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Best Data Recovery Softwares that Will Save Your Information

Sooner or later any PC user faces the need to restore a file that was accidentally deleted from the recycle bin, the data lost after a virus attack, or the unexpected system crash. The reasons why you may lose data are numerous. Is there any way to get the information back? The best free data recovery software for Windows will help to cope with the task.

Don’t know which is the best data recovery software? Check the list of programs updated in 2019 and install the one, which meets your needs.

Things You Need to Know When Recovering Data

If you remember, which disk the disappeared file was stored on, refrain from installing the recovery tool on this particular disk. Keep in mind that data recovery programs do not work wonders and are unlikely to bring back an object deleted long before the installation of the utility. Although, a miracle may happen when you manage to find files deleted even a few years ago. With the active rewriting of information on the hard disk and portable memory cards, you should not count on 100% success.

3 Data Recovery Tools You Can Rely On

Have you lost the documents you need for your work or study? You have good chances to get them back if you use one of the best professional data recovery software for Windows.  Check what they are:

Disk Drill

It’s one of the most popular recovery tools, which can help users to get their data back. It works with more than 5 file systems. The program is famous for its ability to save time with the help of the effective quick scan function. In case, you turn on Recovery Vault, you will be able to enjoy other possibilities: to use a deep scan function and to undelete files.

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data recovery softwares


  • The main features of the program:
  • Has a function of the disc protection;
  • Recovers data successfully in most cases;
  • Creates DMG disc images;
  • Makes it possible to recover information from the disc copy;
  • Has an understandable interface;
  • Works quickly and effectively;
  • Offers different ways of data recovery;
  • Recovers the necessary sections.


Pandora recovery is a free utility that is designed to restore files from PC hard drives, memory expansion cards, flash drives, etc. To start using it, download the program. Download the zip archive, unpack it and install this software on your PC. This software works with all data carriers that use the FAT (16,32), EFS, NTFS file systems.

Data recovery tools


  • This free software can recover the following file types:
  • Photos / Pictures (JPG, PNG, GIF, PSD, BMP);
  • Archives (ZIP);
  • Microsoft Office documents (DOC, XLS, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, etc.);
  • Music (MP3);
  • Documents (PDF)
  • If you need to recover one of the above-listed file types, you can entrust this task to Pandora.


At the moment and over the past decade, Recuva is one of the best data recovery software for PC.  Even a novice user will understand its interface.



The main features:

  • Provides the ability to get back files from hard drives, various memory cards, USB flash drives;
  • Suitable for Windows 7 and Windows 8, which is still popular with XP, and even an earlier operating system;
  • Works within the framework of file systems FAT, NTFS;
  • Has a search function by name

Easy to use utility is available for download in the usual version and in the portable version. You can bring it with you on a flash drive, run it, and perform data recovery on any computer. It allows you to customize the functionality.

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Choose one of the best data recovery tools and get the necessary information back in minutes.

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