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17 Best Games Like Fallout 4 That You Should Check Out!

Are you a Fallout 4 enthusiast, well who isn’t? Here is a list of 17 games like Fallout 4, that is sure to take your fun to the next levels!

There have been different installments of the Fallout games and they have all kept gamers on the edge of their seats and they have been highly successful open world RPG.

Some gamers may think that what has come would be far better than the ones to follow, but they should see the Fallout 4, installment which is just great.

The games on the Fallout 4, installment would take many hours to finish and it would be a seemingly eternal story and the related additional quests added onto it would also keep on coming with no end in sight.

If you have experienced the previous Fallout, installments, check this latest one it is just great. They would get your adrenaline kicked up and the excitement tickled.

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Our List Of Games Like Fallout 4

To help all those Fallout enthusiasts out there who have been craving for the continuation of their excitement we have compiled the following list of games like fallout 4 and are sure they would fill your appetite.

#1. Mass Effect

There is no doubt that the games like Fallout 4 are getting better and that there4 are no complaints about what they would do to your adrenaline levels.

Games Like Fallout 4

Mass Effect has all the excitement wrapped around it and it has the RPG feel of the Fallout installments with superlative customization to kick your excitement sky high. The Aliens are being killed by the dozens and is just like the Fallout installments that came before.

The Aliens need to be stopped before they would subjugate us and ensuring their defeat and fighting them to the finish and being the Hero would be the challenges before you.

This is the most exciting of all the games and if you hate Aliens this is the game for you. The storyline is great and the RPG system is just superlative and one of the best around.

You just need to test your skills against the never ending stream of invading Aliens and stopping them is your prerogative. You need to control the game if you are to be the Hero.

#2. The Last of Us

Your daughter is your partner and the challenges that you would encounter in this game like Fallout 4 becomes that more exciting. You need to ensure that she and you are safe and nothing untoward happens and the storyline is one of the best due to its twist and turns.

games like fallout 4

The combat is great and satisfying to the optimum due to the various dangers that would need to be overcome and tackled keeping yourself and your daughter from harm’s way.

There is many a chance to smash the baddies and ensure they remain neutralized and doing so with your daughter as your partner in combat adds some spice to the proceedings.

This game is unique in many ways and would keep your adrenaline pumping right through and with a prolonged combat mode it would take you off your feet. If there was one game to bring a bit of family in this is just the one.

#3. 7 Days to Die

This one of those great games like Fallout 4 none other if you were to compare the excitement that exudes from it, but it may not be so if you are to play alone and would need at least one friend to ensure the excitement is manifold.

games like fallout 4

With more to join you the game would be at its zenith of excitement, as it has all the ingredients to be so. You need to experience it to know what is in store for you and your friends who would partner with you. It is sheer excitement and nothing else.

The story is about zombies and they are in an unending stream and one after the other would be out to destroy you and you just need to survive. It is a tough task and would need all your guile, ingenuity, strength and cunning if you are to get the better of them.

You need lots of weapons, hide from the zombies and also ensure that you get the maximum from them if you are to stop them.

#4. Miscreated

This game like Fallout 4 is multiplayer and there are hordes of zombies, killers out to eliminate you if they even happen to see you and most of all there are some spooky happenings too.

games like fallout 4

All of these wrapped together make a very great game, especially for those with no chicken heart inside them. This is only for the tough and the rough and you would need to be smart to get the better of all the adversaries who would come your way.

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There are no second chances here, and if you are left with no defense that would be your Waterloo and to ensure survival you would need to bring everything that you have together to combat the evil.

The baddies would never stop and they are out there waiting for you to make one wrong move. You just cannot slip up the time is short and running out fast and survival is your priority and on the top of your list.

#5. Borderlands

If you are to call one of the games the best this could be the one, it is the closest to the games like Fallout 4. It has everything lined up and waiting and with strength and courage you should be able to overcome the enemies.

games like fallout 4

This could be equated to be at least 90% closer to the real thing. It has everything for excitement unlimited, combat like none other and the adrenaline would be at peak throughout from start to finish.

