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Acer Vs. Asus Laptops 2022, Detailed Comparison to Show Which Way to Go

The computing industry has witnessed exceptional exponential growth in the past two decades. Since the demand for laptops and personal computers increased, their producers have also increased. Roughly fifty brands are competing with each other in the laptop market. Acer Vs. Asus is a hot chapter in the story of buying a laptop.

Both these brands have produced quality-assured laptops and personal computers over the years. Due to the impressive quality, both Asus and Acer have got loyal customers too. In this blog, AndroidCompare aims to briefly compare two of the hottest brands in the laptop industry.

Everyone has a different approach when buying a laptop. Some people buy it to play high-class games and stream them online too. On the other hand, people in business are more interested in purchasing high-quality, secure, and distinctive laptops.

Finally, students and skill-learners aim to go for a laptop which facilitates them with better specifications under a reasonable budget. This guide will highlight fundamental differences between Asus laptops vs. Acer according to the requirements of every category.

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Acer Vs. Asus – Comparing Brands Overall

Acer Vs. Asus

The Acer brand is slightly older than Asus, but the one launched later immediately impacted the audience by bringing high competition to the already existing competitors. Acer is not limited to the production of laptops only. They have also produced marvelous computers, monitors, tablets, and projectors.

On the other hand, Asus followed its competitors’ footsteps and created stupendous electronic gadgets, including tablets, computers, and monitors. Asus surpassed its competitor and started developing motherboards, headphones, graphic cards, and some sets of cell phones too.

Once a brand is launched and people start buying the products due to their impressive quality, it’s necessary to keep in touch with the customers to resolve their minor problems. Acer and Asus have given top priority to their regular customers since they started selling.

They listen to the queries of buyers and provide them instant solutions to firm their grip on the electronic market. However, due to product quality and super quick customer support, choosing a brand for a laptop or any other gadget is difficult. So let’s dig a little deeper to see who wins the race by specific criteria.

Is Asus or Acer Better? – Comparing Categorically

Laptops are used for multiple purposes, and we can categorize them according to the users’ requirements. The most common category includes the most straightforward yet efficient laptops. In this criteria, people need a laptop that can help people browse the internet, watch full HD movies online or offline, surf Facebook and other social media platforms, and download movies.

Another criterion submitted by the customers can be termed as Laptops For Business. These laptops should have ultimate security, high responsiveness, and ease of use. In addition, some people go for laptops that are good enough to run designing apps, programming software, trading applications, and online score coverage. Let’s compare Acer Vs. Asus according to each of the stated aspects.

Acer Vs. Asus laptops for Basic Needs

Acer Vs. Asus Laptops

Laptops for easy use do not come with high specifications. If you need a laptop for surfing Instagram or Facebook, watching movies on Netflix, and downloading your favorite shows or highlights of the sports, you do not need a heavy RAM or a processor. A laptop with 4GB ram and an i3 processor will be good enough to satisfy your needs. Let us suggest two budget-friendly laptops fitting in this category from both brands.

The Aspire Series launched by Acer provides powerful quality laptops with a friendly budget. For regular use, we suggest you go for Acer Aspire 3, which comes with an i3 processor, the oldest processor generation, 4GB RAM enough to handle multiple tabs opening in Chrome Browser, and 500GB of HDD.

The given space is more than enough to download and keep a dozen of movies, tv shows, and sports highlights in the highest picture quality. Furthermore, if you provide some extra dollars, they can increase the hard disk to 1TB, increasing the space on your PC to save more items than ever.

Asus leads the race to provide a better laptop for easy use. With a lesser price than Aspire 3, Asus’ VivoBook delivers more features and better specifications than its competitor. The best quality of this VivoBook is that its screen provides a view angle of 178 degrees.

It comes with 4GB of Ram, allowing you to surf Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Netflix at the same time in the different tabs of your favorite browser. As per the seller, if you buy a brand new Vivo book, it will provide you a battery life of more than 4 hours which helps it wins the race against Aspire 3.

Winner: Asus’ Vivobook wins the competition because of its lower price and higher specifications.

What’s Better, Asus or Acer? – Business Point of View

ASUS vs acer laptops

When selling laptops to people in business, taking care of some crucial features like SSD, HDD, high-performance processor, and HD display is necessary while keeping security a top priority. Both brands had a great competition in the past decade, and both of them are currently working on newer projects to launch better laptops for people involved in the business line. So let’s discuss the best laptop from each brand to compare them properly.

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Acer has been producing impressive laptops for business purposes, but their recent upload beats all the previous laptops. The Acer Swift 3 laptop has a stylish look weighing less than a kg. A 10th-generation processor is installed in this laptop to help people efficiently do their required tasks.

The best feature of this laptop is its long battery life. Once you charge it, you do not have to worry about the dead battery for at least a day. In addition, Cortona makes it easier to secure the laptop. You need to set up some logic questions, and Cortana will ask the questions every time you reboot it. This will keep your laptop highly safe.

Asus has a number of good laptops for business people, while their ExpertBook B1 is the best one to compete against Acer’s Swift 3. The I5 processor involved in ExpertBook B1 increases the performance while you do your essential tasks online. In addition, 16GB of RAM allows you to switch to different applications within no time. With this piece of RAM, there is no possibility of the laptop getting hung or lagging issues.

Also, 256GB of SSD quickens the process of reboot to save your crucial time. Instead of providing dual Core, Asus trusted their instincts and launched ExpertBook B1 with Quad-core to earn the trust of their customers. The only bad thing about this laptop is that it is a little too pricey for a businessman. You can buy two laptops for the price of an ExpertBook B1.

