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20 Best Mobile App Development Companies In Chicago!

If you live in Chicago area, here are the best mobile app development companies in Chicago, that can help you build awesome mobile apps for your business.

With the fast-paced technological advancements of today, your business needs to keep up.

Building mobile apps for your business is the first step to the right direction, as people are using their mobile devices more often than their desktops nowadays.

So, you need to have a strong business presence on mobile platforms in order to reach and engage with your audience more effectively.

Nowadays, having a website set up for your business is no longer enough.

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20 Best Mobile App Development Companies In Chicago

You can use the services of these app development companies to get the work done and establish a strong mobile presence for your audience, which can result in a better growth for your business.

Red Foundry

Red Foundry is a custom mobile app development company in Chicago that aims to help you create apps for your business.

Best Mobile App Development Companies In Chicago

The apps created by this company have beautiful UX design, AppCare maintenance program, solution accelerators, and mobile-optimized methodology.

The company has been known for creating high quality and award-winning custom mobile apps for various businesses.


  • Award-winning mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Appealing UX design to increase user experience.
  • Smooth app-building methodology from the discovery phase to the maintenance process.
  • It gives the best monetization strategies for your apps.
  • It uses reusable software library and components to boost the app development process.

Official website: http://www.redfoundry.com/


Rightpoint helps you to develop mobile applications that are designed to improve your customer’s experience.

Best Mobile App Development Companies In Chicago

It provides various solutions that are geared toward keeping the customers happy with your business.

The company uses cutting-edge technology in their mobile application development to help transform your customers’ experience wherever they are.

Headquartered in Chicago, Rightpoint has many branch offices located in various cities around the United States area.


  • It uses cutting-edge technologies to develop mobile applications for various purposes.
  • It can help you create innovative apps and mobile-optimized web experiences.
  • It covers 5 different areas of development, including insights, strategy, design, content, and engineering.
  • It uses various leading software in the development phase, including Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, Sitecore, Apple, and Amazon.
  • It is one of just 5 members of Microsoft Consumer Engagement Alliance National Solution Providers.

Official website: https://www.rightpoint.com/solutions/mobile-application-development

ProofWorks – Mobile App Development Companies In Chicago

SnapMobile is a mobile app development company based in Chicago that helps their clients to create great apps that can innovate their business.

Best Mobile App Development Companies In Chicago

The team consists of designers, engineers, and product strategists with smooth collaboration to ensure a faster app development and delivery for their clients.

The company creates apps that are geared toward real results for their business.


  • It has a passionate and collaborative team that consists of people who are experts in their field, including app design, engineering, product strategist, and more.
  • It is aimed to give businesses the results that they want to see with the apps that they develop.
  • It creates innovative mobile applications that can really transform your business for the better.
  • Solving the user’s problems is their first priority.
  • It is capable of delivering the app faster to the clients.

Official website: https://snapmobile.io/


Simpalm provides a mobile app creation service in Chicago area, with startups, enterprises, and government as their main clients.

Best Mobile App Development Companies In Chicago

Their work covers various aspects, including native and hybrid app development, web development, and on-site consulting.


  • It serves various industries, including startup, government IT, digital health, education, ecommerce, and non-profit organization.
  • It provides mobile development services that include native app development, hybrid app development, and web development.
  • It provides a cloud back-end server for their clients.
  • It offers a UI/UX design service that helps improve your app usability and user experience.
  • It provides an on-site consulting service that allows you to solve your current business problems related to mobile app development.

Official website: https://www.simpalm.com/


Davvela is a mobile app development company in Chicago that works primarily with startups to create best apps to represent their business.

Best Mobile App Development Companies In Chicago

From the ideas until completion, this company can help you build the app that can make your business profitable, both for Android and iOS platforms.

It uses cutting-edge technologies to develop the most up-to-date mobile applications for your business.