The pace is quicker the action is great, the weapons are devastating and the actions are superlative and incomparable to none as it is in a league of its own. Everything in this is just great and they are exciting to say the least, they are tops and need to be experienced to enjoy.

#6 Skyrim

This is one of the games like fallout 4 that would definitely find a place in any top games list and it being on this list would not surprise anyone. This is a great game and has all the exciting ingredients to ensure that it is for the toughies.

games like fallout 4

It has a gigantic map which would take you anywhere you want, and the weapons are just great to give it the excitement of looting, ranking and exploring of a great and magnificent open world.

This has everything that any game would need because what you get is the great storyline, great mechanics with great graphics too.

If you are looking for action there is enough of it and the game would take you to the brink of danger and also ensure that you would need to see that the end would be in your favor which could be quite challenging to endeavor.

#7. Mad Max

Unending actions with the fastest cars, powerful weapons, open world maps, and most of all you must survive and for that you just need to eliminate anyone whom you think is a threat. No quarter to be given or taken and it would be action from start to finish.

games similar to fallout 4

This is one of the most exciting games like Fallout 4 and has taken the excitement levels to a high. There is no excuse as all mad max games and even the movies have all been nothing short of dangerous action, sometimes delving into the optimum levels of everything rolled up together.

The graphics are really great and are unmatched if you would try to compare with others. You would need to hold onto your seat tight as the action could blow you out of your seat.

That is the level of action and excitement that you would get when you try to be Mad Max even for a few hours whilst in the game. It is the best medicine to push your adrenaline up.

#8. Far Cry

Could be equated as the closest to the games like Fallout 4 because this has been designed with some inputs from the original and is also like the other games which have gone out from time to time.

games like fallout 4

The story is gripping and would keep your mouth dry with the never ending excitement. You would be pushed to the limit and would need to endure some of the toughest moments if you are to survive.

Your character would hold center stage and you would have immense responsibilities on your shoulder to ensure you would be always ahead of the adversaries you would have to encounter.

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You have money and you would need to acquire the weapons that are needed and also ensure that you would always be able to survive and eliminate the opposition. War is inevitable as everything revolves around what you would do to control the game and try to get on the winning side.

#9. We Happy Few

This is a gangster story and it is imperative that you take the happy drug if you want to survive and that is where everything untold would start. If anything comes along and tries to be what all games like Fallout 4 would like to be then this could be it.

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fallout 4 like games

The story is superb and could be rated as one of the best that has come out. If you want to be a gangster or try to control them, this could be the best game for you.

There are exciting moments which would be considered unlimited if they were on any other game, but on this it is just a part of the overall excitement.

In this game there are ample psychos who are trying to eliminate you and it would be your prerogative to ensure that you eliminate them. If you are to survive this would be the only way that you could do it. It is either them or you the better would survive.

#10. Rage

This game like Fallout 4, would look like a cross between, Borderlands, Far Cry and all the Fallout that came before because it is just great action and smart combat. The barriers have been removed and it is a free for all with being smart and surviving being the ultimate goal.

games like fallout 4

To do anything you would need to survive and the only way would be to ensure you eliminate everyone who would oppose you. It is each man or woman for himself or herself and God for us all and to survive the only way would be to arm yourself and fight all and sundry.

No quarter would be given or taken and only the tough could take the challenges and turn it into an advantage. You would need to do so as the zombies are all waiting to destroy you and killing them would be your only way out.

#11. BioShock

Combat galore and what more could you expect with a girl or a damsel in danger with you assigned to rescue her. The story and plot are exciting and this could be one of the best games like Fallout 4, because it has all that it takes to make it exciting and dangerous too.

fallout 4 Alternatives

Your life is on the line and it would depend how you would face the situations that you would be put through. There are no takers for any cowards because only the tough could survive. If you are to come unscathed from this then displaying your skills are all that matters and nothing else.

The missions that would be tasked to you would take you through some tough terrain which would be incomparable to none as they would be just tough to ask any less. The graphics are superlative and the best you would get in any other game hence they stand out very prominently.

