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21 Best Rainmeter Skins For Windows, Make Your PC One In a Thousand

Rainmeter is one of the most interesting applications that exist in Windows to add a nice touch of personalization to the desktop.

It is both a system monitor and widgets manager, but thanks to its great number of features and as it has evolved over the years.

Those who create “skins” or themes for this tool, have managed to shape interfaces that can completely change your system looks like.

We all recognize that Microsoft Corporation developed the Windows OS. There is simply one interface presents that you can pick in every version of Windows.

It doesn’t imply if it is Windows 7, 8, 10… But if we desire to change the background, we can simply apply any wallpaper that we want to. By doing that, we can only modify the background while the interface will remain the same.

However, there are some items that you can download such as skins for Rainmeter. This software that will help you use themes on your PC. It doesn’t matter the version of OS you have; there are lots of ways to do it.

A few days ago we discussed on the best games like the sims. So, while we wait for new topics, we recommend these 21 skins for Rainmeter that will make your windows something quite special.

Our List Of Best Rainmeter Skins For Windows

Listed below are the best rainmeter skins for windows that will make your windows a one in a thousand computers.

1. Windows 2019

One of the most common RainMeter skins is Windows 2019. This way, you can get the best icon pack with the quick notification bar. You can view feeds, news, and weather update and music control.


The main purpose why you should choose this nice skin is that it will provide you with an excellent arrangement on your desktop screen which is far more comfortable than the traditional one.

You can pick the customized icon that will transform the look of your entire Windows. In case that you have your PC connected to the web, you will receive many live notifications such as displays, weather, mail and much more.

2. Battlefield 3

This particular theme is 1 of the most famous theme. You will be able to experience your new features. You will have the custom sidebar on the right side of the window.


On that bar, you can simply insert favorite shortcut or app that you desire always.

You will get a customized timer with date widget and real weather updates. You can also obtain all shortcuts that you need from the desktop screen.

In case that you need to enjoy a custom PC that will resemble your favorite first-action shooter, you should choose this particular theme.

3. Darkness Falls

If you are a lover of dark scenery and night design theme that will absolutely change your interface, you should improve this great RainMeter skin.


You can experience the dark mode of widgets, wallpapers, icons, and everything will improve accordingly. The greatest thing about it is that you will get on/off button near to icon notifications.

You will get an amazing visual experience, and it is famous because you can add customized widgets that will look perfect.

4. Obsidian

Finally, the user-friendly solution for your interface is closer than you think. It is the most organized RainMeter skin. It will create a step structure similar to any PC screen, but it will arrange only helpful widgets and icons on the main screen.

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At the same moment, the visual of your screen will look like an architecture model and all app will be inside the structure. You can systematize block by your style so that you can reach them more convenient.

It is one of the excellent looks that you will get on your PC.

5. Mass Effect Skin

This special skin will provide your PC and desktop aero effect that will transform entire appearance. You can use it once so that you can get a completely different visual sense. You can remember those wallpapers that you used before with similar features.


Moreover, this particular theme will now only fulfill your need to enjoy in the perfect picture — the overall look changes, too, such as background, folder style, icons and much more.

You can use this well-defined skin in case that you want to change the whole appearance of your windows completely. You will get various widgets such as music player, date, time, weather and much more.

6. Horde

Horde is one of the best standard themes that will affect your entire PC interface. There is nothing revolutionary about this remarkable skin pack. In case that you don’t want to apply the same classic style on your PC, you will enjoy in this particular one.


You will get fast app launching with lots of user-friendly peculiarities that will allow you to customize everything on the desktop, from clock, widgets, weather to icons and folders

7. Avengers SHIELD

Although gathering (and regulating) your own team of superheroes in real-life can be a little bit tough, you can regularly play Nick Fury while perching at your computer, gratitude to Avengers SHIELD Rainmeter skin.


It’s available in varied resolutions and includes handy shortcuts to regularly accessed applications like Browser and Media player.

Another principle introduces Media playback/control bar, Volum control, RAM and CPU usage display, shutdown & restart buttons, and most importantly, the S.H.I.E.L.D Eagle tag.

8. ABP

This particular theme is classic because it will give you block type of interface as well as all notifications that you want to see on screen. The best thing about it is that every notifications, information, and icons are categorized in segmented style.


You can simply access your PC without any extra problem. It doesn’t matter if you are an upper-level user or beginner. You will get active notifications also. It will help you substitute the traditional screen with one of the greatest interfaces and RainMeter skins available on the market.

9. Space

If you expected any other thing apart from what the name says or implies, you would be disappointed. The name of the skin indicates that you will enjoy in space-related and universe visual effects on the screen of your computer.


It is a perfect and delightful surface that will give you the opportunity to enjoy in dark surroundings especially.

The effects will take you in deep space with various features that will allow you to customize widgets, background, icons, folders, weather and many more. Everything will be in space form, which is the principal point of the theme in the first place.