  • It provides a range of services, including mobile development, web development, ML & AI, data analytics, and IoT.
  • Smooth development process from the early stage to successful product launch.
  • Engagement model is flexible so that you can choose the best way to work with the company and how to pay them.
  • Perfect for startup companies to jump start their online businesses.
  • Quickly gives you fast prototype for the finished product so that you can test it immediately.
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Official website: https://devvela.com/

ORA – App Development Companies In Chicago

ORA/Projekt202 provides custom mobile and web app development for iOS and Android platforms in Chicago area.


Combining the latest technology and application, this company helps their clients to connect with their customers in the best way possible.

It has more than 10-year experience in app development and more than 250 apps built for their clients.


  • It helps you to create mobile applications that can impact the world positively with the combination of innovation, invention, and tech.
  • It has a unique approach in their development work, ensuring the best mobile applications for your business.
  • It has extensive experiences in helping startups and Fortune 500 companies to build great mobile apps.
  • It has a highly talented team with great customer service to get your needs met.
  • It has various services, which include digital strategy, experience design, decision sciences, brand building, and engineering.

Official website: https://orainteractive.com/

Eight Bit Studios

Eight Bit Studios is a mobile application development company in Chicago that helps clients to build apps that can advance their business.

Best Mobile App Development Companies In Chicago

Whatever your goal in your business, this company can develop the corresponding apps that can help reach that goal.

It provides services that span from discovery diagnostic to maintenance and support.


  • Highly talented team that can understand your goals and help you to reach them with the right apps.
  • Discovery Diagnostic phase allows you to synergize your vision with the company regarding the applications that you want to build.
  • Technical Advisory phase allows you to determine the technical aspects of your applications.
  • User Research and Validation phase allows the company to build the apps for you based on your audience.
  • The development workflow includes discovery diagnostic, technical advisory, user research and validation, branding and design systems, agile design and development, product design, engineering + QA testing + deployment, and maintenance + support.

Official website: https://eightbitstudios.com/

Table XI

Table XI is a custom software development company based in Chicago that helps businesses create software that transforms their companies.

Table XI

Their services include digital strategy, user experience design, mobile development, and web development.

The company serves various industries, including education technology, healthcare, manufacturing and IoT, retail and ecommerce, mission-driven projects, and media companies.


  • The company develops apps based on the client’s expertise and user feedback.
  • The mobile applications are designed to engage users on their devices in the best way.
  • It builds applications that deliver great experiences across different platforms and device models.
  • The user interface is designed to fulfill the user’s needs and expectations.
  • The problem-solving approach ensures that your apps can deliver the best solutions for your business.

Official website: https://www.tablexi.com/services/mobile-development

Vault Innovation

Vault Innovation is a Chicago-based company that helps companies build profitable apps for their business.

Their services include mobile and web development, app design, and business strategy.

The goal for this company is to help their clients to transform their great ideas into great digital products.


  • It doesn’t just help you build an app, but it also builds a business for you.
  • From great ideas, you can transform it into profitable digital products that people can access on their devices.
  • The team consists of highly talented entrepreneurs, developers, and designers.
  • It combines the professional web and mobile app development, business strategy, and great UI/UX design to deliver the best apps for their clients.
  • It has good experiences working with small businesses and big companies.

Official website: https://vaultinnovation.com/

Mercury Development

Mercury Development is a mobile app development company in Chicago that has been around since 1999.

Best Mobile App Development Companies In Chicago

It has developed successful apps for various big companies, and their apps have received various awards.

The company provides services that include mobile development, desktop development, and web development using cutting-edge technology.


  • It has been around in the mobile development business for more than 20 years.
  • It builds high quality and successful apps for their clients, which can help grow their business.
  • It develops mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms and seamlessly integrates their client’s products with the apps.
  • It has developed more than 400 applications for various types of businesses.
  • It can help you build apps for mobile platforms, web, desktop, and cutting-edge hardware.

Official website: https://www.mercdev.com/


Hashrocket provides a mobile application development service for iOS and Android platforms, as well as software for other platforms like React, React Native, Elixir, and Ruby on Rails.


