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Role Of Bail in The Criminal Justice Process – What You Must Know

If you think that paying bail money can release you from the criminal justice process, it is easier said than done.

In this article, let us find out more about this concept and the many finer aspects related to the same.

The article will deal with the following sub-topics, namely,

  1. Bail schedules
  2. Bail hearings

Check out the information in the paragraphs that follow-

Bail schedules

This refers to the bail amount that you have to shell out for the various crimes listed under the jurisdiction.

It is the amount applicable to individual criminal cases.

For instance, a bail schedule for misbehavior or inappropriate conduct can attract an amount of $1,000.

Similarly, the amount can be $5,000 or more for a crime related to theft or burglary.

Bail bonds are immensely helpful in getting an individual out of the criminal mess.

You can approach any trustworthy and reliable bail bond service provider like Columbus bail bonds or any other company that can help you out of the complicated situation.

Bail hearings

At a bail hearing, the court will decide the amount of bail applicable to a particular case.

However, it is at the discretion of the court, whether it will allow or deny ta bail. And this decision is usually endorsed by state laws too.

Whether the court will allow or deny bail usually depends on several factors, and these include the following-

  • Chances of fleeing

It is one of the factors that will determine the bail amount applicable to a particular case.

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If the chances of escaping are more in cases where the individual is facing life or death sentence or are facing periods of isolation, the bail amount is probably higher.

  • Commitments towards family

If the person facing trial is the sole person to take care of the household and family, it is quite likely that the bail amount imposed will be less.

It can also be less if he or she has a number of dependents.

  • How serious is the crime?

Depending on the severity of the crime, the bail amount is determined.

If the crime is heinous or severe, the bail amount will be more and vice versa.

  • Network and connections

If the individual facing trial has a well-established set-up in this area and his chances of fleeing are almost negligible since he has a business and has the entire family residing locally, the bail amount is lower.

Even by releasing the individual with a huge bail amount, he can pose to be a threat to the community.

The person can impact the society at large in a negative manner, shelling out even a high bail amount may not be helpful as the court in such circumstances may deny the bail completely.

Although shelling out bail amount can help you but depending on the crime, any amount of money may not come to your rescue.

Consult a specialist to find the different aspects related to it.

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