar, or online business without a point of sale software, we suggest you start using the Floreant system to manage all of your work. Floreant POS provides free, open-source point-of-sale software that allows you to manage your store transactions with enterprise-grade features.

Though this software is free, you can find various premium features added to this software to give you the best POS system for your business. It is available for multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS. This software is excellent for being used in restaurant-type works. This software’s achievable tasks are order management, payment reports, and earning reports. Furthermore, you can effortlessly compare your daily, weekly, and monthly earnings with a few clicks. Ultimately, it is an understandable and easy-to-use system that every beginner entrepreneur person should use.

Features in Floreant Software:

  • You can simplify the management of your business, including cash, kitchen, and orders.
  • You can design your receipt with the visual receipt designer.
  • In addition, you can get reports on the activity of your business, such as transactions, orders, and so on.
  • This is one of the best free POS software.
  • Floreant allows you to create gift cards for your business and accept payments with barcodes.
  • You can let multiple users use the software and assign roles for each.

Keyhut POS / Cash Register

Free POS Softwares

Software’s Description:

This option on our list provides you with well-optimized free POS software and a free cash registrar program. All the accounting help for your business is available on Keyhut. First, it is a free cash register and point-of-sale software that you can use either offline or online. This is full version software that you can install and use easily. Moreover, you will get all the necessary features to run any business professionally.

The users of this system look after their retailers, restaurants, stores, bars, and many other businesses. The most exciting thing about this free program is that it keeps you updated about daily earnings, spending, and ordering. Furthermore, its newly added feature lets you generate any specific report within minutes. In the end, this system is entirely free and usable with Windows, PCs, Macs, and other devices.


  • This is a free POS software that requires minimal resources to use.
  • It has all the features to help manage your store’s point-of-sale (POS) and cash register system.
  • You can use a scanner to check the stock availability for your products.
  • It can track up to 26,000 items in the database.
  • You can install and use Keyhut on any Windows computer or even the old DOS operating system.

Vend POS

Vend POS

About Vend POS:

If you have not selected any software for you among the previous seven software and looking for an old and trusted point of sale service, Vend is the best option for you. People worldwide have been managing their businesses’ accounting systems since 2010 using this software. Vend offers a free POS software specifically designed for retailers to keep track of their store transactions and inventory stocks. It is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iPad devices.

It allows you to create a loyalty program for your business to keep customers returning. It is easy to set up, and you can use it with a wide variety of point-of-sale hardware available today. Most importantly, it has become an obvious choice for those involved in growing brick-and-mortar businesses because of its unique inventory management system. The other features that differentiate this software from the others are quick customer support and multifunctional hardware for managing countless products’ data.


  • The entry-level plan is free for life and can be used by small businesses or startups with up to 10 products to offer.
  • It is compatible with a wide variety of POS hardware products.
  • You can access the web app version to process transactions anytime and anywhere, with any device.
  • There are various add-ons available for this software, which can enhance the functionality of the software and add new features to it.
  • You can accept a wide range of payment options for your store.

Official Website

POS Software (BJCustomSoft)

Free POS Softwares


POS Software is another free and open source software on our list created by BJCustomSoft, which you can download from SourceForge. It is written in Java and has a point-of-sale system’s basic features and functionalities for your store. For example, you can use it in your cash registers and assign multiple cashiers to operate the software.

You must lay your hands on this system if you run a departmental store or any other business that includes several products because you can easily manage your products by creating their relevant categories. Furthermore, it lets you add and look after the progression of unlimited items. In short, it is as versatile and advanced as other free POS software on the list. You can use it confidently to have a 360 degrees look over your business.

Noticeable Features:

  • You can add an unlimited number of items to the database.
  • For example, you can assign multiple cashiers to operate the software.
  • You can also add commission information for the cashiers for each product sold.
  • In addition, calculating the end-of-month salary for each cashier based on their performance is easy.
  • Finally, you can get the log information for each month’s activities.