#12. Assassin’s Creed

The name says it all in this game like Fallout 4, and with a very strong storyline, it is just waiting to be challenged and winning would not be easy if you are chicken hearted. To survive you need to be the best and nothing but the best.

games like fallout 4

There is something that is special in this which would excite you and push the adrenaline up because that is what this game is good at. It just takes you in a roller coaster ride all the way through and finding where you are and what you should be doing would all come right in front of you.

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The graphics are just great and are presented immaculately to ensure it brings forth the excitement that is envisaged. There are no excuses, but to win and that too at any cost. There are no accolades for losing and dying it is there only if you do survive and that is a very tough task.

#13. Metro

The story and game play are both great in this really well designed and presented game like Fallout 4, and the world is in turmoil and to survive you need to go underground into the metro. You need to try out your survival instincts and ensure you come out trumps from the issues above ground.

games similar to fallout 4

There are ample chaos and killings with food in scarcity and the best place is the metro and there too it is dangerous for all. You need to be tough and strong because there are some very horrible things waiting for you not only under but above ground too.

The metro could be the place for a new world and with limited options and space how it would accommodate everyone is an issue that would crop up when everyone opts to go down. It’s eerie and spooky down there and it would only be a matter of time before all hell breaks loose there too.

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#14. S.t.a.l.k.e.r

The game like Fallout 4 is set in Chernobyl, in the Republic of Ukraine the former Soviet satellite state and after the nuclear reactor disaster there is chaos there. Five army helicopters have gone missing and there are many things of a dangerous nature happening there.

games like fallout 4

You need to go there and eliminate the stalkers and bring back the helicopters if you could find them. That would not be a cakewalk as the place is controlled by deadly stalkers who would not stop at anything. They are a tough lot and you would need to be tougher if you are to get the better of them.

The graphic are superlative and though this game is a little older than the others it has survived itself because of the great and challenging story and the combat and guns blazing away in abundance. There is ample of shooting and with your only chance to survive depending on the elimination of the stalkers you are in tough terrain.

#15. Grand Theft Auto 5

This is the 5th installment of a series and is one of the best games like Fallout 4, and for the story it has always been great in the series. There three different characters who are quite a combination and they take the story forward. One is a hustler, one a bank robber and the other is nothing but a psychopath.

fallout 4 like games

The series has been a great one and also popular with all ages and the action is great backed up by superlative graphics. You have good excitement in this game and you have the liberty to drive around and do some crazy things which you may not be able to do elsewhere.

There are banks being robbed, random citizens being punched, avoiding the law and many other not so good things because you need to survive. It is a lawless jungle out there and everything is topsy-turvy.

#16. Witcher 3

This game like Fallout 4 won the game of the year in 2015, and has been on the popular list with the sequels that followed. Set in a medieval setting has brought it good reviews and there is an element of artistic inputs which has propelled it to where it is.

games like fallout 4

The graphics are superlative and with all the action combined with the never ending combat it is one game that stands out from the rest. If you want to see how the world was centuries ago and what would have been your life then, a good chance to know would be this.

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The settings are also well designed and the characters play to well thought of action scenes and the overall performance of the game is just great.

#17. Horizon Zero Dawn

The setting would confuse you and you the main player would play the character of Aloy, who is a brave hunter and it is a game like Fallout 4 and has some very exciting action to use and challenge those who would cross your path.

fallout 4 Alternatives

It is a game with some of the best action but in a very different time in the world. It is in the future, but something we have not and will not experience.

The story is also good and the graphics are also superlative with good action and with you as the main character you have a very challenging role to play and ensure the means justify the end.

You will have to ensure that you come out as a conquerer as that is the only way the world would be able to see the future it would have and everything depends on how you would tackle each challenge thrown at you. The challenges are galore and you need to keep your wits about you and win and there is no other way.

Those of you who have completed all the Fallout installments would have been disappointed that the story would end there, but that is not what has happened.

Something better and far more exciting has come of it and that is the Fallout 4 which is far better and more exciting.

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