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Best Features Of Sims 4 That Make It Phenomenal Around The World

The Sims 4 is the latest title of the Sims life simulation video game. This game was developed by Maxis and was published in 2019 by the Electronic Arts who also made the FIFA 19 gratis. Indeed, this game is loaded with real-life assumptions of our success and frustrations.

After a few weeks of its release, the game has been received with open arms by the gamers around the world. Thus, here are the best features of Sims 4 which everyone must be aware of:

Hidden Awards from the Gnomes

Gnomes are crazy critters which can show up any time in the game and cause chaos inside the household. However, if you treat the gnomes’ right, they can give you a nice profit. For example, they can give you seed packets for you to start a farm. If you open or sell the contents of the packets, you can gain a huge amount of Simoleons.

But if you annoy the gnomes, expect that something bad can happen. Meanwhile, if you get bored with them, you can click the build mode and turn them into statues. Then, sell the gnomes statutes now.

Celebrate the Holidays

One of the best additions to the game is the celebration of the holidays. With this, you can celebrate the common holidays like Halloween, Easter, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve in your own way. You can create anything you wish during the sim holidays.

Sometimes, the game offers the ‘Night on the Town’ event which can happen during winter or summer. With this event, you can enjoy free drinks or food from the local businesses.

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Amazing Glass Roofs

The glass roofs are free for all the Sims users and this is an additional patch before the season. With this, people can make conservatories, greenhouses, and domes. The players can create modern architectures with awesome roofing. Indeed, there are endless possibilities.

The Sims 4

Create New Year’s Resolutions

One holiday that you can celebrate in the game is New Year’s Eve. By clicking one of the traditions, you can find the ‘make resolutions’ option. With this, you can gain reward points for the game.

The feature includes various options and recommends the most appropriate for your sim character. Examples of New Year’s resolutions are getting fit, completing aspirations, finding love, and raising skills. As you select the task, you have seven days to finish it.

Scouting as a Career

The scouting career is a great addition for children and teens. With this opportunity, you can do more things and achieve realistic goals for your sim.

As you earn badges like the Llama Scouts, you can have an opportunity to visit places. You can also have a chance to complete tasks. You can have a path to follow and enjoy the rest of the game.

Realistic Time Lapse

The weather and the season at Sims 4 are realistic. With the realistic change of the season, you can feel more engaged in the sim year. Moreover, you can witness it on the environment just like in the FIFA 19 gratis. The trees will shed their leaves and turn into brown. The rivers become cold and everything in the surroundings are affected.

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This does not mean that you can just run around the season throughout the year. With the weather change, you are forced to make wise choices on activities and the proper clothes to wear.

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