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Latest Stardew Valley Wiki Guide: How To, Basics, Tricks, Tips

It all begins when your late grandfather leaves you his farm in Stardew Valley in Pelican Town, which has been neglected but full of resources.

You inherit this plot of land and have to turn it around by working on it and ensuring its success and bring back a substantial return on your investment in money and time.

The Stardew Valley Wiki game in a nutshell

Your inheritance has put you in a right royal fix, because you have never ever been to a real farm, neither lived on one and most of all have no idea as how you could manage and run it.

  1. This is the challenge that your late grandfather has bestowed on you and it would be your prerogative to learn how you could live off the land and bring glory to what has been inherited by you.

2. You would need to start practically from scratch, learn the tricks of the farming trade and turn the Stardew Valley Wiki farm into a prosperous one.

3. The odds are stacked against you and with no knowledge at all, of how things are being done on a farm, you would need to ensure you learn fast and implement the right strategies and reap success as you go one because there is no end to the game.

4. You could procure some help from the other folks in Pelican Town, but the decisions would be yours alone, along with success or failure that would come your way.

5. There are ample opportunities to create the right environment to reap success but you would need to look for them and ensure that you are always on the right path.

6. These would open out when you progress in the game with many of the things you could do, coming your way as you develop the Stardew Valley Wiki farm.

Stardew Valley wiki guide

7. You could move up the stages only when you make the necessary improvements in the farm, as they are intertwined with the success that would come your way.

8. Hence it is a continuous challenge of being ahead at all times without slacking in your responsibilities to ensure success at every twist and turn.

The challenges that are thrown at you is what makes the Stardew Valley Wiki game that much more interesting and enjoyable for many.

There are just a few games that would throw challenges continuously at you and the Stardew Valley Wiki game stands out tall among all its competition.

Some of the experiences that you would come across in this very versatile game could give you the impetus to do it in real life too.

That has been the power that has exuded from the Stardew Valley Wiki game for all and sundry who have tried their hand at this so far.

The Pelican Town was prosperous but has gone into the doldrums after the arrival of the Joja Corporation. The thriving and vibrant community center once the hub of all activities is now in shambles and most of the town is in a dilapidated condition.

You would need to turn them all around and to extend help you would have the support of some of the town folk living in Pelican Town.

Learning the basics

The challenges in your path are umpteen but a few stand out from the rest. The most important task ahead would be to rejuvenate the farm and ensure you get a substantial return on your investment in time and money.

  1. You would need to clear the overgrown scrubs after years of neglect and plant the crops that you would have studied as best for the soil in your farm.

Stardew Valley wiki guide

2. There are many crops to choose from and distributing it prudently after preparing the land would be your utmost prerogative.

3. This would provide you with the income that you would need to progress in your endeavor to ensure success at every turn and twist when you go along the development of the Stardew Valley Wiki farm.

4. Once you have progressed through this stage or have initiated the right processes to plant the appropriate crops then you could be turning to other activities.

5. You could go fishing, mining, crafting, cooking, foraging, fighting off your enemies and last but not the least giving gifts to those who are close to you, all these whilst completing the quests that are thrown at you.

6. There is only a learning cycle which would not turn fast even if you would want it to. It would take its own time as we know that learning by trial and error would hold you in a better perspective rather than trying to learn it from some book left on a shelf.

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7. The faster that you would learn the basics the better it would be for you, because being street smart is what you would need to be if you are to be successful on the Stardew Valley Wiki game.

Creating your character

You would know the traits that are inherent in you more than anybody else hence this is the opportunity that you have been waiting for, to show of what sterner stuff that you have been made of.

Stardew Valley Wiki Guide

  1. The character that you would create would be tailor made to ensure you get to give it the right impetus to sustain the challenges and come out trumps from every endeavor that you would indulge in.

2. The choices before you would be to determine the sex of your character, name, the general appearance, the skin color, the farm name, favorite thing and the preference in an animal.

3. These would help in the first steps of creating the character that you would desire to be. This too would be an interesting, enjoyable but also challenging when the game proceeds along. Your character would be the one who would guide you through the good times and the bad times.

4. When it is gender that you would need to select, there would be two which would be of course the male and the female unfortunately there would not be any other choices in the Stardew Valley Wiki farm game.

5. Once you have selected one of the above you could match skin color with a choice of 24 skin tones to get the perfect match that you would come up with.