10. No Man’s Desktop


This is the Skin that makes the cover of this article. I was pleased with it when I saw it for the first time. It imitates in a great way the elements of the video game interface No Man’s Sky, that if many critics received, none of them was because of how beautiful everything was in it.

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11. Yosemite Menu Bar


Yes, it is just as it is read. This Rainmeter theme lets you add a control bar almost like that of OS X Yosemite to your desktop.

From it, you have access to basically everything that appears in the Windows start menu and more. Other widgets and even a lock screen are included next to the bar.

12. End of the World

end-of-the-world is one of the biggest imagination themes from RainMeter library that will transform your desktop to look like the End of the World theme.


It will present your imagination scenery where you can look the entire world destroyed eternally. Of course, this is not something that we heard before.

Everything will change proportionately. Therefore, you will get backgrounds of the earth with superfluous looks and entirely different icons, widgets, clock and other add-ons that will keep you engaged.


In case if you are a fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe or only Iron Man, you will experience this fantastic RainMeter skin.


This RainMeter skin is among the best skins for your windows computer, and it will make your computer look like JARVIS computer.

14. My Rainmeter Desktop

If you are a lover of the universe and everything that runs with it, you will enjoy this special effect that will ultimately transform your Windows theme. It consists of many stars, planets, moon, sun and many more.


You can employ the content so that you can increase the visual effects on your PC and customize player, widget, and screen icons by RainMeter software.

15. Pog Pack

This particular skin will present you instrument cluster type images and background to your desktop section. It means that you will experience in digital and analog view in union with a single screen that will give you a completely different perspective of the screen.


You only have to install it on your computer, and you will be able to have amazing visual impressions. It is entirely free to download for both desktop and laptop computers.

17. Encoded

This particular RainMeter interface will provide you with a combination of white, black, grey and red interface that will give it one of the most wonderful in the world for most Windows users. It is synthetic skin that will provide your widgets with the corresponding color scheme.


You can as well enjoy in music player widget where you will be able to change, play and pause the track directly. You will be able to add extra widgets in case that you want to do it.

18. Galaxy Suite Rainmeter

This particular theme will provide you with everything that you would expect from its name — surprising effects of galaxy backdrop with interface moments that will hold you excited all the way.


This is also a nature-related theme that will provide you with the effects that will get you back in deep space. Nevertheless, it is perfect because it will instantly change all your widgets, folders, icons and much more.

19. Mio + hana_redux

A small set of several minimalist and very nice widgets. Includes information on music playback and commands, calendar with clock, and various options for weather.

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This is an example of the best skins for Windows, and it will make your computer look like JARVIS computer.

20. ERGO

It’s a pretty simple configuration that includes five things in one. Day and month with the clock, weather and prediction of the next four days, tracker for utorrent, Winamp controls, notes, and to-do list.

21. Switchin

This particular theme includes one of the best user interfaces that you will get. It is simple and classic. You just have to install it on a PC and enjoy a fantastic performance.

If you are a fan of a classic and mild style that is user-friendly and comfortable to view, you should choose this singular one. You will get the opportunity to move the taskbar that will be on the top of your screen.

You can as well see other notifications such as Wi-Fi, battery, weather and much more in the same place.

How To Install Rainmeter Themes or Skins?

There are some actions that you have to know when it comes to installing the RainMeter theme on PC. We are going to present you a thorough guide on how you can do it:

Note: The principal thing that you need is Windows 7 and above so that you can be eligible for installing this theme.

  • First, you have to download RainMeter and install it on PC.
  • Now, the approach is to choose your theme or skin from the thorough skill list that we presented for you above.
  • You will download a ZIP file, and you have to copy it into the folder where you installed RainMeter
  • Now you will be able to restart the RainMeter app and right click on it. Select Config. You will get a new theme, and the mission is completed
  • You will have the unique aesthetical viewpoint of your Windows OS.

Before installing any skin, first, download the latest version of Rainmeter from its official website. When you download a theme, it usually comes in a zipped or RAR file.

Extract the contents of the folder to want anywhere and run the .rmskin file. This will automatically place the skin, and you will be able to access it by right-clicking on the Rainmeter icon that is displayed in the taskbar and then selecting “Skins.”


We have presented you 21 best RainMeter Skins or Themes so that you will be completely able to change your desktop and visual appearance of your Windows.

It is necessary to change it once in a while so that you can have a fresh veiwing experience once again as you are using it.

If you are worried that installing a tool such as Rainmeter will slow down your computer or that the widgets start to consume a lot of resources, unless you have a very old computer and a deprecated Rainmeter version running on Windows XP or something like that.

I have to To say that in general it is a very light program and hardly causes problems. However, some skins tend to behave differently than others, and depending on the functions they add, you may or may not see some glitches on your desktop.

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