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Top 5 Monitoring Apps to Check Your Boyfriend’s Text Messages

Sometimes we become so blind in love that you can’t see what’s wrong is happening with us under our nose.

We keep on ignoring the signs of a dead relationship and throw us into a well of agony and anguish. But finally, when we realize it, the damage was already done.

Cheating by your boyfriend is the most plausible way via which you can feel all this. So, before he does this to you, you should self-equip yourself with resources that can find veiled cheating and help you check on your boyfriend’s text. 

This article is dedicated to five such ways.

#1 – Minspy

Whenever there is a list of something, the first place is grabbed by something which is at par with others and has managed to win millions of hearts across the globe with impeccable features/operations.

To continue with the tradition, we have chosen one such monitor app for the first place.

monitor text messages

Leaving all other options far behind with its risk-free and discreet operations, Minspy is what we picked for first place. This is a precisely built monitor app that can secretly check your boyfriend’s texts without letting him know about it.

We are not the first one who is singing in its praise. Various media houses like TechRadar, Toms Guide, Digital trends, Life wire have, and many more have also joined the league.

Leading the Pack for Discernible Reasons

The first place in our run-down is well-earned by Minspy. The kind of security, ease, and effortlessness that it brings when you need a reasonable solution to monitor on my boyfriend’s text is commendable. Here is a quick overview of this. 


  • No more sleepless night 


When you want to monitor on your boyfriend, you can have many sleepless nights because: 

  • You don’t have the right skills
  • You are worried that what will happen if something goes wrong 
  • You fear to lose your crucial data 
  • You are worried to get caught in the act
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All these worries are taken care of in the best possible manner with Minspy as it works without jailbreak/rooting, comes with the easiest-possible user interface, and doesn’t put your data at risk.

There is no foul play involved in it. Minspy offers you the most ship-shaped monitoring facility that you can ever think of.


  • The secret behind hassle-free text monitoring


We are sure that you must be dying to find out the secret behind such reliable and risk-free text monitoring. Well, we are going to reveal the secret right here. It’s its inventing AI technology that works based on syncing principles. 

Minspy’s technology pairs with the targeted device’s OS and fetches data for you. There is no tampering and toying around is involved. This syncing is so real-time and realistic that data is rendered to you as soon as it’s generated. 

The second secret is its cut-above keylogger.

You must have heard about keyloggers before. It’s software that records keystrokes of the targeted device. But, Minspy’s keylogger is far different from those ordinary ones. Minspy works commendably, doesn’t make the target device boil, and track every single stroke. 

With the help of these two technologies, you can monitor on your boyfriend’s text without any worries.

In case you are still not sure about picking this top solution as your monitoringtool, here’s a review for Minspy to clear your doubts further.

#2 – Spyier

Though beating Minspy is next-to-impossible, some monitoring apps can come close to Minspy in terms of features and reliability. 

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Spyier is amongst one of them. It has managed to secure second place on our list because of its 100% discreet operations. 

It works in such a hush-hush manner that no one would ever know about your motives. Well, its 100% web-based interface and stealth mode deserves a huge round of applause for this.

Along with this, the other specialties that have compelled us to keep it in second place are: 

  • Its data reliability. It renders data directly on your dashboard with a timestamp. No foul play is involved in it. 
  • It’s up-to-minute technology. Unlike other old-school monitoring apps, Spyier doesn’t rely on jailbreak/rooting.

#3 – Spyine 

The third place in the list is grabbed by Spyine. It’s a remote phone monitoring app that can be used to monitor on someone’s text messages. Once you will read out its USPs, you will understand that third place is fully justified. 

  • Spyine shuns jailbreak/rooting once and for all. Also, it keeps your data safe by not having it on its server. 
  • Using Spyine is a cakewalk. It comes with a very user-friendly interface that can turn any greenhorn into a veteran in no time. 
  • Spyine never let anyone know what your motives are. It has a 100% web-based interface and stealth mode to cover you up.

#4 -Spyic 

Up next in the list is Spyic that is known for its cost-effectiveness. Bringing it into action for both iOS and Android platforms will cost you only $ 10 for a month. 

This is what forces us to secure a place for Spyic. But, this is not it’s only specialty. There are many others as well. The key ones are: 

  • Jailbreak/rooting free operations. 
  • Ability to work without having your data on server
  • Offering your best ROI. 
  • Best and 24*7 technical support 
  • More than 30 monitoring features 
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Seeing all these points, we can easily conclude that Spyic is indeed the best shot that you can make. 

#5 – Cocospy 

We would like to end our list with Cocospy. 

It’s a comprehensive phone monitoring app that is capable of tracking SMSs and 30+ more phone activities. As soon as you bring it into action, you will enter into a hassle-free and straightforward monitoring facility. 

Cocospy has managed to make millions of customers happy across the world as: 

  • It works without jailbreak/rooting. 
  • It can be used for both iOS and Android platforms. 
  • Its dashboard is highly interactive. 
  • All the data comes with time stamps. 

All these features justify why Cocospy has made it to our list. 

The Final Word

Monitoring on your boyfriend’s text is not passiveness or a deed of mistrust. It is for your own good, to kill the nip in the bud. But, you will be able to hit the target if you are taking the right resource on board. 

Minspy is the best bet that you can make in this regard.

Millions have already tried and tested this one and it hasn’t disappointed any. So, we also advocate it with full confidence. Other than Minspy, our other four options are also trustworthy and can be used without any qualms. 

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