Their apps are designed to be user friendly, and the development will be adjusted according to your budget.

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The team consists of experienced consultants, designers, and developers.


  • It helps you determine the best mobile development strategy for your business.
  • It develops user-centered design that is thoughtful and beautiful for your apps.
  • It uses the current technology to build your mobile applications, which is designed to last.
  • The applications are tailored to your goals and built on any platform that you prefer.
  • It also provides an in-depth in-person training for your team to utilize the apps to its maximum potential.

Official website: https://hashrocket.com/


Ethervision provides a mobile app development service for various industries, including retail, medical, insurance, education, social networks, games, wholesale, and energy.

Best Mobile App Development Companies In Chicago

The company is based in Chicago, and it is the company that has developed 1 of the first 3 apps ever made for iPhone.

It specializes on various platforms, including iOS and Apple TV, Android and Android TV, Amazon Echo and Fire, Roku, and more.


  • It has four development phases: discovery deep dive, user experience strategy and design, native application development, and deployment & management.
  • It has extensive experiences in building apps for various platforms and industries.
  • It is one of the early developers for iPhone.
  • It has more than 200 apps developed, and their apps have been featured by Apple and Google more than 27 times.
  • It uses a clean and simple UX for their applications to maximize user experience.

Official website: https://ethervision.net/

Codal – Best Mobile App Development Companies In Chicago

Codal is a Chicago-based enterprise-grade UX design and development agency.


It provides various solutions for companies, whether it is mobile, web, or ecommerce.

The goal of Codal is to help clients create engaging apps that users will love using, both for Android and iOS platforms.


  • It helps your company to connect more with your audience using easy-to-use and immersive mobile applications.
  • It offers various services in mobile development, including user experience design, Android development, iOS development, and App Store optimization.
  • It helps to modernize your company with mobile presence.
  • It has a simple workflow process: discover, strategize, design, engineer, and amplify.
  • It uses various mobile technologies that include Kotlin, Flutter, Ionic, Android, Objective-C, Swift, React Native, and iOS.

Official website: https://www.codal.com/


KitelyTech is a digital marketing and web design & development company in Chicago that provides a range of services related to your online business, including mobile application development.

Best Mobile App Development Companies In Chicago

It can help you create apps for Android and iOS platforms that are tailored to your business goals.

Their application development services include app strategy, app designing and development, app marketing, app porting, and maintenance.


  • It helps create apps that solve your business problems.
  • It helps create a mobile-friendly experience for your users with the latest technology and innovation.
  • It allows communications about your project anytime, not just at major milestones.
  • It provides a porting service to move your apps platform to platform.
  • Consultation is free.

Official website: https://kitelytech.com/services/mobile-application-development/


Intersog is a software development company in Chicago that focuses on helping businesses to solve their problems with innovative technologies.


Their services include software development, integration services, support and hosting, and workforce solutions.

The company serves various industries, including finance and banking, healthcare, retail and ecommerce, education, transport and automotive, and logistics.


  • The apps created by Intersog are ROI-driven, meaning that it will guarantee to bring positive results for your business.
  • With Intersog, you can develop Android applications, iOS applications, and hybrid applications.
  • The apps are built to maximize user engagement and grow your business.
  • It uses cutting-edge technologies that ensure your mobile applications to be up to date.
  • It has a simple development process: ideation and strategy, user experience design, UI design, technical design, development and iteration, and launch to market.

Official website: https://intersog.com/app-development/

Dom & Tom

Dom & Tom is a digital product agency that helps their clients to create better digital products for their brands, which include mobile applications.

Best Mobile App Development Companies In Chicago

They have more than 10 years of experience working with more than 200 clients to create real solutions for their business.

Their services include product design, mobile application development, user experience, web engineering, and quality assurance testing.


  • It offers a range of services that ensure success in your digital products.
  • It has an extensive development process that ensures a great mobile app delivery from start to finish.
  • It uses cutting-edge technologies to create apps that matter for the growth of your business and brand.
  • It provides services that ensure a good maintenance of your applications post-launch.
  • It has great experiences with more than 500 digital products built for their clients.