Official Website

Gazelle Point-of-Sale – POS Online System

Gazelle Point-of-Sale

About this Software:

Gazelle Point-of-Sale is a modern POS software that you can use to manage your store transactions and inventory stocks. It is web-based, meaning that you can access this software from your browser and sync your transaction data between multiple devices. Also, this software allows you to manage your customers and staff from the dashboard so that it can keep track of various aspects of your business.

If you are confused about deciding whether you should buy this system or not, we suggest you avail free trial first and inspect it thoroughly. This will help you in knowing if this POS system has the ability to work as per your requirements or not. We went through a fundamental inspection process with Gazelle and observed that it could be an excellent software for a different types of businesses in 2022.

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  • You can select multiple designs for the invoice design to help with your store branding.
  • The payment system also allows multiple payment options and supports split payments.
  • The daily transaction summary will be provided to you, giving you good insights into your business performance.
  • You can also process payments in installments, and this software helps to keep track of partial sales.
  • It can help manage your product inventory, customers, and staff members.

SambaPOS – POS Software for Windows

Free POS Software


We have included SambaPOS on our list for restaurant owners. The reason is that this free POS software mainly focuses on the accounting system of restaurants and other related businesses. SambaPOS is point-of-sale software that allows you to process customer transactions and see insights into your business growth. No matter the restaurant type, this software can deliver the best tools you need to manage your trades and menu inventory.

It manages all the aspects of your restaurant business to help you save time and money. Using this system, you will be able to deal with more customers than before, which will result in increasing your revenue. Besides that, you can generate quick daily and monthly reports to perform a quick audit of your business. Moreover, as a user of SambaPOS, you will keep coming across new and advanced features.

Features Provided:

  • It can be used for various types of the restaurant business, whether it is fast food, café, bar, beach, pool, takeaway, or any other.
  • You can customize various aspects of your business using this software by creating a custom menu, custom reports, and more.
  • It offers an advanced reporting system that gives you insights into your business growth.
  • You can integrate this software with various other apps to add more features.
  • It is also available for mobile devices; you can try this software for free before purchasing.

Official Website

Odoo Point-of-Sale

Best Free POS Software


As mentioned above, SambaPOS is the best software for restaurant owners; the Odoo Point-of-Sale is added to the list for retail companies. The most loveable feature of this online POS system is that it is based on an advanced interface which lets this software work more efficiently. Odoo Point-of-Sale provides POS software that you can use with any hardware device, and it has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier for you to work with.

You can configure this software to meet the needs of your business by customizing various aspects of it. Whether you are online or offline, you can use Odoo, and you can use it to keep good relationships with your customers. You can start using this software for free. The users’ reviews claim that Odoo is an all-in-one software when the goal is to manage the accounting system of your shops or stores.

Odoo Features:

  • You can use this software with various hardware types, such as tablets, laptops, desktops, and industrial machines.
  • The reports can be used to guide you in making good decisions for your business.
  • You can use it online and offline and customize it in the way you prefer.
  • It can be integrated fully with other apps provided by Odoo, such as email marketing, sales, inventory, and eCommerce.
  • You can create a reward program to keep loyal customers returning to your business.

Robotill – Free POS Software for PC

POS Software

About Robotill:

Robotill is one of the most versatile POS software on our list due to various reasons. First, we claim it is a multifunctional system because it handles small and large businesses’ accounting tasks very well. It means you can confidently use it to audit and manage your multiple words. Moreover, It provides a professional, easy-to-use, and powerful point-of-sale program that gives you all the tools to manage transactions and sales in your business, including restaurants, retail, and hospitality businesses.

The free edition of the software is available, which you can use entirely without expiration. Furthermore, you can install this free POS software on your Windows PC and manage your transactions from there. We know many people who use this system regularly to generate daily earning reports, and all look happy with its performance.


