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20 Free Games Like Minecraft, Fun Block Building Games

Here are top 20 free games like Minecraft, with some amazing features that allow you to create, build, and share your own world.

Minecraft has taken the video game world by storm ever since the game was first released in 2011.

Started as an indie game developed by Mojang, Minecraft offers a simple concept of gameplay.

The players can use blocks to create whatever they want, starting from buildings, structures, items, and other objects.

You will be able to switch between first-person and third-person perspective anytime.

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Our List Of Free Games Like Minecraft

Here are 20 free games like Minecraft, with some amazing features that allow you to create, build, and share your own world.


Roblox was first released in 2006 as one of the earliest games that allows the players to build virtual worlds using Lego-like blocks.

free games like minecraft


  • It was gradually gaining massive following throughout the years, and in 2019, it has more than 70 million users worldwide.
  • Roblox allows the players to build their own world, game, and adventure using virtual blocks and explore or play the creations of other players in a sandbox environment.
  • Another strong element of Roblox is that it offers in-built social network system that allows players to communicate with each other and share their creations with other players.
  • Not only creating worlds and adventures for free, players can also create game passes and use micro-transactions to monetize their creations.


  • Roblox is available for PC/Mac, iOS/Android, Xbox One, and Amazon devices.

[easy_media_download url=”https://www.roblox.com” text=”Download” color=”red_darker”]


The premise of SurvivalCraft is that you need to survive no matter what by crafting your own items, weapons, tools, and other things.

free games like minecraft


  • The environment is a blocky world where your character is marooned and forced to survive in it.
  • In order to survive in this world, you have to find resources to be used to craft various things and do various activities such as animal hunting, destroy rocks, build shelters, and so on.
  • The game is developed by a single developer under the username of Kaalus, and it was released in 2011.
  • It was said to be similar to Minecraft: Pocket Edition with various gameplay elements that are inspired by the gameplay elements offered in Minecraft: Pocket Edition.


  • The game is available on Windows Phone, Android, and iOS, as well as Windows Store.

[easy_media_download url=”https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/survivalcraft/9wzdncrfhvnl?activetab=pivot%3Aoverviewtab” rel=”nofollow” text=”Download” color=”red_darker”]

StarboundFree Games Like Minecraft

Starbound is about building your own planet adventure. With the spaceship that is broken, you need to go down to nearby planet and live there while you repair your ship. This is where the game begins.

free games like minecraft


  • You will need to gather resources on the uncharted planet and build your new base there.
  • All the while gathering the resources required to rebuild your ship.
  • There is no goal in this game, and there is no fixed storyline to follow either.
  • What you need to do is to craft your world on the new planet and survive.
  • Once the ship is fully repaired, you can go to another planet and build your colony there.
  • Starbound allows you to explore the universe full of possibilities and lots of planets to colonize.
  • And while you do that, you will gradually unravel the mystery of the universe.
  • This is one of my favorite games in this list of the best free games like Minecraft.


  • It is available for PC/Mac/Linux with planned releases for some consoles.

[easy_media_download url=”https://store.steampowered.com/app/211820/Starbound/” rel=”nofollow” text=”Download” color=”red_darker”]

Castle Story

Castle Story is a game like Minecraft that is all about building your own castle. You can build your castle, craft weapons, destroy other castles, fight your enemies, and survive in this world environment.

free games like minecraft


  • Using virtual blocks to build your castle, you can create your own gameplay and survival strategy.
  • There are lots of different block types that you can use, making it possible for you to truly unleash your imagination in the creation of your world. Once your castle is built, you will not stop there.
  • Castle Story also incorporates a strategy element that requires planning so that you can defend your castle while your enemies are trying to destroy it.
  • The multiplayer modes offer PvP and Co-op that allow you to share your castle creation with other players and work together to defend it.


  • This game is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

[easy_media_download url=”https://store.steampowered.com/app/227860/Castle_Story/” rel=”nofollow” text=”Official Website” color=”red_darker”]

The Blockheads – Alternatives to Minecraft

The Blockheads is a world-crafting game made simple. It is a combination of platformer, sanbox, and world-building elements that give this game a great replayability for your mobile devices.

the blockheads


  • Though it looks simplistic, there are many things that you can do in The Blockheads, and the crafting system is also being expanded from time to time.
  • You can explore the huge world that consists of thousands of blocks, whether in single player or multiplayer.
  • What is interesting is that The Blockheads offers various elements that make the gameplay even better.
  • Including temperature and climate system, frozen poles, seasons, equator, and various terrains such as mountain tops, deserts, and caves.
  • You can also build the world until it reaches the modern age, with advanced technology, shops, electricity, trains, and many more.
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  • This game is available for Android and iOS platforms.

