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Top 20 Best Conference Call Services in 2022, Free Apps & Software

A meeting is one of the essential activities you need to do in your business. It is something that is considered foremost, no matter if you are running a small business or a bigger one. Obviously, by conducting a meeting, you can discuss various things related to your business with your employees, clients, or customers. But, what should you do if the people participating in the meeting can’t come to the office? This is where you search for the best conference call services for businesses.

A conference calling software, app, or service lets you talk to more than one person at a time which is an excellent module for businessmen. Interestingly, conference calling services are available in both audio and video formats. So, it entirely depends on your work to decide whether you should go for an audio conference calling service or video. On the other hand, this service has become a foremost thing for those who remain busy at work, primarily online. Therefore, many companies have introduced their services for businessmen to have an easy conference call with their team. AndroidCompare has tested several services deeply and founded the 20 best services for conference calling in 2022.

Best Conference Call Services 2022

You can use these 20 best conference call services today to further boost your business communications. Most importantly, these options have been inspected thoroughly, and we have also mentioned the noticeable features we found during the analysis process. Therefore, set your requirements and choose the best calling service to chat quickly with your business partners anytime and anywhere.

FreeConferenceCall – Free Conference Call Service

free conference call

About this Service:

Placing and reviewing FreeConferenceCall at the first spot is because it is one of the old yet trusted partners for your conference call. People at work have been using it since 2001. It provides a free conferencing and collaboration tool that you can use, whether locally or globally. With this service, you can easily create an audio conference event with worldwide access. One of the most exciting things about this international conference calling service is that it has been serving people without charges since its launch.

All you need to do is create an account, invite the participants, and you can start conferencing with them in seconds. It also has mobile apps that allow you to do it on the go. Even in 2022, countless people are availing of this service, which is why it is considered the most prominent conference calling service provider. Furthermore, you can use it online through a simple login, invite people through the app, and do it through other devices.

Features in FreeConferenceCall:

  • All conferences made using this service are entirely secured with access codes.
  • It offers a free and easy way to create an audio conference event in seconds.
  • Your conference event can be accessed worldwide by the participants.
  • You can use mobile apps to participate in virtual meetings on the go.
  • It is a simple service you can use to collaborate with anyone anytime.

GoToMeeting – Software for Conference Call

Best Conference Call Services

About GoToMeeting:

Do you like using software to grow your business, like POS systems, inventory management software, etc.? If you want to, you should also use GoToMeeting software which helps you arrange audio calls with your business partners online. It is a service you can use to create a virtual meeting space where you can do virtual conferences with hundreds or thousands of participants.

Although it charges you later, you can use and explore this software for free at the beginning, where you can try this service before committing to the monthly plans. With this service, you can create a virtual meeting space in seconds and conduct a webinar for your business efficiently. Most importantly, this service is pretty easy to understand and provides better sound quality throughout the discussion. Lastly, you can access it on the web through different devices.


  • You can create a virtual meeting space, virtual conference room, or webinar in seconds.
  • Participants can connect to your virtual meeting room via desktop or mobile devices.
  • The commuter mode allows participants to access your virtual meeting space on the go.
  • It is a good service if you want to do conference calls with hundreds or thousands of participants.
  • It has voice commands and cloud recording features that allow you to use voice commands for your next meeting and record the session on your cloud storage.

Skype Free Conference Call App

best conference call service


If you use a smartphone regularly, you must know about the Skype app, one of the most popular apps for video calling. Using the same app, you can easily communicate with more than one person at a time. In addition, Skype offers conference calls and video meetings that are hassle-free to use without requiring you to download anything.

You can just create a link for your virtual meeting and share it with your participants. There is no sign-up process required. With this service, any participant can use Skype’s powerful video calling features during conference calls. The rules say you can join or create a meeting where a hundred people can call at once. Most importantly, you don’t need to worry about your device. But, of course, you will need a good internet connection whether you are trying to conference call through mobile, tablet, iPad, or PC.

Features in Skype App:

  • It allows you to set up any virtual meeting event without signing up or downloading anything.
  • You can record the conference calls anytime to take a look at them later.
  • During the meeting, you can also blur the background in the video calling session.
  • You can access the conference event using any device that has Skype installed on it.
  • After the meeting, you can chat with participants when necessary.

