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Easiest Way to Manage Company-Related PDF Documents Using PDBear

Most business people use PDFs for their electronic documents. It could be sending out letters, creating contracts and agreements, generating forms, and other necessary paperwork.

PDF is a file format that’s fixed and more stable than using different formats. You can easily share these PDFs with other devices, attach them to your emails, and even upload online.

If you’re one of these business people who usually deal with so many PDFs almost every day, you might need a system to help you manage these files most efficiently.

The internet offers you so many options for file management platforms online, but not all of these sources are reliable and safe. The best one you can find is PDFBear.

PDFBear is a website with various tools you’ll need for your PDF files for entirely free.

Read on the details below to know these online tools that will surely be of so much help to manage all of your company-related PDF documents using PDFBear.

PDF File Merger

One of the most helpful online tools of PDFBear is the file merger tool.

If you have tons of PDF files in your computer storage, you may find it a little bit hard to organize them properly.

Hence, you have to use the easy merge PDF tool of PDFBear. The tool will allow you to merge multiple PDF documents into a single file.

You can combine particular PDFS with the same content and serve the same purpose in the company.

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You can also unify those files used to accomplish the same tasks or merge those created in the same year.

You can employ different ideas to effectively categorize the files that you think will work best for you.

By doing so, if you have hundreds or thousands of PDFs, it’ll surely become less, which is easier to manage and organize in your computer storage.

That’s what a PDFBear file converter tool can do to your PDF files.

PDF File Converter

Another helpful tool of PDFBear that you can find on its website is the PDF file conversion tool.

If you’re looking for a particular file, but you can’t find it on your computer, that’s the time you’ll be needing a file conversion tool.

As its name suggests, the tool will allow you to convert your existing files to other file formats that you need to accomplish a specific task.

You only have to upload your PDFs on the online file converter of PDFBear.

The system will then process the conversion that will usually take a few seconds, depending on how many files you’re processing.

That’s how quick it is to convert your files using the platform. Just follow the simple steps by clicking a few buttons, and it’s done,

You can convert your Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and your PowerPoint presentations to a PDF format, and vise versa.

If you have files in PNG and JPG, you can also convert them to PDF.

You can visit the actual site to see other files you can convert to different file formats you need.

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PDF Protection Tool

Protecting your PDF files from unauthorized access is one of your responsibilities as you use them in the company.

These files may contain important details and information that only selected people must have access to use them for whatever purpose these PDFs may serve best for the company.

Because of that, you should protect these PDFs by using a secure password. PDFBear uses smart technology to make your files safe at all times.

The platform offers you free access to its PDF file protection tool that will allow you to set up a password for your PDFs. You only have to upload your files on the PDFBear online tool.

Then, the system will require you to create a password, so you need to provide a personalized one.

Incorporate different letters, numbers, and other characters to make the password hard to decipher for people who want to access them without your permission.

After that, tap the “Encrypt PDF” so the system will start saving the password you provided.

That’s how quick it is to activate a password for your PDF files using PDFBear.


It’s not easy to manage tons of company-related PDF files. However, the list of online tools discussed above will surely make your job done most efficiently.

The list above is only a few of those you can find online. Check the official website of PDFBear now to check other tools and see what else the PDFBear platform can offer for your PDF files.

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