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Top 20 Podcast Recording Software in 2022 – Best for Audio Editing

When it comes to finding the best podcast recording software to create the best podcast for your show, you need to be careful of multiple things. Whether you are new to podcasting or have been doing this for quite some time, you will agree that producing professional and high-quality podcasts is the key to success in the podcasting business. Without top-quality software that you use in your podcast recording and editing, you will not be able to come up with the best podcast for your show. Thus, choosing the right podcasting software is essential for your success.

Before starting this discussion, AndroidCompare went through the inspection process of various podcast recording software for Macs and PCs. After extensive research and a lengthy inspection procedure, we have short-listed the 20 best podcast recording software that are easy to use and will perform multiple tasks for you, like quick recording in high-quality, better sound quality, etc. It would be best if you don’t get confused between these 20 options because all of these software are well optimized and contains extraordinary features. Most importantly, these programs are being used widely worldwide in 2022.

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Best Podcast Recording Software

So let’s move towards our 20 best podcast recording software that will make significant improvements in your podcasting journey. To find the best one, read each software’s features and compare it with the others.

Adobe Audition – Audio Recording Software for Podcast

Podcast Recording Software

Adobe Audition provides an all-in-one solution that helps you record, edit, and manage your audio. It is an audio workstation software supplied by Adobe to allow you to work with digital audio files in the best way possible. It is perfect for record and editing your podcasts, ensuring the best audio quality for your audio presentation. You can also add various effects to your audio files easily.

This software provides full features like spectral display, waveform, multitrack, etc. With these abilities, you can effortlessly work on editing and mixing the audio. Also, it allows you to restore the audio content in 2022. In addition, you can use thousands of effects in Adobe Audition to apply different moods, tones, and funny voices to your podcast.

Adobe Audition Features:

  • It is an all-in-one software you can use to work with any audio files, including podcasts.
  • You can integrate different audio files into your podcasts easily.
  • The Essential Sound panel allows you to get the best professional-quality audio.
  • It will enable you to record, edit, and mix your podcasts in the simplest way possible.
  • Adobe Audition can be used to repair and restore any audio files.

Official Website

Audacity – Free Podcast Recording Software


Audacity provides cross-platform audio editing software that allows you to record, mix, and edit various audio files into the best audio quality presentation. It has made the recording of live sound and audio playback easier than before for PC users. This software is available for various platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, and it is available for free. With this software, you can do anything to your audio files, such as podcasts, and turn them into the best audio presentation possible.

Moreover, you can easily convert audio tapes and save them in CD or MP3 formats. On our list of best podcast recording software, it is a versatile one. The other abilities of Audacity are creating your ringtones, music, and conversations. Most importantly, countless podcasters use free-to-use software to improve and edit audio clips in 2022.


  • You can record, edit, export, and import any audio files with this software.
  • You can have the best sound quality for your podcasts.
  • By using Audacity software, you can add various effects to your podcasts to make them more attractive.
  • Various plugins are available for this software, allowing you to add more features to it from multiple sources.
  • You can analyze your sound files with the built-in sound analysis.

Logic Pro X – Best Podcast Recording Software

Podcast Recording Software

It has become an essential tool for music and podcasting lovers. If you are using the Mac platform, you might consider using Logic Pro X for your podcast recording software. This software allows you to record and edit audio files on your Mac, giving you the best way to make your podcast quality excellent. Apple makes it, so it is fully optimized for the Mac platform. It has many features that ensure an elegant and high-quality presentation for your music, podcast, or audio files.

We consider it a multifunctional software that performs multiple audio-related tasks comfortably. If you wish to make a new beat, edit an existing voice, add new voices, and improve your podcast’s sound quality, Logic Pro X has all these abilities. Another noticeable advantage of this best podcast recording software is that it is user-friendly, which means you can confidently install and use it as a beginner. Furthermore, you can also avail yourself of the free trial option if you are confused about using this software.


  • You can record audio and mix it with your podcast’s music and other effects.
  • It is optimized for the Mac platform, allowing you to have the best quality podcast made with your Mac.
  • If you wish to bring more features to Logic Pro X software, numerous plugins are available.
  • Creating music is possible with this software, which is good for enhancing your audio presentation.
  • It gives you the best quality sound possible for your podcasts.