Official Website

Hangouts – Best Conference Call Services

Hangouts Meet


It is one of the best apps that is mainly focused on conference calling services. On the other hand, Hangouts Meet is a professional platform the business people to have fruitful talks with their employees and other staff. It is a service provided by Google as a part of Google Hangouts, which allows you to conduct virtual meetings for your business. This service offers a free trial period for you to try the features of this service before you decide to purchase.

It is designed to help you create a face-to-face meeting without the need to travel long distances just to do that. You can reach out to your team whenever they are with this service. It is essential to note that it is one of the latest and most advanced conference call services with several noticeable features. Moreover, it does not matter if you are a beginner to the app or not; it has an understandable layout that you can explore quickly to invite and join a meeting.

Hangouts Features:

  • It offers the video meetings for businesses that are very easy to join.
  • It has a lightweight interface, making each virtual meeting feels comfortable to participate.
  • You just need to share a link and invite the participants to join your video call meeting.
  • It is integrated with other products offered by Google, such as Calendar and other apps.
  • You can join the video meetings on the go, and you can also integrate it with other similar apps or services as well.

Official Website

UberConference – Best Conference Call System

Best Conference Call Services


Are you looking for a video conference calling service with eye-catching quality? You should opt UberConference because it assures you HD video calls with multiple participants at one time. Furthermore, it offers web conferencing and online meetings powered by AI technology. You don’t need to use any PIN or download software to participate in the discussion.

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This service allows you to share your screens during the video conference event and create the transcriptions for your meeting. UberConference is a premium system to use but offers a free trial for you to use before committing to subscribe to the service. Explore the features entirely within the free trial time and decide if it is according to your needs or not. Lastly, the screen sharing option makes it an obvious choice for students.

Features in UberConference:

  • Mobile apps and browser extensions are also available for this service.
  • It has a voice intelligence feature that allows you to search for the transcriptions of your meeting.
  • You can share your screen to be displayed in your video conference meeting.
  • You can enjoy high-resolution video calling for your virtual meeting room.
  • The hold music can be customized based on your preferences so that people who wait for their meeting can enjoy their time.

RingCentral Meetings – Business Conference Service 2022

Best Conference Call Services

About RingCentral:

Next, we have a combo of audio and video conference calling apps with numerous satisfied and current users in 2022. RingCentral Meetings is available for both desktop and mobile use. If you wish to use it on your smartphone, make sure you install the RingCentral Meetings app. Furthermore, it provides free online meetings that include team collaboration, video conferences, and screen-sharing features for you to use for your business.

It is designed to help your business grow by enhancing communications with your customers and team members. You can host a free online meeting with up to 100 participants with this service. You will keep noticing that new features are being added to the service to ensure you don’t face any technical issues during a business or studies meeting.

RingCentral Meetings Features:

  • You can share content with the participants from any device that you have.
  • Using this conference call service, you can assign tasks to your team remotely.
  • You can conduct free online meetings with 100 participants with affordable pricing if you want to add more participants and features.
  • There are add-ons that you can add to this service, allowing you to conduct webinars, large meetings, and more.
  • You can establish video call communications while chatting with your participants at the same time.

Zoom Meetings & Chat – Web Conference Calling

Zoom Meetings & Chat


Zoom Meetings & Chat will be widely used in 2022 by not only people in business but also students, teachers, online course organizers, etc. It is one of the best conference call service designed for enterprise users, which allow them to conduct video conferences with content sharing and messaging in real-time. Any participants can join the online meetings with any device, whether desktop or mobile.

Also, you can enjoy HD quality video and audio with recording and transcription features available. The most important thing about Zoom Meetings is that it provides you with plans, pricing, and free meeting options. Moreover, you can use it if you want access to more advanced features with a monthly plan. Lastly, there are not only one but different plans you can avail yourself of according to your budget.

Zoom Meetings Features:

  • All virtual meetings are created with an end-to-end encryption system, ensuring that it is always safe and secure to participate in.
  • You can record the virtual meeting on your device or on your online storage platform.
  • You can also create transcriptions from the meeting automatically.
  • Scheduling is available, and it can be integrated with various Calendar apps, such as Gmail, Outlook, and iCal.
  • The meeting can be interactive with the built-in collaboration tools provided in this service.

Official Website

JoinMe – Best Conference Call Services

Best Conference Call Services

About JoinMe:

There are maximum features provided by this conference calling service for free that you will love. First, JoinMe is a service that does not require any download for you to join or create a meeting with your partners. Secondly, you will get a URL whenever you make a meeting; you will be providing that URL to those who want to join your conference.

