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20 Best Android Camera Apps To Take Photos That Everyone Loves

If you love taking great photos and selfies with your smartphone, this post is all that you need. I have completely reviewed the 20 best Android camera apps here.

The desire of phone consumers is with a varied hunger for different features which could range from RAM memory to different minute details negligible by a layman.

The camera and its properties have proved in recent times to be one of the main considerations bestowed with huge priority while on the hunt for smart phones.

Often, consumers will base their acquisition of a mobile device on the effectiveness of the camera which is a pointer to the fact that cameras are now important on mobile devices.

There are marvelous, effective and efficient third-party camera applications in the different local stores which can help to take your mobile photography to the professional-esque level.

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Our List Of Best Android Camera Apps

With what you’re on the verge of reading, 20 favorite and up to the task camera applications for Android users are identified. Enjoy reading here:


This is one of the old camera applications that mobile users rely on to give beauty touch to their pictures. With Its emphasis on the mainstream features which implies that you’re presented with the following features: filters, stickers, special effects and other similar features which are considered mainstream.

Best Android Camera Apps

It also presents a beauty camera mode Camera comes with easy and fast editing tools and also Bluetooth compliance with selfie stick.

It also supports up to 10 languages to capture a wide variety of users and the platform provides an instant sharing of pictures with friends on different social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp etc.

Cymera can also be used to add or take features away from the body and face, it also includes a photo editor that makes minor edits possible. It is free to download and use, but additional in-app purchase is possible to improve editing options.

Cymera is with a record 100 million downloads on play store which is garnered by its array of decent features that has catapulted it to a top spot.

Features it boasts of include perfect skin makeover, 130 filters to take instant selfies, auto face recognition, effects to make the pictures pop, 7 different camera lenses, making collage up to 9, various kinds of makeup filters, natural hair and more ranging upto 200.


This Camera FV-5 is one of the different manual camera apps that users can make use of. It includes manual shutter speed, ISO, focus, white balance and many more DSLR features.

Camera FV-5 supports up to 30 languages and also supports different file formats which include JPEG, DNG (RAW) and PNG.

Best Android Camera Apps

It provides a series of features to add a glamorous touch to pictures and still ensures bloating is reduced significantly.

It helps to ensure that photo lovers can designate how exactly they want their pictures to appear by not restricting to the pre-configured settings alone but ensuring flexibility.

There are about ten composition grids and nine crop guides on the viewfinder screen which help the photographer to monopolize the properties that the pictures taken will emerge with even before clicking the shutter for a shot. There is also an EXIF viewer for reviewing pictures, which also support RAW image export.

3. MANUAL – Camera Apps For Android

As the name implies, the manual camera is a camera bestowed with series of manual settings with a giant stride towards taking the full advantage of the Camera2 API.

This denotes that as a photographer who uses MANUAL, you are privileged to access the shutter speed, ISO, white balance, focus distance and exposure.

Best Android Camera Apps

For devices which are also RAW compliant, MANUAL presents a support and timer for RAW. This comes with a free version which is a clone of the paid version, for optimum result, there is a need to familiarize and master the free version before purchasing the paid version

This android camera app has easy navigation and quite and instinctive to use, giving you access to the settings of the various camera properties. Shutter speed, ISO, white balance, focus and exposure can all be adjusted due to the flexibility that MANUAL offers.

You get to choose from, white or black themes. It’s viewfinder interface also has the basic histogram and photo maps integrated into it for easy access while manipulating frames or pictures.


Focus, like most trending photo applications offers the flexibility control of camera settings, some of the in-app tools include fill flash, controlling shutter speed, white balance adjustment, exposure compensation, a live light meter etc.

Best Android Camera Apps

Which can be used while framing shots. As the name implies, it has a peak focus and objects within focus are are highlighted on the viewfinder screen, helping you to be manipulative and giving a free hand in determining the appearance of shots taken.

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FOCUS has several output functions of which high resolution TIFFs is prominent. It also features a companion Apple Watch App which allows you to use the watch as a device with remote control option

5. CAMERA360 – Best Android Camera Apps

Camera360 is a popular choice for the photo editors, especially the android device users globally. Camera360 operates more like a social media platform for showcasing your creativity and beautiful moments.

Camera360 includes multiple filters, selfie and beauty camera poster camera, cartoon effects, photo collage, funny stickers, photo grid etc. among the Android users around the world.

Best Android Camera Apps

Camera360 helps to bring different people together and unite them as you can share your photos with others while you simultaneously discover latest image, and information of your interest. Communities also sprung up from this app as people of like minds will see the need to associate with one another

Consistently, Camera360 has maintained it’s high soaring and it’s considered one of the most popular camera apps among android users. It is designed to meet the need of the laymen and the professionals.