[easy_media_download url=”https://itunes.apple.com/app/the-blockheads/id519596406?mt=8″ rel=”nofollow” text=”Download” color=”red_darker”]

The ForestFree Games Like Minecraft

In The Forest, you are surviving in a mysterious forest where resources are scarce and threats are everywhere. This game takes the survival horror twist and combine it with the world-building elements that are mixed to create an interesting gameplay.

free games like minecraft


  • On top of it, The Forest also has quite realistic graphics that make the survival horror theme even more infused in the gameplay.
  • In the middle of a quiet and mysterious forest, you are left alone to survive.
  • You can chop trees to make shelter, or you can create weapons to defend yourself from various threats.
  • Lots of items are scattered throughout the world, and the world is large enough for you to explore.
  • Whether you choose to build a small shelter or a large fortress is up to you.


  • This game is available for Microsoft Windows and PS4.

[easy_media_download url=”https://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/242760/” rel=”nofollow” text=”Download” color=”red_darker”]


Stonehearth is a world-building game set in a fantasy world reminiscent of medieval era where you can build your town and defend it from invaders.

Stonehearth game


  • It has a simple gameplay that involves building your town, expand it, and defend it from attackers.
  • You can also become the attackers of other towns so that you can take their territory for you.
  • With its blocky graphics similar to Minecraft, this game has attracted quite a lot of players since it was first released in 2018.
  • When you build your town in Stonehearth, the only limit is your imagination.
  • Starting as simple workers, you can expand your skills so that you can build more complex structures and have bigger defensive abilities.
  • Your job is to protect the villagers in the town from attacks of the outsiders, survive, and expand your territory.


  • It is available on PC/Steam.

[easy_media_download url=”https://store.steampowered.com/app/253250/Stonehearth/” rel=”nofollow” text=”Download” color=”red_darker”]

Stardew Valley – Alternatives to Minecraft

Stardew Valley is a very relaxing game that involves building and crafting, with The Valley as your place to start. In The Valley, you are inherited a farm that you must manage.

free games like minecraft


  • You need to also live off the crops and livestock from the farm in order to survive.
  • Your daily life will consist of tending your crops, livestocks, and live a farmer’s life in general.
  • Stardew Valley has simple graphics with 2D environment that is easy to play both on the desktop or handheld.
  • There are lots of things to do in this game, including building your farm, live off the crops and livestock, socialize with the locals, building romantic relationships, and exploring mysterious caves to find minerals.


  • It is available for Windows/Mac/Linux, PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch, and PSVita/Android/iOS.

[easy_media_download url=”https://www.stardewvalley.net” rel=”nofollow” text=”Download” color=”red_darker”]

7 Days To Die

7 Days To Die is about the combination of zombie survival horror and crafting. In this game, just like the title suggests, you have 7 days to die.

7 days to die


  • You need to survive no matter what with the crafting tools that you have.
  • With the post-apocalyptic open-world environment, you are free to roam the world and explore what has been left of humanity to build your own survival plan.
  • With the hordes of the zombies and undead to fight, you are constantly being threatened by their attacks.
  • Thus, you need to build the strongest stronghold to make sure that they cannot get you.
  • You can complete quests, find loots, customize your characters, and do various other things in this game.


  • It is available for Windows/Mac/Linux and PS4/Xbox One.

[easy_media_download url=”https://7daystodie.com/” text=”Official Website” color=”red_darker”]

Block Fortress – Alternatives to Minecraft

Block Fortress is a fun mobile game that combines various elements of block building, first-person shooter, and tower defense.

free games like minecraft


  • These combinations create the best gameplay experience that can be very addictive and rewarding.
  • In Block Fortress, you can build towers or fortresses that can be used to defend your territory against attacks from outsiders.
  • There are a lot of block types to choose between building blocks and turret blocks, in addition to various items that are available to enhance your structures.
  • You can also craft your own weapons, use power generators, find storage crates, and do various other world-crafting activities in this game.


  • Block Fortress is available for Android and iOS platfforms.