Official Website

Hindenburg Journalist – Best Software to Record Podcast

Hindenburg Journalist

First of all, we have had to add this recording software to our list because it is comparatively easy to use. Secondly, after the installation, the software will let you do all the audio-related tasks with a complete guide on each step. Finally, Hindenburg Journalist is audio editing software that allows you to record, edit easily, and organize your audio files. It is made for podcasters, radio journalists, and audio producers.

Moreover, this software allows you to focus on the storytelling element of your audio production, making it more compelling for your audience. It also has built-in publishing tools that can give you the ease of publishing your podcast right after you’ve done editing it. Although it has an auto level for audio mixing, you can explore more if you wish. Lastly, it provides the maximum effect you can use during voice-over, editing, or mixing.


  • It also has built-in publishing tools, allowing you to publish your audio files immediately.
  • This software is tailor-made for podcasters to produce the best stories for their podcasts.
  • It allows you to record voices and interviews with excellent sound quality.
  • You can also add additional sounds and music on top of your recordings.
  • You can edit your audio files and organize your materials with this software.

GarageBand – Best Podcast Software for Mac

Podcast Recording Software

If you are a Mac user and looking for the best podcast recording software, you must use GarageBand for your regular audio-related tasks. It is a music creation studio software designed for the Mac operating system, which allows you to create and edit various types of music, whether you have physical instruments or not. It can also be used to record and create podcasts.

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When you use this software for your podcasts, you can add your own created tracks to your podcasts to give them a sense of uniqueness in your audio presentation. It has lots of tools available to mix and match your audio files. GarageBand also lets you work on your musical projects from scratch, which makes it an outstanding software. Download relevant plugins if you wish to make it a more exciting program.


  • Using this software, you can easily create background music or tracks for your podcasts.
  • There are lots of instruments that you can use to create musical tracks for your podcasts.
  • This software can edit, mix, and match your audio files.
  • You can record any voice with this software with high-quality sound.
  • It is also available for iOS so you can record your podcasts on the go.

Official Website

Zencastr – Best Software for Podcast


It is another versatile podcasting software that works like an all-in-one product. Zencastr is a podcast recording software designed to create high-quality recordings for your remote interviews. You can record your interviews separately based on the guests you are interviewing. Additionally, you can also perform live editing with this software. It is excellent software for your podcast about interviewing guests remotely.

The podcasts will be recorded in lossless WAV files. The best thing about this program is that it is understandable and lets new users use it like a pro. Moreover, you can make bigger changes to an existing audio tape to make it more transparent and improve its quality. Most importantly, there are no time limits, and you don’t need an internet connection to use. You will need internet if you want to include plugins or other sound effects.


  • It provides lossless, high-quality recordings for your remote interviews.
  • It is specifically designed for podcasters doing live interviews with guests through the internet.
  • You can perform live editing while you are recording your podcasts.
  • The podcast files while using Zencastr will be separated for each guest.
  • You can integrate it with various cloud storage services.


Podcast Recording Software

Like the other best podcast recording software, it is also a multifunctional program for your PCs, but it mainly benefits podcasting lovers. If you use Cast, it ensures you make and upload a high-quality podcast every time. Moreover, recording software allows you to record your podcasts and publish or host them yourself. The software is separated into three parts: The Studio, The Editor, and The Publisher.

This software can record and share your podcasts with high-quality audio. All the processes will be done on the cloud, so you don’t need to install the software on your device. Cast software’s other features are clean voice recording, mixing, editing, and hosting. Rather than podcasting use, you can have it on your PC for multiple sound-related tasks.


  • You can record your podcast in high-quality audio.
  • You can publish your podcast or host it yourself.
  • The software works on the cloud, so you don’t need to install it on your device.
  • You can communicate with your audience through live chats with notes.
  • You can store your audio files in the cloud to access them from any device.

Descript Software for Podcasts


Finally, we have podcast software that does audio and video editing exceptionally well. Descript is an audio software ensuring you create podcasts, transcripts, and videos. With this software, you can record your podcast with high-quality audio and edit and mix them freely. Furthermore, podcasters can also add sound effects and music to your podcasts and make them more lively and exciting to listen.