Official website: https://domandtom.com/


Kohactive is a custom software development company located in Chicago that focuses on helping clients to transform their business.


Innovation and growth are the core principles for the software built by this company.

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Their services include digital strategy, human-centered design, and web & mobile development.


  • Using the 2-week increment plan, the company can build apps faster and more efficient.
  • It helps businesses to solve their complicated problems using the best mobile applications.
  • It uses a modern approach to development, which includes agile development, Pair Programming, test-driven development, and continuous delivery.
  • The apps built by this company are designed to engage your users and enhance your workflows.
  • It offers various mobile development services, including mobile applications, enterprise apps, mobile websites, and mobile sales apps.

Official website: https://www.kohactive.com/services/mobile-development/

Lakeview Labs

Lakeview Labs is Chicago mobile development and design company that works primarily with high-growth startups, entrepreneurs, and innovative companies.

Best Mobile App Development Companies In Chicago

The company builds mobile apps from ideas to launch with a simple development process.

The goal of the company is to help create a solution for your business problem using the mobile application that they build.


  • The company is known to build highly successful apps that are featured on iOS and Android.
  • The company works to solve business problems and build a better future.
  • It has 5 mobile foundations: iOS development, Android development, UX UI, quality assurance, and App Store optimization & consulting.
  • It uses a simple development process: competitive research, wireframing & user feedback, development sprints, prep & launch, submission to the App Store, and nurture & growth.
  • It has 5 web foundations: front-end programming, back-end programming, scaling, user focused, and improvement.

Official website: https://lakeviewlabs.io/app-development/

LaunchPad Lab

LaunchPad Lab is a Chicago-based web design and development company that helps businesses build smarter and better web and mobile apps.


It focuses on solving your business problems with the current technology that can reach your customers better.

It offers various services, including web design & development, UI & UX design, mobile app development, and technology consulting.


  • It builds native Android and iOS apps with the ultimate flexibility for the users.
  • It builds mobile applications that maximize user interactions and engagement.
  • It uses a single code base to support multiple device types.
  • The apps are backed with cloud-based storage and web-based API.
  • The apps use beautiful visual designs that optimize user flows and app loading speed.

Official website: https://launchpadlab.com/

Enkode Technologies

Enkode Technologies is a custom web application and mobile app development company based in Chicago.

Best Mobile App Development Companies In Chicago

It primarily focuses on working with startups to build high quality mobile apps for their business.

The company uses the latest technologies to create mobile applications that can give a market edge for startup companies.


  • It offers various services for startup companies, including R&D center, startup consulting, web and mobile development, and UI/UX design.
  • It uses various technologies for its mobile development, including Swift, Android, PHP, Angular.js, AWS, Net, Heroku, Xamarin, Ruby On Rails, Django, React.js, and Azure Web Services.
  • It helps startup companies gain a market edge in their business, ensuring faster growth with their apps.
  • It offers a quick development process to enable startup companies test their mobile applications as soon as possible.
  • It has efficient working hours to ensure the best use of your time and money.

Official website: https://www.enkode.co/


These are the mobile app development services based in Chicago that you can work with to start building mobile applications for your business.

The importance of having a mobile presence nowadays cannot be underestimated.

Businesses that don’t have a strong presence on mobile platforms will usually get crushed by their competition.

So, if you don’t have your own dedicated team of developers to start working on the project of building a good application for your business, these companies can help you to get started.

They can help build the apps according to your goals from start to finish.

You just need to tell them about your ideas, and they can turn it into the end products that can help your business growth in the long run.

Some companies will offer a free consultation session, so you can discuss with them beforehand regarding what you need for your company and the strategy that you will use to put your plan into action.

Creating a good mobile application for your business can help improve your relationship with your customers.

So tell me which one of all these best mobile app development companies in Chicago is your personal favorite and why?

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