Furthermore, you can also set a password for your meeting and share it with your expected participants. A free trial is available for this service to start your first online meeting in seconds. You can also customize the background or theme you use in virtual meetings based on your preferences. You can easily share your device screen with just one click. In the end, you will love the interface, which is understandable.


  • You can record the meeting and schedule the appointment easily with this service.
  • Creating your virtual meeting with this service is effortless, which is done by sharing your personalized URL.
  • You can personalize various aspects of the virtual meeting’s themes.
  • It offers high-quality audio, ensuring that you hear the speakers.
  • You can share your device screen just by clicking the screen sharing icon.

Official Website

Cisco Webex – Teleconferencing Service

Cisco Webex

About Cisco Webex:

The next option on our list of the best conference call services in 2022 is Cisco Webex. It is included in the list because it is a multifunctional system that an American company provides. In addition, it is a video conferencing and online meeting service that gives you face-to-face video conferencing that can build stronger relationships for your business brand.

This service can help reduce travel and commuting expenses for your employees and team members while boosting their productivity simultaneously. In addition, you can also integrate this service with various business apps available on the market today, such as SalesForce, Office 365, Google Drive, and more. If we short-list the significant benefits provided by the Webex Meetings, which are online meetings for business and studying purposes, video conference calls, screen sharing, and webinars.

What Features Cisco Webex Provides:

  • It provides a face-to-face online video conference that feels like honest face-to-face communication in the same room.
  • Integration with other apps can enhance this service’s features and functionalities.
  • It has team collaboration tools allowing you to connect with your team members and get the projects done remotely.
  • You can share your screen from any device to enhance your presentation.
  • It helps you to keep in touch with your team even after the virtual meeting ends.

Whereby – International Conference Calls Service

Best Conference Call Services


Whereby is one of the best video and audio conference calling services. It provides flexible video meeting and conference calling service that makes it simple for you to join a virtual meeting. Most importantly, before purchasing any plan, you can explore it thoroughly for free for a limited time. In addition, the video and audio quality throughout the meeting is excellent if you have a good internet connection.

No signup or download process is required for any participants to join any virtual meeting with this service. You can use this service for free if you only need one user and one meeting room for up to 4 participants. You can also use this service on your website by using the Whereby Meetings API. In the end, you will find Whereby an understandable and accessible service.

Whereby Advantages:

  • You can allow the invited participants to join your meeting room by sharing your unique URL.
  • Any participants can join your invitation via any device, whether desktop or mobile.
  • You can also integrate with YouTube and show YouTube videos to the participants in the meeting room.
  • All the conversations with this conference call service are secure, as all your conversations are encrypted.
  • It allows you to share your device screen with others in the meeting room.

Lifesize – Best Teleconference Service

best conference call services

About Lifesize:

Although the previous options on our list are a great source of joining and holding conference calls, Lifesize is more advanced and professional. The primary reason is that it has been designed and provided by a professional telecommunications company. So, it is a video conferencing service that allows you to stream video conversations in 4K resolution, giving you unprecedented clarity in virtual meetings.

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It is the platform designed for businesses to create a good work and collaborative environment with their workers or teams. You can access the virtual meeting room via browsers or mobile devices. In addition, all the video conference calls assure high-quality resolutions regardless of where the participants are joining your conference call. Also, don’t forget to consider the app option to make sure you don’t miss any discussion important to your business.

Lifesize Advantages:

  • It is considered to be one of the Best Conference Call Services.
  • Whether you want to create a small virtual meeting room or a large conference room, this platform can provide it.
  • It allows you to stream video conversations in 4K resolution, providing you with the best video and audio quality.
  • It can be integrated with other apps or platforms to give you more tools for long-distance collaboration.
  • You don’t need to download any software if you want to join a virtual meeting room with this platform.
  • It is as simple as sharing your personalized link when creating a virtual meeting room with this platform.

BlueJeans – Conference Calling Software

Free conference calling service

About BlueJeans:

Next, we will review another cloud-based conference calling service that Verizon Company provides. BlueJeans offers a virtual meeting platform designed to make you more productive in your business. It allows you to collaborate with your teams from anywhere and on any device without any complicated setup. You can create interactive meeting rooms with this service and set the audience based on your needs.