6. The character should be as smart as you are and for that there are 32 different hair styles to choose from which would be a classic example of mix and match till you get what is in your mind.

7. If that was a wide variety to choose from then you should be looking through the availability of shirts to wear and look dressed to kill. There is a staggering selection of 112 shirts apart from 20 accessories that you could adorn with if you so desire.

8. You are also able to add value by using the sliders next to eye color, hair color and pants color which would represent the hue and the saturation of the different represented parts.

9. When you select form the two animal choices that are given the one that you would select would arrive at the farm when the Stardew Valley Wiki game progresses on.

10. In the meantime when you select the gender, it would not have a notable effect on you and your character when marriage bells start ringing when that event comes along in the game.

11. Your in-game marriage would not be an issue whichever gender that you would select hence you could do so with an open mind and carry on with the game.

12. In the case of the favorite thing that you would select it would bring some excitement to you whilst going along with the game. It would be referred to when the character eats a Stardrop, and if the player prefers to choose ConcernedApe then a message would appear.

Along with the appropriate message you would also be bestowed with an increase in your maximum energy levels.

13. The player who chooses a character initially is able to make changes as the game progresses but would need to pay for it with specific things in specific places to specific persons.

This would be with after earning what’s on offer in the game and when they are made available when success gradually comes along to benefit the player.

Choosing the preferred Farm Maps

There are different Farm Maps to select from and to make the choice of selecting the most ideal there are five offered in the Stardew Valley Wiki game.

Stardew Valley Wiki Guide

  1. The choices would be quite impressive to behold and would be Standard Farm, Forest Farm, Hill-Top Farm, Riverland Farm and Wilderness Farm from which you could choose one to suit your preferences.

2. Taking a close look at the offered farms it would be quite a task to choose the one that you would like to work on and ensure that you turn it into a successful endeavor as the game progresses.

3. Every step that you progress in the Stardew Valley Wiki farm game you would be a winner, because you are able to collect some value from each successful step.

4. This is what makes this game such an exciting and enjoyable one for all those who would like challenges in whatever they may do.

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5. The Standard Farm map could be considered as the original farm map which was carefully designed by the developers of the Stardew Valley Wiki farm game to ensure that they maximized ample open spaces for animals to roam around and for the growing of various crops.

6. The Forest Farm map limits the space for farming with the forest encroaching into the land that is made available to cultivate and raise animals.

7. Though these restrictions are placed on the issue of farming there are stumps on the western side of the farm which could be used to forage items that spawn there during the right seasons. There are some very special weeds which would shed unique types of mixed seeds.

8. The Hill Top Farm map is with many cliffs with a very special mining area where ore will spawn on the Southwest side of the land shown on the map.

There are also very unique geode-bearing stones that are a specialty to the area which would provide for when needed to the farm.

9. The Riverland Farm map is the fourth on the list of farm choices that you would have and it consists of an immense quantity of water resources.

10. These large swathes of water limit the space needed to raise animals and also restrict the possible use at optimum extents of growing different crops.

11. The water brings a sense of comfort to the eyes though it has disadvantages on the farming endeavors. The inherent asset would be the ample fishing that could be endured on this extent of land if you are to choose it above the others.

Last but not the least the Wilderness Farm map is also offered for all those interested, which is blessed with a very large natural fresh water lake, tucked up on the Southwest corner of the large property.

It is home to some spectacular cliffs on the east and south of the land. The chances are that designated monsters would come after dusk, along with Wilderness Golems who would follow very closely behind.

The controls of the Stardew Valley Wiki game

The different keys that would be needed to be employed to play the Stardew Valley Wiki farm game are very convenient to use and get the game going to your utmost satisfaction.

Stardew Valley Wiki Guide

  1. The keys are very easy to master which would provide you the right impetus to proceed successfully with the game.

2. Practice make’s perfect is what we hear at all times and once you have played the game a few times, it would be easy to ensure that you work your way up smoothly without much ado and take the Stardew Valley Wiki farm game to greater heights.

Ensuring your first harvest is bountiful

Reaping your first harvest would be a very un-forgetful experience for which you would have to prepare well in advance and with then right tools in hand.

Stardew Valley Wiki Guide

  1. Everything that you would have done would come down to the ultimate goal and that would be to get the most bountiful harvest you could lay your eyes on and feel with your fingers and hands.