  • Robotill software can be installed on Windows PC and used for various types of business.
  • It can be connected with other devices to work together as an integrated POS system.
  • You can see the ongoing transactions and business progress in the dashboard.
  • It supports a wide range of POS hardware, such as Electronic Cash drawers, Barcode scanners, Card readers, and many more.
  • All printed materials can be customized according to your company or business brand.

Nextar – Best POS Software

Point of Sale Software

About Nextar:

While using Nextar, we did not notice anything that this software could not do. It is a flexible and advanced point-on sale system that can do various tasks simultaneously, saving you time and dealing with more customers. Furthermore, Nextar provides POS software that is easy to install and use with all-in-one tools you can use from the dashboard. If we enlighten the abilities of Nextar, it is one of the most accessible ways of managing the inventory, daily sales, cash register, and many more.

Moreover, it has a clean and intuitive user interface that allows you to work with this software smoothly, saving a lot of time and effort in managing your business. You can download the free version of the software to enjoy its essential features. Most importantly, if you are about to open or just opened a restaurant, shop, or store, you must manage the sale with this best free POS software because it completely supports beginners.

What Nextar Provides:

  • You can process transactions using the barcode system with this software.
  • It lets you calculate the sales tax automatically and create a catalog for your suppliers.
  • You can keep track of all the transactions that are going on in your store.
  • Customizing the statistical reports and seeing insights about your business growth from the regular reports is easy.
  • You can manage your customers, products, and inventory with this software.

Regit Express – Free Point of Sale Software

Free POS


If you wish to keep your inventory clean and all the records available about how many quantities have been included or ousted, Regit Express is an obvious choice for you. Regit Express provides free point-of-sale software that you can use worldwide on Windows devices. Although it is free, you can still enjoy all the features needed for managing your business.

You can also connect with various POS hardware available in the market today and manage sales on the go with the additional Android apps. Speaking of the app, you can install it easily on your Android devices, and you will indeed find it as advanced as the software. Moreover, you can use it to manage other businesses in 2022.


  • You can customize the receipts with your company logo for branding purposes.
  • The free version offers many features needed to manage your retail business anywhere in the world.
  • It supports barcode scanners that will be integrated with the inventory management system provided in this software.
  • The training mode allows you to use the software without affecting the accumulated data.
  • It has a hundred password levels to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Daidze POS – Free POS System For Small Business


About Daidze:

While testing this free POS software, we found many excellent features that can’t be ignored. Therefore, we decided to add it to our list and suggest it to our visitors. Firstly, this system is customizable so that you can make significant changes according to your requirements. Secondly, it has an eye-catching and user-friendly design at the same time, making it a crystal clear option for newbies.

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Daidze POS provides an entirely free point-of-sale software that allows you to manage various aspects of your business, including payments, transactions, sales, inventory, products, and more. You can use it in different desktop operating systems, and it has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use. It is open-source software, and it is backed by an active community that keeps helping with the development of the software. The default username for this software is “m,” and the default password is empty.

Features in Software:

  • You can use this software to manage your business transactions, products, and many other aspects.
  • It is suitable both for small and medium businesses.
  • You can install this software on Windows, Linux, and Mac with minimal configuration.
  • It runs on Daidze, which means you can add various new features easily later.
  • You can keep track of your business profits easily with this software.

SaberPHP – Free POS Inventory Software

POS System

About SaberPHP:

If you have never used POS software before and looking for one, start your journey with SaberPHP and make it an outstanding choice for your business. Its user-friendly interface attracted us a lot and forced us to recommend it to the newbie entrepreneurs. Moreover, SaberPHP offers simple point-of-sale software with basic functionalities, which you can explore completely for free.

It has an open source license and is equipped with essential features that make it easy for you to process transactions in your store. For example, it allows you to process credit card transactions, and you can run the database on your local drives or web servers. The default username for this software is “admin,” and the default password for this software is “pointofsale.”


