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Reasons to Convert Word Documents to PDF – iRiverAmerica

We are all familiar with Microsoft Word, and we are pretty sure that you have already used it before.

It is, for a fact, one of the most popular word processors on Earth today.

If it’s that well known, why would you even consider converting your Word documents to PDF, then?

Well, Word documents can easily be tampered with or altered.

In case you didn’t know, PDF files or Portable Document Format is a “read-only” document, which means that you can’t do any alterations or changes without the proper tools.

This fact is the reason why PDF files are admissible in a court of law. So, in this article, we will give you several reasons why PDF files are much better compared to Word documents.

Easily Accessible

Yes, you read that right. PDF files can be accessed and opened with any software, hardware, or operating system.

You might then argue that you can easily access Word documents with Microsoft Word.

Yes, that is true, but what if you are using a different operating system?

Would you still be able to access these Word documents without experiencing any compatibility issues?

PDF files appear the same way on every operating system, whether using a macOS, Linux, or Windows OS computer.

This is the reason why you should, if possible, convert your Word to PDF if you are using different operating systems. If you don’t have any idea what tool is capable of converting your files, then you’re in luck!

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We have the best online converter tool in mind, which is PDFBear. You can easily convert your files with PDFBear anytime and anywhere you are.

The best part of it is that you don’t have to download or install any software or application on your device.

You just need a steady internet connection, and you are all good.

Everything is Preserved

PDF files are flexible enough to preserve all visual elements such as texts, graphics, images, or fonts you have placed in your file before converting it.

This is why many people prefer using PDF files in comparison to Word documents because you would need to reformat everything when you open it on a different device.

When you use a different printer but the same computer, you are still required to reformat everything.

So, if you don’t want that to happen, converting your Word documents to PDF is the way to go.

Supports File Encryption

One of the main reasons why PDF files are one of the most used file formats today is because it can support data and file encryption, which means that you can protect your documents and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

It is also offering a secure way of moving data over the internet.

Normally, PDF files need a good level of protection and security, as these types may sometimes contain some delicate information that owners don’t want others to know about.

However, various tools, such as PDFBear, offer a password-protect tool to safeguard your PDF files’ content.

Password-protecting your PDFs grants it protection from any cybercriminal or hackers that want to get their hands on the information stored in your files.

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Putting a password in your PDFs will guarantee that the data or information kept in your files can only be opened or accessed by people who know the correct password.


These are just some of the many reasons why PDF files are much better, safer, and more secure than Word documents.

There are many online converter tools available on the internet that enable you to convert your files from Word to PDF without experiencing any problems or mishaps.

So, why not consider converting your files today?

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