6. CAMERA+ – Camera Apps For Android

Camera+ is one of the camera applications that have been making the rounds on the internet for a long time and yet still waxing strong and competing favorably with those that are new.

Best Android Camera Apps

It is one of the camera still waiting to be outshines on the iOS as it features a reasonable volume of professional level photography options yet still maintaining it’s simplicity and a user friendly interface.

It’s interface is meticulously carved out that a claim to be Apple designed would necessitate no second thought.
Camera+ features a stack of filters, an excellent HDR mode, options to control exposure, a log of preset modes, instant focus, a quick review of pictures taken with lightbox feature and also supports many other camera properties.

The application is highly placed in respect to its manual controls during snapshots and the options it offers fine-tunning pictures to a desired taste.


If you can think it, then you can do it. This is actually the condition on PROSHOT as it presents every form of camera properties that is available in the most sophisticated system of picture capture, ranging from the grid overlays, custom aspect ratios, RAW export, white balance adjustments, exposure control, shutter speed settings etc.

Best Android Camera Apps

The interface of PROSHOT is well designed and the functions and settings neatly packed to prevent clustering on the interface and also to simplify the interaction of photographers with the interface provided.

PROSHOT also offers a live histogram on screen and a range of preset modes for pictures which makes it one of the up-to-task software’s for photography.


For the social media freaks, Instagram is solely designed for that purpose. It’s whole existence is domicile around bringing out the best in your mobile pictures and the editing features it presents have gradually but steadily made it a genuine app and a viable alternative to the default camera applications on different mobile devices.

Best Android Camera Apps

Instagram does not come with a full feature-packed tools like most of the other applications earlier discussed but for casual users, it’s the bomb.

It can process images that are not a perfect square, your pictures can be improved upon with few clicks of the features it presents, it’s filter strength can be adjusted just like all other tools it come with an be adjusted to the taste of the photographer.

9. CANDY CAMERA – Best Android Camera Apps

Candy Camera is a contender on hot pursuit of Camera for the top spot in camera applications with a remarkably large number of downloads recorded in the play store.

On estimate, over 7 million photo lovers take selfies daily using no other applications but Candy camera. Candy camera is part of the new camera apps gaining ground with alarming precision with about 30 filter effects used for selfies, beauty functions, stickers, making collages etc.


It is very helpful and supports the sharing of photos with family and friends on social media platforms. It comes with lot of filters and include makeup tools, stickers, collage mode. Candy Camera might be challenging to toy with but it gets better with constant usage.

This doesn’t present more of professional work but for the social media freak, it’s the comfort zone. Having said that, the app is free to download and comes with adverts you have to cope with.


Photo Grid is the most popular photo collage maker and has a 100 million downloads credited to it on the Google Play Store. Some of the features available in this application include filter effects, templates, stickers, exporting high resolution images, text inclusion, addition of background music etc.

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Best Android Camera Apps

The photo grid helps to make beautiful pictures through the adjustment of these pictures using classical and funny layouts present in this camera application.

One customized background of photogrid, it’s scrapbook allows the addition of photos, stickers, text and background music to create a photo collage or a video slides of pictures


PicsArt comes with lot of in-app tools for easy manipulation of the pictures. It features filters, photo blending, clip art packs, sticker, collage maker, double exposure, drawing pictures, making meme etc.


Picsart helps you to spot the trend followed by the world and also get you engaged in such trending occurrences.

If the current trend is growing beard, you could get involved by taking pictures of yours and share such pictures. Picsart also introduces the new magic Al-powered effects that add art to the photographers work

12. SNAPCHAT – Best Android Camera Apps

Snap chat is one of the late arrivals amidst camera applications but it’s fast becoming a strong point of reckoning among people for taking pictures in recent times.

Apart from being a camera application, it doubles as a social media platform as well with options of sharing photos and videos with dear ones instantly.

Best Android Camera Apps

Snap chat also features a category for catching up with people in your life and exploring the global happenings as they happens, the stories and discovery part is designated for this purpose. The memory part helps to keep a diary of favorite pictures of your upload and that of others

The app offers you amazing effects, fun filters, support for manual camera controls, video recording, RAW support, HDR, file size options, fun shooting modes, effects, borders, color effects and vignettes.

It effectively combines manual controls with fun filters to present users with a rare combination. It is a considerable option for both professional and amateur photographers class.


If you’re in a hot romance with animated photographs, then BeautyPlus is just right for you. Photos can be turned into animated collages through the use of various features presented by this app.