Additionally, you can add more users and collaborate with them on the editing process, making it easier to complete your projects. One of its brilliant qualities is that it comfortably removes all kinds of noises and weird sounds from your videos and audio. If you wish to work on your video and audio projects with your friends, it is also achievable with Descript software.


  • You can edit your podcast while editing the transcription of it.
  • The volume can also be edited easily using the Timeline Editor feature.
  • You can add sound effects and music to your podcasts.
  • Multiple users can edit the same podcast for easier collaboration.
  • You can combine multiple tracks into one podcast.

Alitu – Best Podcast Recording Software

Podcast Recording Software

Alitu software has been added to the list because it is easy to use and does a lot of work itself. It is a podcasting program that can help you create podcasts from scratch and automate various processes in podcast creation. The processes automated by this software include audio file cleaning and conversion, multiple-tracks joiner, tag addition, publishing, and more. It has all the tools necessary for you to create the best podcasts that can help grow your audience.

It is known as one of the best podcast recording software for newbies. Moreover, the call recording system is also available, which is fully optimized in terms of providing a clean voice and the feature of removing background noise. If you are confused about buying Alitu software for your podcasts, make sure to avail of the seven days free trial to inspect it thoroughly.


  • The Episode Builder allows you to create the best podcast episodes for your show.
  • You can automate the publishing process of your podcast.
  • This software can also create a piece of soundtrack music for your podcast.
  • You can add various effects, tracks, music, and others to your podcasts.
  • You can delete any mistakes in your podcasts quickly.



It is one of the most advanced and digital podcast recording software not only on our list but also in 2022. It has many exciting features that can improve your podcasting experience a lot. Reaper is a digital audio workstation that you can use to create any audio file, including podcasts, music, and custom audio files. With this software, you can produce high-quality audio with various editing tools.

It can be enhanced by adding hardware and plugins on top of the installation of this software. It is available for Windows and Mac. Most importantly, this software keeps updating, so you can do various audio editing and mixing tasks effortlessly.


  • It can record and edit voices and other audio files for your podcast.
  • It supports MIDI software and hardware for track creation.
  • You can add various plugins to add more new features from multiple sources.
  • There are different studio-quality effects that you can embed into your podcasts.
  • It supports automation, grouping, and modulation.

Power Sound Editor – Free Audio Program for Podcast

Best Podcast Editing Software

It is a free software for podcast recording that obtains numerous editing filters and features. Power Sound Editor Free is audio editing software that has the ability to record and visually edit audio files for free. With this software, you will be able to edit any type of audio file, and you can also extract audio files from YouTube or any video files. In addition, this software can be used to record podcasts and edit your podcasts with the visual editor feature.

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We have used Power Sound Editor for a long time for video and audio recording. It provides excellent voice quality and efficiently removes the background noise and sound from videos and audio. Moreover, you will find around 30 built-in effects inside this program that you can use during the voice-over for your YouTube channel. What else? It is free to use.


  • You can record audio with this software from any source.
  • You can edit your audio file with the visual editor, which allows you to easily mix, trim, and customize your audio files.
  • It can be used as podcast recording and editing software, which you can use for free.
  • This free software for podcast recording supports various audio formats, meaning that you can edit any audio files with this software.
  • It includes the Audio CD ripper and burner function.

Studio One

Free Podcast Recording Software

There isn’t anything related to your audio task that Studio One can’t do. It has been programmed especially for podcasters and other relevant businesses. It is a well-optimized program that you can use to create and edit any sound, including podcasts, music, tracks, and many others. In addition, it will help you to produce the audio presentation in high quality, allowing you to present your podcasts in the best possible way.

It has all the tools necessary for you to create great podcasts, including editing and mixing with various effects and music. Interestingly, whatever features it provides to an audio track, the same qualities are also available for the videos. Therefore, if you are not only a podcaster but manage other media businesses, you must install Studio One on your PC or MacBook.