2. Depending on the quantity of tiles that you would need, getting the axes, pickaxes and scythes would be very important. You would also have to collect logs, grass, bushes and stones to go about the harvesting endeavor.

3. Then you would need to use the hoe with deft flexibility to till the land that you have designated for cultivating. Once the soil is well tilled and is soft underneath the 15 parsnip seeds that you would have already received should be very carefully planted.

4. The process of planting should be well directed and executed if you are to en sure that it grows well and turns out to be the best in the Pelican Town and thereabouts.

5. You would be provided with a watering can which you would need to get it filled and ensure all the plants to be carefully watered to enable it to grow into lush foliage.

6. We know that watering any plant is a very important endeavor and needs to be accomplished without recourse to anyone else.

The watering of your crops should be a daily endeavor and should not be neglected under any circumstances. The progress of your company would depend on how you would manage your farm and reap the benefits that would accrue from it.

Utilizing optimum energy

Energy for the character that you created is the most important criteria to ensure productivity is maintained at optimum levels. There is no excuse that would suffice if your energy levels hit rock bottom.

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Stardew Valley Wiki Guide

  1. To ensure that it does not happen the best line of action would be to eat as much as possible. Eating would give energy and that is one thing which needs to be enhanced at all times.

2. A lack of energy would place the whole Stardew Valley Wiki game in jeopardy and would taint your objectives as the game progresses. The inadequate quantum of energy levels would have a detrimental effect on the conduct of the whole game.

For those who don’t know, what is Stardew Valley Wiki?

Your inheritance of the land which is in the form of a game aided by Wikipedia is aptly named, as the Star Valley Wiki. It is a Random Page Game on the Wikipedia encyclopedia and information platform which has more than 10 million pages.

  1. The Star Valley Wiki experience is a very interesting but challenging farm game like none other. Your late grandfather has left you a few tools, and a few coins to begin your quest to success.

2. It is going to be an arduous but fascinating journey into the unknown if you are going to pull the Stardew Valley Wiki farm to be a success story at the end of the game.

3. There are ample things to do, which should stretch you to the limit. The large plot of land has access around it to many other interesting places, like Pelican Town itself and its environs, the Pelican Beach, the Community Center, Mines, the Museum, the Calico desert, Secret woods, the Mountain Lake, and a host of other very interesting locations which would be accessible as the Stardew Valley Wiki game progresses.

Stardew Valley Wiki Guide

You could also interact with about 30 other residents or NPCs (Non Playable Characters), who call Pelican Town their home.

4. There are about a dozen depending on your sex, who could be asked out on a date as you become familiar with them. Once you too make your home within this very exuberant social circle, life could be quite interesting and fulfilling.

5. There is much to do which would keep you occupied once you move into your own Stardew Valley Wiki farm like clearing up the neglected land, growing crops, managing the farm and ensuring you enjoy the company of other residents around you.

6. You could earn by managing your farm profitably whilst enjoying the salubrious environs and living a harmonious life with others.

It would no doubt be a very fulfilling experience from the drab, monotonous life that you have been used to whilst living in a very crowded, noisy and polluted city.

Before we could proceed with the finer points of this versatile farm game it would be prudent to read through this and many other Stardew Valley Wiki guides, which would enlighten you on the intricacies of this game.

It is an imperative exercise and would hold you in good stead to tackle this game to your best ability and come out trumps and with a smile on your face.

The Stardew Valley Wiki farm game

The game was initially introduced on the Microsoft Windows platform in February 2016 and then later extended to other ports such as, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, iOS and Android.

This is an independent and simulated role playing video farm game developed by the erstwhile Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone which was originally published by Chucklefish.

Stardew Valley Wiki Guide

The Stardew Valley Wiki farm game has sold more than four million copies since it was launched and is increasing in popularity as it is an open ended game that could be interesting and enjoyable as time proceeds.

The game is for a single player but a multi-player version is also available where you could interact simultaneously with others to make it more entertaining and challenging.

The game was nominated for many awards in its specified category in the year 2016 when it was launched, and won two prestigious accolades, the Golden Joystick Breakthrough Award and the NAVGTR Simulation Games Award.

This propelled it to prominence and ensured it took its right place with other popular games of the time. Nominations were received in various categories also in 2016 for the Golden Joystick Awards, The Game Awards 2016, Game Developer’s Choice Awards, Independent Games Festival, 2016 SXSW Gaming Awards, 13th British Academy Games Awards, and the NABGTR Awards.

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