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5 Best Resources to Prepare and Pass Microsoft 70-767 Exam

If you wish to become Microsoft certified, this article is for you. This technology organization has been known as the gold standard in the IT industry in terms of its products like the operating system and its certification program.

And if you meet most successful IT professionals, they’ll tell you how this company has been instrumental in ensuring they’re successful. The success comes as a result of the training resources, exams, and certifications from Microsoft.

The company offers the credentials of different levels that cover 10 IT areas. The focus of this article is on the Microsoft’s 70-767 exam which leads to two different certifications depending on your experience and needs and the best resources to use in preparing and passing it.

Appropriate Certification Paths

Candidates who would like to pass this test must ensure they are completely ready for it. There are topics they need to go through and master.

Once they take and pass 70-767 exam, the next step is to prepare for the second test, which is 70-768 by code. Both of the exams lead to an MCSA in SQL 2016 BI Development.

These two are also essential tests if you plan to grow in your profession and earn the MCSE badge in Data Management and Analytics.

Now, let’s take a look at some important details of this test before we proceed to guide you on reliable resources to study with.

Important Exam 70-767 Details

Exam 70-767 tests your ability to use SQL in implementing a data warehouse. You’ll be assessed for skills such as designing, implementing, as well as maintaining a data warehouse.

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The exam questions will also cover such areas as extraction, transformation, and loading of data, and building of quality data solutions. The number of questions you’ll find in the test is mostly 40-60, and they’ll take you 120 minutes.

Some of the question formats to expect are short answer, case study, active screen, multiple-choice, build lists, best answer, fill-in-the-blank, review screen, and drag-and-drop, you may learn more about them on the Microsoft Certifications official website.

Total marks and the passing score for the test are 1000 points and 700 points, respectively. Also, remember to pay a test fee of $165 as a part of the exam’s scheduling.

5 Best Resources to Prepare and Pass Exam 70-767

It’s well known that technical exams are difficult. That’s why exam experts have come up with various resources to enable candidates to confidently prepare and face these assessments.

These best resources include study books, training courses, YouTube videos, practice tests, and hands-on practical tools. Let’s take a look at these exam 70-767 prep resources as well as where to find them.

microsoft windows

  1. Microsoft Learning Website

Begin your exam prep journey by first getting all the necessary information. Before searching the web for study materials, learn the exam topics, the registration process, and other exam requirements from the official website for 70-767 exam.

This will save you time as it makes you understand what you ought to do from the beginning to the end.

  1. Training Courses

The courses can be instructor-led or self-paced. The option you choose depends on what your training needs are.

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If you have enough free time you can choose an instructor-led course. In case you have a busy schedule, perhaps due to work or other commitments, you can choose a self-paced one.

The latter mostly involves pre-recorded lectures. You can learn with them anytime and anywhere since they’re fully online. Here are the courses you can use to study for exam 70-767:

  • Microsoft’s 70-767 instructor-led course;
  • ExamSnap 70-767 video training courses;
  • YouTube video tutorials.
  1. Study Guides

Don’t let anyone convince you that you don’t need a study guide to prepare for an exam. This is because using one gives you a number of benefits.

For exam topics that are detail-oriented and exhaustive like those for exam 70-767, you definitely need an eBook or text to help you.

A study guide is a self-paced revision tool, meaning you can use it anytime you want. It’s also helpful when you can’t access your course or when you need a break from watching prep videos. Some of the guides to use are:

  • Microsoft’s Exam Ref 70-767,
  • ExamSnap exam 70-767 study guide.
  1. Practice Tests

This is another best resource to prepare and pass this MCSA exam. Practice tests are used together with the Exam Simulator that gives you an insight into what awaits you at the real test.

The process is both interactive and interesting to ensure you enjoy the full benefits of revising with practice tests for exam 70-767.

To get these benefits, procure the premium bundle from ExamSnap at $39,97. This package affords you the opportunity to practice with an expert-verified practice test along with using a study guide and a video course.

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You may also wish to combine these three items with free vce files from this online platform. All of them are helpful in passing the exam.

  1. Microsoft self-paced labs

Reading books, practicing with tests, and taking training courses is effective in equipping you with the knowledge you need in passing the exam.

But there is one more source to use to prepare for this test. This way involves using Microsoft’s free self-paced labs. You need hands-on skills to successfully perform your role as a data warehouse developer.

These practical labs will not only help you gain the experience and knowledge you need to get a good exam pass score, but they’ll also ensure you’re ready to execute real-world tasks.

The website has a number of labs focused on Power BI and SQL.


These best resources will help you prepare and pass the Microsoft exam 70-767. Go through them and select the methods that you prefer to use in getting ready for it. And don’t forget to confirm your new skills with practice tests.

This is the only way you’re going to know if you’re actually prepared or you still need to take a few hours to polish your knowledge by testing yourself.

Whether it’s an MCSA or an MCSE certification you’re seeking, these resources will make sure you get there.

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