  • It is ideal for creating music and podcasts with all the tools that you need at your fingertips.
  • You can easily edit and mix your podcasts with various music tracks and effects.
  • You can create unique music tracks for your show using its advanced features and numerous sound effects.
  • It offers intuitive editing tools with various functions to enhance your audio production quality.
  • You can record your voices and add them to the existing projects easily.

Magix Music Maker – Best Software for Podcast Editing

Best Software for Podcast Recording

Our list of best podcast recording software is one of the most reliable, old, and trusted ones. Magix Music Maker was launched in the market in 1994, and numerous sound lovers use Magix Music Maker software daily to get their musical challenges done with this software. Moreover, It is a music creation software that you can confidently use as a podcast production tool for your show in 2022.

It has the function of recording your audio, and you can also mix it with different music, tracks, sounds, effects, and more. It has all the necessary tools to give you the best podcast presentation to your audience. Various instruments are available, with track loops, effects, and others available with the software.


  • You can record your audio or podcast easily with this software.
  • You can also create the music for your show using the available sounds, instruments, and effects.
  • You can mix and match your audio files to deliver the best podcast quality for your audience.
  • Combining various tracks and effects is simple and easy to do.
  • In addition, you can create your podcast soundtrack with this software.

WavePad Audio Editor

If you are finding software for your podcast recording that works well on both Windows and Mac, you should confidently go with WavePad Audio Editor. It is an easy and simple audio editing software that allows you to edit any type of audio file. You can use this software to edit your podcasts and add some music and additional effects to them.

WavePad Audio Editor

Aside from that, this software has various other tools that keep your audio quality at the best level, such as click pop removal and noise reduction. It supports any audio file format. We highly recommend this to the newbies as it provides an understandable layout. You can effortlessly apply the sound effects to the existing audio tracks, editing, mixing, etc.


  • It has various sound editing tools you can use to edit your podcasts in any way you want.
  • You can add music tracks and audio effects to your podcasts easily.
  • With the batch processing feature, you can process multiple audio files in one step.
  • It helps to restore your audio files to their pristine condition and quality.
  • It has some advanced tools such as FFT, TFFT, and spectral analysis.

Anchor – Podcast Production Software

Many popular YouTube Channels and podcasters suggest Anchor software for audio and video editing in 2022. It has outstanding abilities to edit and mix the audio regardless of its format. In addition, Anchor provides an easier way to create your podcasts for free. It is available for the iOS and Android operating systems. With this software, you can make any podcasts simply and easily with its built-in podcast creation tools.

You can create podcasts from anywhere, and it also allows you to make money out of your podcasts. You need to sign up for Anchor before you can start recording your podcasts. Most importantly, everything that you need as a podcaster is available in this best podcast recording software. This software does everything from removing background noise to changing the whole audio with a few steps.


  • Anchor software allows you to create your podcast anywhere since it is available for mobile platforms.
  • You can record and publish your podcasts with this software without any complicated steps.
  • It has built-in analytics to provide insights into your progress.
  • You can store your podcasts on the cloud for free, and you can also distribute them for free without limit.
  • You can easily find sponsors for your podcasts to get paid for your hard work quickly.

Official Website

Cleanfeed Software

PC Podcast Software

If you work or own a big podcasting show in 2022 and like to use advanced software for recording, Cleanfeed is the one you should use. It is one of the most technically advanced software that completes various audio and sound-related tasks within minutes. Moreover, it is a cloud-based software that allows you to record live audio with anyone online with high definition sound quality.

To use this software, you don’t need to install anything on your device. However, you must access the official site using your browser and start using it immediately. It has a free service with no limitations if you want to begin recording your live audio podcast directly. Interestingly, it is free to use for the newbies so that they can understand how it works and what features it provides.

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  • It is designed specifically for podcasters and audio producers.
  • You can use this software online without installing anything on your device.
  • You must use it if you want high-definition sound quality with multi-track support.
  • You can record your live audio with anyone worldwide via the internet.
  • It also allows you to perform teleconferencing with anyone during your live session.

Auphonic – Easy to Use Program for Podcasting


New to the podcasting field and finding a simple-to-use software for recording? Try Auphonic software. It provides web-based software that will help with your audio post-production and ensure professional quality. This web service is designed for podcasters, broadcasters, audio producers, screen casters, radio show hosts, and more. It works by analyzing your audio files and turning them into professional-quality audio automatically.