It also has the App Network service, where you can integrate this system with various additional apps for increased functionality. Not only audio conference calls, but you can use BlueJeans to make a video conference call where multiple people can join and share the screen of the device. Most importantly, you can access BlueJeans’ app through login and attend any conference call with the same advanced features.

Advantages of Using BlueJeans:

  • You can get the highlights for the meeting and voice transcriptions to help increase your productivity.
  • Alerts are also available to let you keep track of the virtual meeting event.
  • Joining any virtual meeting with this platform only takes one touch or one click, and you can do it from any device.
  • Integrations with other apps are available if you want to add more features to your virtual meeting room.
  • It is easy to host a large conference room for global audiences using this platform.

VastConference – Best Audio Conference Call Service

Free Conference Calling


Undoubtedly, it is one of the best conference calling services to grow your smaller and bigger businesses through quick online communication with your team and employees. VastConference provides fast and easy conference call services that you can use for an unlimited time. Moreover, you can easily schedule the meeting and let the users join it from any device with their unique number.

You can also manage your conference calls fully by using operator-assisted calls. HD video conferencing allows you to have face-to-face conversations in your meeting. To start conference calls, you must fill out a simple signup form. Remember the logins; you can join or create any meeting in a few clicks. Moreover, the discussion host can record the whole talk without any lag in the call.

VastConference Features:

  • This service allows you to create regular conference calls and video conferences for small and large audiences.
  • You can set up and manage your conferences easily and let people from around the world join in your virtual meeting.
  • It provides the best possible audio quality for each conference call session, which provides clarity for you to communicate with others.
  • You can share your screen, record your session, and chat with other participants in the video conference session.
  • You can get your conference calls managed with the use of operator-assisted calls.

TeleJunctions FreeBridge – Free Conference Calling


FreeBridge has the ability to become your favorite partner whenever you need to arrange an online meeting with multiple people. It is a free conference call service provided by TeleJunctions, eliminating the costs of conducting conference calls with participants. With this service, you can have free conference calls that are conducted securely without any limit on the number of conferences you want to host and the distances of the participants.

It can be used both for personal and business purposes. There are a few noticeable advantages with this service, such as being free to use and multifunctional. In addition, for a conference call, you can select phone, audio, and video conference calling. In short, you will get multiple free exciting and advanced communication features, like the other best conference call services on the list.

Features Provided:

  • No expensive equipment is required to start hosting a conference call.
  • You can invite participants from all over the world, and you can have unlimited numbers of conference calls.
  • There is no conference calling and operator fees that you need to pay.
  • Up to 120 participants can join in one conference call session.
  • You can send emails to your participants to join the conference call session and send reminders for them to enter periodically.

Globafy – Service for Free Conference Call


About Globafy:

It will be one of the world’s largest conference calling service providers in 2022. It makes it more evident for the business because it does not cost you anything. We are talking about Globafy Conference Call Service, which allows you to host free conference calls using global access numbers so that you can invite anyone in any country to join your conference calls. You can request the participants in various ways, such as by SMS, email, or phone calls.

You can choose the 8-digit number you want to use for the participants to join the conference call session. It is straightforward to set up. In the updated version, video conference calling is available with the recording option. Furthermore, it allows you to gather participants from around the world and works in more than 100 countries.

Features in Globafy:

  • Using the 8-digit number you can choose freely, you can host a conference call session and invite your participants using various means.
  • You can track the people joining and leaving the conference using harsh tones.
  • There are more than 50 free local dial-in numbers that the participants can connect to.
  • Anyone can join your conference call session, no matter their country.
  • You can also get custom welcome prompts and usage reports with this service.

Zip Conferencing

Conference calling software


Are you finding a service that provides a high-classified conference call with web conferencing? Zip Conferencing is the option you should use for your regular business and studies meetings. It offers a simple, easy-to-use, and high-quality conference call service that you can use to host virtual meeting rooms easily. In addition, it helps you to get more productive in your business with various collaboration tools that you can use.

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Furthermore, it allows worldwide access, meaning that you can connect with anyone from around the world without any problem. It also gives you complete control of the conference rooms and your account. Most importantly, it assures you 24 hours support if there is any technical error with the system, which makes this option utterly different from the others.

Features in Zip Conferencing:

  • Instead of requiring the participants to call a specific number to join the meeting, you will reach the participants to join the conference.
  • It has enterprise-grade security that allows you to encrypt all calls and make them secure all the time.
  • You can use any device to host or participate in the meeting, and the service can be integrated with various other apps or services.
  • It offers a crystal-clear audio quality with the hybrid audio option available for you to choose from.
  • You can invite any participants to your virtual meeting, no matter where they are around the world.