Beauty plus is compliant with both the rear camera and front camera. Beautyplus features the following tools: live auto-retouch, magic brush, skin editor, photo filters, crop, blur, built in selfie timer, multiple face recognition, improved lighting function, ISO etc whose effective use can add professionalism to pictures.


This is one of the oldest and the common apps among photo editors. This app is constantly updated to ensure that it meets up to expected standards of all time.

Best Android Camera Apps

It can be used to record videos, take pictures or make GIFs using the GIF mode that is also inbuilt. Camera MX is simple to use and a layman can handle it effectively with the features it is presenting.

The app comes with a variety of shooting modes for photographers to choose from, it’s also got a built-in photo editor that enhances photographers to tinker with the basics of editing. Professional photographers though have to consider other options to get more desired results and options.


For the love of impeccable selfies, one of the best camera apps for Android to seek for and relate with to do a superb job is this.


It automatically beautifies your pictures and also supports the sharing of pictures with friends and acquaintances on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp among others.

Some of the features it comes with include selfie filters, mirror photo camera, support for selfie sticks, real time filter etc.


From the name “Google camera”, it is the official Google camera application which is commonly associated with most Google devices in circulation.

The list of features seems small but it’s a very effective set. Its list of features include a lens blur mode, photo spheres, video stabilization and many more.

Best Android Camera Apps

The app is free with no in-app purchases, but users of this application are restricted to those with the devices running Android 7.1 1 upward. Its usage is therefore restricted to the most current versions of Android.

17. VSCO – Android Camera Apps

VSCO is quite different from the other camera apps discussed above as it requires opening of an account or signing up before you can access what it offers. It has a three pronged approach to its usage, which include: create, discover and connect.

The create option allows a photographer to capture an image, edit it using features of choice and also publish same to the VSCO profile created.


The discover aids the exploration of information from people and the community you follow in VSCO profile while on the Connect, you can look for, find people and follow them across the globe using your VSCO community.

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VSCO is a powerful and popular camera app with a combination of both the photo editing and video editing options with features such as filters, effects, settings etc.

This app with all its forte that places it far better than other options seems fairly expensive though at a $19.99 per annum.


This Camera is one of the most popular camera applications for professional photographers. Most of the features professional photographers rely upon to meet their expectations can be found in here.

Best Android Camera Apps

Some of these features have been identified while discussing about other camera and they include manual controls, a timer, exposure bracketing, HDR, ISO and lots more.

This app is completely free with no in-app purchase despite the magnitude of what it presents but there is an optional donation application which seems to raise funds in support of the developer. The app is entirely open source and supports both photography and videography.


Motion Stills is one of the camera apps that only came to lime light, not long ago. This application usage is hugely restricted to recording short bits of video with the option of turning it into a GIF or leave it as a video which can be viewed at a later day.


It presents a fast forward option for super quick videos, it’s completely free to use and free to download but it’s the only identified app that is domicile on video recording and editing. Need a photo app, consider other options.


Running on the Androids Camera2 API, the Footej camera is one of the most recent applications with a good blend of the amateur and the professional photography features.

Best Android Camera Apps

It has an array of manual controls, can be used for video recording, blur mode, RAW format provided your device supports it, a photo’s histogram and also the conversion of media into GIFs.

The application is not with a history of serious bug issue and it can be accessed as for free or upgraded by paying for the pro version with a paltry sum of $2.99

The Verdict

Often, the hardware part which is usually the camera lens is not the sole factor in an attempt to take great pictures, there are different mobile compliant software’s or applications which can transform your photo from the direct result of just the hardware alone into one with a professional touch.

Most of these applications work with ease on androids and other smart phone versions. Cameras on smart phones trendingly seem to be one of the hallmarks for smart phone acquisition than they used to be in previous years.

Smartphone companies are leaving no stone unturned in the quest to provide consumers with mobile cameras that are effective, reliable, work better in area poorly lighted and add features that hearken to individual creativity at making their pictures flawless.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) therefore are conscious of their camera setup and optimization and this is evident for Google, Samsung and Huawei mobile devices that use AI and other software optimizations in conjunction with the primary Camera hardware.

The good news about the hardware is that the software’s to drive them are not restricted to the primary software.

The camera to a smart phone is virtually going beyond a necessity, but a constant and many OEMs will move extra mile to ensure that the camera on each device is a “sine qua non” of the ability bestowed on such device.

Therefore, the camera on a device is primary and should be fundamental in accessing the camera abilities of any device.

The other options discussed in this guide are not with a view to replace the primary camera on a device.

But they are to complement the ability of the primary camera and ensure that consumers are not restricted to all what the device can offer without tinkering g with third party applications. Enjoy these best camera apps for Android and choose as it meets your quest, have fun.

So tell me which one of all these best Android camera apps is your personal favorite and why?

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