It runs automatic processes to adjust the quality of your audio files. We liked it a lot when we used it for the first time because it can do multiple tasks. For example, Auphonic will ask you to upload a video or audio you need to edit. Once you have uploaded the file, it will do the rest by asking you what changes you want to make to this file. If you wish to change it completely or remove the noise from the audio, Auphonic is a master in completing such tasks.


  • It can balance the loudness of the audio and set the balance between the speakers and the background music.
  • It restores your audio files and fixes any mistakes automatically.
  • Adjusting and turning your podcast audio files into high-quality audio is easy for this software.
  • Most importantly, it has built-in speech recognition with the multi-language transcript editor.
  • It can upload your content automatically to your chosen online storage services.

Ableton Live

Firstly, you can explore Ableton Live software for 90 days for free. Let’s enlighten the abilities of Ableton Live. It is a music creation software explicitly designed to give you the best performance in your music creation process. You can use it to edit your podcasts and make them better for your audio presentation. This software allows you to create projects from scratch with an easy workflow. You can edit and mix your podcasts easily using this software.

Many widespread sound effects are available in Ableton Live software that you can use while podcast recording or editing audio. Moreover, it is even more advanced in 2022 that you can create your music tracks using this best audio software. Lastly, you don’t need to worry if you are new to this program, as it assures you get complete guidance before you apply any filter or effect.


  • It is one of the best music creation software in the industry.
  • It ensures that your podcast quality is top-notch.
  • Using this software, you can edit, mix, and compile various audio tracks for your podcast.
  • There are various music creation tools to help you with the music creation for your podcasts.
  • You can add multiple effects and other sounds with this software.

FL Studio – Best Podcast Recording Software

Audio Editing Software

FL Studio is an advanced and well-optimized software launched by a Belgian Company. It is the latest addition to podcast recording software. Naturally, therefore, we had to include it on our list. It is a digital audio workstation software with a firm grip over tasks related to digital audio, such as recording, editing, mixing, re-mixing, mastering, and more.

It is made to help you master high-quality professional music and sound files that you can use as hobbies and commercial products. This software can be used to record and edit your podcast easily, as it has all the tools necessary for you to register and edit your podcasts. Furthermore, there are four editions you can avail of, all of which are usable with Windows and Mac.


  • This software is available for Windows and Mac platforms and mobile devices.
  • You can use various plugins to enhance multiple aspects of the software.
  • You can record your voice easily with this software.
  • It has all the tools necessary to record and edit your podcasts.
  • Various music creation features can create good music backgrounds for your podcasts.


TwistedWave Software

This last software on our list of best podcast recording software is strong, fast, and has advanced editing abilities. This software allows you to edit your audio files easily, including recording, mastering, converting, and many more. Therefore, it can easily be used as podcasting software that seamlessly records and edits your podcasts. It can also process multiple files in one batch if you want to save time.

The podcasters who have been using it for a long time call it an oldie but goodie. All the required features are available in TwistedWave. The only noticeable drawback is its busy interior. When you open it first, it looks very crowdy with different words and effects. But once you have understood using it, you will surely love it.


  • You can use this software to record your podcast, concert, song, or any audio.
  • Converting files can be done quickly in just one click.
  • In addition, you can perform mastering for your audio files, giving your projects a professional touch.
  • It is effortless and straightforward to use, making it simple for you to record and edit your podcasts.
  • It can process multiple files at the same time.


In 2022, high-classified software is essential for all podcasters. No matter your podcast content, you have to ensure that the audience can get the best quality podcasts from you. One of the critical factors of a successful podcast creation is the best podcast recording software. When it comes to finding the right software to create the best podcast for your show, you have to be very careful.

Therefore, AndroidCompare minimizes your effort and suggests you a list full of advanced and well-optimized podcasting software in 2022. All of these recording programs have been tested several times, and they were easy to use and contain all the features you would love to see in audio editing software. So, begin or continue your podcasting journey with one of our suggested software and get numerous benefits. Also, don’t forget to tell us about which program did you choose and did it perform the way we reviewed it.

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