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Why A Newverest World Scratch Off Map Makes the Best Gift

Newverest.com makes an amazing scratch world map that motivate people to get outdoors and see the world.

Instead of giving someone a gift they’ll use once then throw away, you can give them a scratch off world map poster, and your gift will last a lifetime.

So just what is a Newverest world scratch off map? It’s an interactive way to track your travels.

Every time you visit a new country, simply scratch off the outer layer of that country on your world scratch off map and reveal the vibrant color beneath.

You know which countries you’ve visited by which countries have been scratched.

You can also use your word scratch off map – https://newverest.com/products/newverest-scratch-off-map-of-the-world to plan future vacations.

Every country and their capital is clearly outlined on your scratch world map, so you can easily see all the opportunities you have for adventure anywhere in the entire world.

Use the included bucket list to help you pick which country to visit next, or create a bucket list all your own. With the entire world at your fingertips, you’ll never run out of places to visit or sights to see.

Your Newverest.com scratch off world map poster can help you plan family vacations, romantic getaways, or even solo trips.

For adults, seniors, and graduates, Newverest.com makes a scratch off world map poster that can help you plan your next great trip.

For children, Newverest makes a kid’s edition of their scratch world map.

The kid’s edition has the same great design as the original world scratch off map, only they’ve added a few extra things to grab your kid’s attention, starting with 50 animal cards featuring adorable animal pictures of the types of animals found in the countries around the world.

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The gift tube that your scratch world map kid’s edition ships in also has fun games, bright colors, and interesting info on the side of the tube that kids will love reading through.

Every scratch world map by Newverest is made with careful attention to detail.

This isn’t just some map mass produced and then forgotten about.

The makers behind the Newverest.com scratch off world map poster are travelers themselves, so they know what it takes to make a great travel gift. Each scratch world map is made with all sorts of travelers in mind.

Kids, adults, and seniors will all love a Newverest scratch world map. They also make great gifts for toddlers, grade school kids, high school students, college students, and recent graduates.

Whichever Newverest.com world scratch off map you select, feel confident knowing that it will look beautiful on the wall of any home, in any room.

You can frame it or hang it up as is. Newverest even includes 4 adhesive stickers to make hanging easy.

They won’t damage your walls or your Newverest scratch off world map poster.

Your Newverest scratch off world map will inspire you to travel more and actually get you off the couch to see the world.

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