[easy_media_download url=”http://foursakenmedia.com/?portfolio=block-fortress” rel=”nofollow” text=”Download” color=”red_darker”]

LEGO Creator Islands

LEGO Creator Islands offers the gameplay that is similar to the real-life Lego building. In this game, you will build various structures and vehicles on the main island that you are living in.

lego creator islands


  • With the LEGO Creator Islands minifigures as your characters, you will live in the island and manage various aspects of it.
  • It is all about using your imagination and creative abilities to build the best world for your island.
  • Once the main island is properly built, you can move on to the other islands.
  • But, you still have to monitor the main island in case there are things that need to be rebuilt or maintained.
  • Overall, it is a quite an addictive game where you can use the Lego pieces to build various things, along with the use of minifigures as the characters.
  • It is considered to be quite similar to the original among all the other free games like Minecraft.
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  • It is available for Android and iOS.

[easy_media_download url=”https://www.lego.com/en-us/kids/games/creator/creator-creatorislands-4228d7e959c4420599dd03eb7b023717″ rel=”nofollow” text=”Download” color=”red_darker”]

King Arthur’s Gold

King Arthur’s Gold (KAG) is a 2D sandbox world-building game set in medieval era, which allows you to build your strongholds, fight the enemies, and destroy the environments.

free games like minecraft


  • It has fluid and smooth graphics with various modes to choose from, including single player, cooperative, and competitive modes.
  • There are also lots of customization options for your characters.
  • With its destructible environment mechanics, you can build any structures to increase your defense and load it with weapons to destroy the enemies.
  • You can board the ships and fly in this game. Interacting with other characters is also a thing that you can do in this game.
  • You can also use mods and scripts to build your own adventure.


  • This game is available on PC.

[easy_media_download url=”https://kag2d.com/en/” rel=”nofollow” text=”Download” color=”red_darker”]

Portal KnightsMinecraft Similar Games

Portal Knights is a popular sandbox game that combines the elements of RPG, world-building, strategy, and tactical action. You are a knight that needs to increase your level in order to defeat the Portal Guardians.

free games like minecraft


  • Once they are defeated, you will be able to become the ultimate portal knight.
  • However, in order to do that, there are lots of enemies to combat and lots of obstacles to overcome.
  • You can choose the classes for your characters, raise their levels, build the world so that you can battle your enemies.
  • With the tactical action combat element, you will be able to battle your enemies more interactively by striking, dodging, or attacking them with magic.
  • It has multiplayer mode with the possibility to play the game in 2-player split screen.


  • Portal Knights is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and mobile devices.

[easy_media_download url=”https://www.portalknights.com/en/” rel=”nofollow” text=”Download” color=”red_darker”]

Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve allows you to emerge into a world-crafting adventure in a simple survival theme, but with a twist. This game offers the combinations of magic and science elements to be used when you build your world and survive. 



  • The storyline is also simple, with one basic goal to keep suviving in the middle of the wilderness.
  • As a scientist, you are trapped in a world that you don’t know, and once there, you are required to build whatever necessary for your survival.
  • Survival and exploration go hand in hand in Don’t Starve.
  • With new worlds that are generated randomly, you can easily hunt, research, craft, farm, and fight your way into survival against unknown monsters, traps, and other surprises that you will find throughout your journey.


  • It is available for desktop, console, and mobile platforms.

[easy_media_download url=”https://www.klei.com/games/dont-starve” rel=”nofollow” text=”Download” color=”red_darker”]

WorldCraft – Alternatives to Minecraft

WorldCraft by Playlabs offers a gameplay similar to Minecraft that you can play on your mobile devices, PC, and Amazon devices. The graphics are similar to Minecraft in many ways, with infinite maps, crafting, building, and surviving.

free games like minecraft


  • You can play this game either in single player or multiplayer, with the ability to change the skin packs for it.
  • You can explore the maps created by other players, but you can also create private maps that can only be accessed by specific players.
  • In WorldCraft, the building gets even more creative by allowing you to tame animals, mine for resources, and fight the mobs to protect your area.
  • With block-style graphics, it will be even more fun to build, craft, and express your imagination.
  • In case you don’t want to create your own maps, you can explore the randomly-generated maps in this game both in single player and multiplayer modes.

[easy_media_download url=”http://www.playlabsmobile.com/worldcraft” rel=”nofollow” text=”Download” color=”red_darker”]

Cube World

Cube World is a world-crafting game inspired by various games, such as Minecraft, Monster Hunter, Diablo, and many other games in different genres. 