  • It has an open-source license, and it is entirely free to use.
  • You can use this software to process transactions via credit cards.
  • You can run this software using your web browsers and install the database on your local drives or network servers.
  • It can do basic point-of-sale transactions and payment tracking for your retail business.
  • You can add various items and manage your inventory as you add more item data to it.

JustBilling – Free POS Software

POS System Online

About Software:

JustBilling system has the ability to handle your smaller and multiple online and physical businesses with its outstanding capabilities. It is a system allowing you to manage your restaurants, retailers, and other services. Most importantly, you can install it on both desktop and mobile devices, which is liked by a lot of people. It is a modern point-of-sale system with various advanced features designed to manage every aspect of your business transactions and save you time.

Also, it has the auto-update feature for the inventory and accounting process to prevent any data mismatch and abuse. Live Demo is available for you to explore this software deeply to decide whether you should use it. Most of its users suggest using it to audit bigger businesses based on what you are spending, earning, profit, and loss.

What JustBilling Software Provides:

  • It uses the GST billing system to make it easy for you to track your products’ taxes.
  • You can manage the inventory stocks using this software and manage your orders, purchases, and customers.
  • You can create offers and discounts to entice your customers to come back again.
  • Accounting management makes it easier for you to do the accounting process of your business.
  • The reports and statistics will show insights into your business growth and profits.

MinPOS – Cashier System Software


Do you want to get rid of installing and updating the POS software and entering license keys again and again into it to keep it running? Instead, you should install MinPOS once and use it for free for as long as you want to. This advanced system lets you take complete care of your business or the service you are providing. MinPOS is a free and open-source point-of-sale software that allows you to manage transactions for various companies, including retailers, restaurants, hotels, and more.

This software can manage various aspects of your business, including suppliers, inventory, employees, and many more. It supports a dual-screen setup and can also use this software via mobile devices. Moreover, the installation and use process of MinPOS is comparatively more accessible than the other free POS software on the list.


  • You can use this POS software for various types of businesses and services.
  • You can manage your business’s transactions, products, employees, and customers.
  • It can also handle the tax calculations for each product sold to the customers.
  • You can create promotions and vouchers for your business, automatically discounting applicable sales.
  • It supports a barcode scanner, dual screen, and a receipt printer.

Wanda POS – PC Software

Cheap POS System


Wanda POS is the last gift for those business persons who have joined this discussion till the end. This free POS software was launched from Africa that contains various exciting features. Wanda POS is point-of-sale software that you can easily install on Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. In addition, it supports a wide range of peripherals, and you can use it in various types of businesses.

You can set up the security of the software based on the user access level so that the data will remain secure and safe. Also, you can install the database on the cloud to enable real-time sync between devices. Furthermore, it is more advanced in 2022 and does various accounting tasks in seconds. You can use it if you run a small business regardless of category. Most importantly, it allows you to audit your company and compare the earning and spending stats.

Features Provided by Wanda POS:

  • You can customize various aspects of your point-of-sale system, including receipt, ticket, and sales screen.
  • It is integrated with the inventory management feature to track your product stocks.
  • Using this software, you can manage your customers, products, and multi-store locations.
  • You can install the database on the cloud server to allow real-time sync between devices.
  • It has an excellent security system, as you can assign multiple user roles with different access levels.


If you run any retail business where customers come to your place to buy your products or services, it is essential to have an excellent point-of-sale system. It will help you to process all the transactions and keep track of your product inventory. Managing and processing all the trades and keeping track of your inventory can be done via good POS software. Unfortunately, it is hard to find the best, most advanced, and most widely used free POS software in 2022 because thousands are available in the market. Luckily, we researched and short-listed the 20 best POS software that are free and provide everything you need as a businessman.

In our list of the best point-of-sale software, you will find systems you can use now. Most of the software listed here is free, but some offer a free trial period for you to try the software. In any case, using any of the software listed here will be free for a start. So pick the one that you think is the best to be used in your business and start keeping track and managing all the business transactions in your store today. Make sure to tell us which free POS software on our list is best and why.

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