About GoToConnect:

GoToConnect is an excellent option for those looking for a conference calling platform. It is a customizable and scalable cloud-based phone calling system with several other properties. For example, GoToConnect allows you to host voice and video conferences designed to be seamless and reliable. In addition, it is equipped with various collaboration tools that will enable your employees to connect and complete their tasks more efficiently, even if they are located in different places.

As mentioned above, it is cloud-based, so it will be easy for you to store and manage your data and access them from anywhere. Furthermore, while using this system, you can arrange meetings from anywhere which helps you grow your smaller and bigger businesses potentially. Moreover, you can also use it for chatting, audio, video calling, and web conferencing.

Features Provided by GoToConnect:

  • It has the team-based call distribution feature, which helps manage incoming calls, making them easier to handle.
  • It has call analytics that can help you oversee what’s happening in the conference call session in real-time.
  • You can access your necessary data anytime with its cloud-based platform solution.
  • This best conference call service allows you to share your computer screen during the conference session or display any application to the audience.
  • You can create a custom call routing and easily forward any call to your device.

Jive Communications – Free Conference Call App

Jive Communications


Jive Communications is used worldwide to let people discuss strategies for their businesses through online conference calling. It allows you to host video conferences on the cloud, no matter how big the audience you want to reach. You can use it to either conduct a face-to-face video conference or set up a virtual meeting room where you will invite a large audience. It allows you to connect with anyone no matter where they live in the world.

The best thing about this service is that you can connect with multiple people at once from anywhere, anytime, no matter what device you are using. Also, it keeps getting updated, which adds new and advanced features to its service regarding online meetings.

Features Provided:

  • You can use full-screen display mode to immerse your experience during the video conference session and mute the video and audio.
  • The admin portal is accessible via the web browser, so there is no complicated setup that you need to do to use this software.
  • You can record meetings easily with its built-in recorder.
  • Jive Communications service allows you to host video conferences with HD video quality and share your content in high definition.
  • You can connect to the virtual conference with a single click, and this software can be accessed from both desktop and mobile devices.

Swiftnet Instant Conference Calls

Best Free conference calling service

About Swiftnet:

It is a high-quality calling service that people use to connect with others through an international number. Swiftnet Instant lets you make conference calls instantly by generating your PIN codes. This way, you can invite participants just by sharing your PIN code with them.

This software allows unlimited participants to join your conference call sessions. It also has top-of-the-line security that will enable you to encrypt each conversation that you have in your conference call sessions.


  • The self-mute option is available for individual participants.
  • Just by creating a PIN, you can start inviting others to your conference call.
  • You can invite any number of participants to your conference instantly.
  • Email invitations and SMS reminders are also provided to remind your participants to join the conference on time.
  • You can record the calls during the session for free.

InterCall Online

Free Conference Call App


InterCall Online provides a cloud-based platform for you to manage and organize online conference calls. You can use various tools to control multiple aspects of the conference as the conference leader. For example, you can host online meeting events and invite your participants through this platform. Also, you get an on-demand audio conferencing call option that lets you meet people online for various purposes.

If you are running a business are want to discuss something about studies, you can use this best conference call service confidently. But, most importantly, those running a business use this service whenever they need to arrange an online meeting. Overall, it is an excellent communication system with more than one person online.

InterCall Features:

  • You can edit profiles, change settings, and record calls from your dashboard.
  • It is easy to manage and control various aspects of online conference meetings.
  • There is also the option for scheduling your conferences and inviting participants to join on time.
  • You can manage all users within your organization, no matter where they are located.


Conference call services can help you set up a virtual meeting place with the people that are important in running your business, so you can communicate with them through video or voice calls. You can still conduct a meeting anytime with your employees, clients, or customers via the internet and discuss various things about your business. These conference calling apps can help you to set up and host online conference call events or create virtual meeting rooms where you can interact with your participants or audience globally.

Also, most of these services allow you to set up not only voice conference calls, but they also offer video conferences as well. So, it will make it easier for you to communicate with them face to face. You can use these services for various purposes, such as to discuss work-related matters with your clients or improve your work productivity by connecting with your team members. Pick the one the best conference call services that fits your needs, and you can enjoy various improvements in your business.

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