  • The result is an interesting game that allows the players to explore the worlds endlessly and take the journey to build, explore, fight enemies, and so on.
  • This game has the worlds procedurally generated, which results in players being able to explore the world endlessly without borders.
  • Just like Minecraft, it uses voxel graphics that are beautiful to look at.
  • With its RPG-style gameplay, you can develop your character as you go along the journey, exploring worlds that are infinite and presented in details.
  • You can climb the trees or mountains if you want to, which means that these are not just empty objects.


  • Cube World is available only on PC.
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[easy_media_download url=”https://picroma.com/cubeworld” rel=”nofollow” text=”Download” color=”red_darker”]

Ark: Survival Evolved

In Ark: Survival Evolved, you will need to survive in a mysterious island called ARK, where there are strange creatures, threats, and harsh environments. You need to build your base and survive the life in this island.

Ark Survival Evolved.


  • You can tame the giant creatures like dinosaurs and other primeval creatures, breed them, and use them to fight other creatures that are trying to attack you.
  • In Ark: Survival Evolved, you can mine for resources, build weapons, research new technologies, doing some farming activities, and more.
  • One good feature of this game is the living ecosystem that it has, which mimics the true ecosystem in real world, meaning that what you do might affect the ecosystem around you in this game.


  • Ark: Survival Evolved is available for Steam/Linux/Mac, PS4/Xbox One/Switch, and Android/iOS.

[easy_media_download url=”https://store.steampowered.com/app/346110/ARK_Survival_Evolved/” rel=”nofollow” text=”Download” color=”red_darker”]

StarForgeFree Minecraft Like Games

StarForge is a sandbox game with a science fiction element in it. Your goal is to survive in the world where colonization of new planets is common, and you need to build your planet colony and survive from attacks from other colonists.

free games like minecraft


  • In the new planet, you can build your base, expand your colony, mine for important resources, craft various items, and fight your enemies so that they cannot destroy what you have built.
  • With the RPG element in the game, you will be able to build your characters and improve their skills of survival.
  • The first-person shooter element is also something that makes it fun for you to fight and defeat your enemies.


  • It can be played both in single player and multiplayer modes, and it is available for free on PC.

[easy_media_download url=”http://www.starforge.com/” rel=”nofollow” text=”Official Website” color=”red_darker”]


In Rust, the only goal that you need to achieve is to survive the harsh environment you are living in. This game offers gameplay similar to DayZ in many aspects, but in the end, it can stand out as its own game.



  • Rust allows you to explore and build the world around you and overcome many challenges such as hunger, cold, and enemies.
  • You can team up with other players so that you can build better shelters, create better items and weapons, and generally survive longer.
  • The world environment in this game is still primitive, so you have to survive without the aid of technological equipment.
  • In this game, you can build your own town and live together with other players and defend it from attacks of the outsiders.
  • The longer you survive, the more rewards you will get.


  • It is available on Windows and Mac.

[easy_media_download url=”https://store.steampowered.com/app/252490/Rust/” rel=”nofollow” text=”Download” color=”red_darker”]

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is the place where you can create your own game or play the games created by other players. With its voxel-world graphics,

free games like minecraft


  • The Sandbox can be the best place for game creators and players to meet and play together.
  • There are lots of voxel-based games to play in various genres, and there are also many ways to play the game or enjoy the adventure that you want.
  • With the millions of gamers and creators in The Sandbox, you will be able to share your creations and ensure that many people can play and enjoy it.
  • World-crafting, mining resources, creating items, fighting enemies, and many more things can be done in The Sandbox.

[easy_media_download url=”https://www.sandbox.game/” rel=”nofollow” text=”Official Website” color=”red_darker”]


In this game, there are various modes that you can choose, each offering different gameplay elements.

These modes are survival mode, creative mode, adventure mode, and spectator mode.

This game has been released on various devices, such as desktops, mobiles, consoles, handhelds, and TVs.

With the sandbox genre, players can roam the game world for free and explore the world built by other players via online connection. Multiplayer mode is also available.

Within these games, you can find various alternatives to Minecraft that allow you to create your own world, build your own bases, mine resources, fight enemies, and defend your territory in various ways.

These games allow you to unleash your creativity to the next level and play the game just like you want it to be.

If you haven’t tried these alternatives, just go ahead and download one of these games on your PC, console, or mobile devices. Some of them are available for free.

So please tell me, which one of all these free games like Minecraft is your most favorite and why?

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