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Reasons Why You Should Make Use of Selenium Testing

Selenium is one of the best tools for automation testing of web apps and is used and loved by several testers and developers around the world.

But the common question is why to make use of Selenium when there are several automation testing tools to select from in the market.

Is the wide popularity of Selenium enough to use it over other tools?

These are certainly good questions that you should know the exact reasons for using this tool over others available in the market.


Selenium is an open-source web app automation testing tool used to carry out the test on different browsers.

Selenium Testing provides four different tools to meet the different needs of organizations and enterprises.

These tools include Selenium RC, Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, and Selenium Web Driver.

At present, Selenium Web Driver and Grid are merged as one tool and is widely used for web app testing.

Here are some of the benefits or reasons why you should make use of selenium testing tools.

Now get access to selenium testing tools at pCloudy, one of the reputed mobile app testing platform.

Language and Framework Support

The first question to run in the mind of everyone selecting a testing tool is that will it support the language they know.

Now you can forget this important challenge with Selenium since it supports almost all of the important languages like JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, Perl, and Ruby for test automation.

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There is no need that you should know about the Selenium acceptable language.

You can write the script using any of the above-mentioned languages and Selenium will convert it into Selenium acceptable code within no time.

Open Source Tool

This is one of the added advantaged of Selenium that makes good numbers of developers and testers to make use of it for web app testing.

Being an open-source tool, it is free without any upfront costs and is a publicly accessible web app testing automation framework.

This helps you save a good amount of money and can use it for other good reasons.

This tool comes with easy to use framework and the test scripts can be generated easily and efficiently.

The huge Selenium community is always there to helps the software engineers and developers to automate the web browser functionalities and features.

The community also helps you to post queries and engage in sound discussions to enhance the knowledge in using Selenium.

Multi-browser support

One test script for all browsers! Yes, this is what Selenium assures for its users. Selenium community is taking every day efforts to improvise this task or concept.

As per the reputed web traffic analysis websites, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Opera browsers are the most used web browsers around the world.

Selenium is script is compatible with all of the browsers! It simply means that there is no need for you to rewrite scripts for each of the browsers.

Selenium Testing with pCloudy helps you test the app on all of the popular browsers with just one script.

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Now you better know what makes selenium tools the most preferred web app tool over others.

It is your time to make use of Selenium for web app testing requirements.

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