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Top 7 SEO Android Apps For SEO and Blogging in 2022 – AndroidCompare

Blogging can only seem like an easy task to those who have never encountered it before. Modern SEO conditions require a lot of actions to stay at the top and get the desired traffic.

Fortunately, there is mobile SEO software today that can make some of the daily activities of every blogger a little easier in 2021. Below you will find the 7 best-rated Android apps to help you develop your blog for free.

Top 7 Android Apps for Bloggers

What applications does a modern blogger need? Modern SEO promotion implies a lot of different tactics which are rarely mistake-free. Check out the most common mistakes on the Dash Tech website to avoid them and build a more effective blog development strategy. When running a blog, you may also need a premium backlink service so check guest posting services to find a winning solution for your SEO boost with the help of link building. Today these are important points to reboot your blog in rating.

Also, there are some best mobile SEO tools that can make the blogging routine easy. Below you will find the top 7 SEO apps to help with your blog development and promotion.

1.    WordPress

If you want not only to blog but also to engage in SEO promotion of your blog, then this mobile application is what you need. With this app, you can access your content, publish and promote it.

This application allows you to create blogs, websites and even set up e-commerce. It also offers to use plugins with which you can set up SEO promotion, create an attractive website and get everything you want for successful blogging. This app has both free access to use and some tariff plans that offer more advanced functions.

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2.    Google Drive

If you are used to working with Google tools, then you have the opportunity to use your usual applications on your smartphone. Google Drive apps are on the popularity top, and mobile versions are as user-friendly as desktop ones. You can use the same Disk both on your PC and on your smartphone, which is very convenient for those who constantly generate content.

The apps are free with 15 GB of free disk space. The mobile version of Google docs is very convenient to use on your smartphone to do everything you are used to doing on a laptop. Also, the mobile version offers offline access, which allows you to keep creating content anytime, anywhere.

3.    Writer

Content creation on a smartphone is not always the most convenient format, especially when you need to generate several posts per day. There are too many notifications that can distract and disrupt the process of writing publications.

This app will be just the salvation in such situations. It will allow you to create content and not be distracted. The software has a simple interface and does not have any superfluous functions. It is the perfect tool for quickly creating text content. There is no variety of functions as in the usual desktop text editors but the functionality of the app is more than enough to quickly write several publications for social media or your website.

4.    Grammarly

Top-notch blog content should come with no grammar mistakes, as this can be a real failure for blogging. Grammarly is one of the most popular apps today used to improve your text.

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During the creation of any text, the application will analyze every word, and if errors are found, you can get the chance to correct mistakes. In this case, the tool will work not only when you use text editors to create content, but also when you write messages on social media. You can use the free functionality of the app, which is quite enough to improve your text and get rid of all mistakes.

5.    Koloro

In addition to text content, bloggers are often faced with the need to create visuals. This tool is an excellent option for smartphone owners who want a quality tool for processing photos and other images.

The application offers to manually edit the image or use ready-made presets. There are both free and paid presets. Using ready-made presets allows you to get high-quality photo processing in just a few clicks. But if it seems too hard, you can always hire someone to outsource photo editing process and make your life simple.

6.    Google Analytics

It is important for every blogger to get acquainted with this application, as it will allow you to be an effective and successful blogger. Google Analytics allows you to monitor the behavior of your readers, and analyze your content and website performance.

The application is popular among all website owners, SEO experts, and other digital specialists. Therefore, this application can now be used with ease on smartphones.

You will be able to get information about the key indicators that will display everything that happens on your site. You can configure the tool to receive reports on the indicators you are interested in and save them so that you can return to them again.

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7.    Asana

Bloggers often lack the discipline to generate content day after day. Asana is what is needed for those who have problems with planning and self-management.

This application is suitable for those who want to start working productively. Here you can create a schedule, plan the day’s work using tools such as boards, lists, calendars, and so on. Tasks can be synchronized with specific projects, prioritized, and so on. If you work with some other specialists, then this tool will allow you to create joint tasks and track the deadlines.


The list of the apps you can use for blogging can be continued. In this article, we have shared the most popular and user-friendly ones so choose the app you like best and proceed with it to run your blog in a more effective way.

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