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What is Mobile Advertising & How To Properly Use it? iRiverAmerica

Mobile advertising is the type of advertising that involves portable devices like mobile phones and tablets, which are convenient to use and carry.

These devices do not need a constant connection to the electrical outlet to work and have a connection to the Internet via Wi-Fi or mobile network.

Principles of mobile advertising platforms

  • The adverts that are displayed on mobile screens differ from the ones that are for laptops and PCs:
  • As the size of screens is much more limited, they have to be concise and focus on important things only.
  • As the mobiles and tablets are devices that are connected to SIM phone cards, it is possible to send SMS texts with a short commercial and a link that opens more information – if it is clicked, then the default browser is connected and the link is opened in the browser, optimized for mobile screen.
  • A possibility to continue the user experience between mobile ad platforms . To understand this better, imagine such a thing: you watch a film on YouTube on your PC when at home.
  • When you are on your way to work, you continue watching it on your mobile from the place where you dropped it.
  • And when at work, you continue from the place you dropped watching it on a mobile.
  • This is what a possibility to go between platforms: smooth user experience that registers all your actions in a profile thanks to a single profile platform.

Possibilities of mobile advertising platforms

Statistics say the following things:

  • From all user time spent online, social media take 30% of all, on average
  • 60% of interaction with social media happens through mobile platforms
  • Native advertising (that do not hover on top or replace your screen) is 400% more clickable than others
  • Click-through mobile rate is more than 1%, while it is 0.5% for PCs.
  • Normally 8 or 10 users of smartphones grab them into their hands as soon as they wake up – before they do anything else
  • More users are likely to make repost from a mobile than from any other device.
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Facebook alone says it has about 2.2 billion monthly active users, while with the rest of social media, this counts for about 5 billion active devices a month.

This huge number is projected to grow each year nearly at 5% (a number of active devices, not obligatorily the users) and this is a great field for the advertising market.

tips for smartphone users

The mobile network has a commonly bigger return on investment rate (ROI) than any other platform.

Besides, it is the growing platform compared to the shrinking market of PCs and still market of laptops.

More and more people tend not to tie themselves to standstill devices.

Also, as mobiles tend to have bigger and better screens, which display more colors each year with better clarity, contrast, brightness, and precision, textual ads are no longer relevant for mobile gadgets.

Their place is firmly taken by pictures and videos.

What mobile advertising efficiency indices exist

Unlike the laptop and PC-based commercials with many indicators, the modern mobile indices are boiled down to a few most frequently used:

  • eCPC – Effective Cost Per Click
  • eCPA – Effective Cost Per Action
  • PPI – Pay Per Install (sometimes known as CPI – Cost Per Install).

Also, due to peculiarities of mobile operation systems, it is harder to make fraud clicks in them (the mouse isn’t present in them and each click is a tapping of a finger, which is hardly programmed).

Besides, there are much fewer AdBlock installations on mobile devices due to the fact that AdBlock Company does not produce a separate extension that is built in the default browser.

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They make a separate browser, which is not as good-looking as any of default popular browsers are (Mozilla, Chrome, Opera), and it opens pages really slowly – which is the most point of hatred of the AdBlock browser by users.

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