Winner: Acer Swift3 wins in this category because of its reasonable price and superb features.

Asus vs Acer Gaming Laptops

Gaming Laptops

Gaming is getting viral daily, and people who are extremely good at playing highly watched games tend to buy high-quality laptops with the highest specifications to help them play and stream their gameplay online. So it became a pretty challenging task for Asus and Acer to launch a laptop that could run a 50GB game with excellent graphics and help the users to stream the game on various platforms. Doing both tasks concurrently was way complicated for simpler laptops.

Hence, both Asus and Acer came up with dashing laptops fulfilling the needs of modern-day gamers. Acres’ original Triton 500 was one of the very first laptops in the market with the thinnest body specified for gamers.

After an impressive buyer response, Acer improved the Triton 500 and came up with a new look. A matte finish on the top of your laptop keeps it safe from the unwanted atmosphere. The crosshatch material with a metal finish secures your laptop from dust and effective particles. A 16×10 aspect screen helps gamers focus on the game.

The previous version of this laptop had a prominent chin at the bottom, which the complaints removed in the updated version. The specifications of this laptop satisfy the gaming community and the responsiveness of this laptop makes gamers fall in love with this sensational product.

If we talk about Asus, the most popular and accepted laptop has to be the G14. The overall look of it doesn’t convince gamers, but the specifications of the G14 make people say Wow. You do not need to spend a lot with all these high-class specs. The good thing about this laptop is that its cooling fans do not make any noise. The screen of the G14 is similar to Triton 500 and has equally same graphics.

The refresh rate impressed many gamers, and this laptop’s responsiveness has also attracted the viewing community. A face camera is also given in case gamers want to stream their gameplay online with their face on the side. This webcam can also be helpful in logging you in on facial looks.

Winner: A tie; actually, both Acer and Asus have produced immensely powerful laptops to satisfy gamers’ requirements.

Brand Review

In this section, we tend to review all the crucial aspects of a laptop that belongs to any of the given brands, i.e., Asus or Acer. We will cover each brand’s design, performance, battery life, quality, budget, and customer support. After this detailed overview, you will get a clear idea of which brand’s laptop will suit you the most. Remember that any brand can exceed in any of the given categories. So look for what you need, and our review will help you decide which brand wins the race according to your requirements.

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Acer Review

Design Review:

Most businessmen are attracted to an excellent design of a laptop. So Acer has a trend of producing exceptionally smart laptops with fantastic designs. The Swift series of Acer is leading the chart when it comes to creating lovely laptops. Not only the outlook but the material used in building these laptops are also of high quality to ensure that laptops stay alive for a more extended period of time.

Initially, Acer was not so good at launching eye-catching laptops and their cheapest laptops seemed ugly. But they changed their trend and started producing innovative screen laptops with eye-catching designs and colored casings.

Acer’s Performance:

The performance of a laptop depends on the specifications it has. Acer looks at the customer needs and launches laptops according to the collected information. For whatever the need is, Acer is exceptionally good at producing supreme quality laptops with desired specs.

You will easily find a 4GB Ram, 500GB hard, core i3 laptop for primary use. The price can vary depending on the model of the computer. Similarly, you can go for a high-spec laptop having a price slightly higher than a simple laptop. However, its performance will still be up to the mark.

Battery Review:

Everyone needs a laptop that has long battery life. Acer has produced laptops for businessmen who can run for an entire day after a full charge. It is not difficult to find a laptop with such long battery life, but you will have to ensure its battery life doesn’t decrease.

Furthermore, you will have to ensure that once the charging is complete, plug out the charger. You have to plug out the charger from the main switch to keep the charger safe. A third-party charger will ruin the battery’s performance attached to your favorite laptop.


People who tend to buy laptops for surfing the internet or browsing only do not keep quality as their key target. On the other hand, gamers, students, business-related people, and skill learners must keep an eye on the quality of the laptop before buying it.

Acer is famous for its quality assurance. Acer has produced more than a dozen laptops with a life expectancy of more than a decade. Their outer build is extraordinarily superb, and minor mishaps don’t affect the screen or keypads of the laptop.


People related to the business field do not care about the budget of a laptop as long as they are getting a good one. The same thing goes for gamers who play heavy-duty games and stream their gameplay on different platforms online. Students and home users are primarily tight on budget, and Acer takes good care of such customers by producing high-performance laptops within a reasonable budget.

We have a tip for students: they should not compromise on processors, RAM and SSD. If you are getting these specs according to your budget requirements, do not hesitate to go for the stated laptop.

Acer Customer Support:

Customers’ needs should be the main priority, and Acer knows that. Their response rate is quite good as per the reviews left by the customers. If you are an Acer customer and one of your Acer products is making any issue, you can quickly contact them, state your query, and solve your problems within a few hours.

If your product has a warranty left on the card, Acer will be more than happy to give you a newer product by replacing the older one. They may charge you a bit more if there is no warranty left for any of the products related to Acer.

Asus Review


Asus has always preferred better outlooks of laptops for businessmen, gamers, students, and learners. Unlike Acer, Asus took the design compartment pretty seriously, and due to the efforts put in by designers, they managed to launch awe-inspiring outlooks.

Besides the look of a laptop, Asus makes use of solid material to make it unscratchable and secure for longer terms. Moreover, the colors of laptops matter, and Asus keeps tremendous interest in picking up attractive colors for newer brands of laptops.


The performance of any laptop depends on the intensity of work assigned to the laptop. And the version of the core processor installed on the laptop. Asus has promised to launch laptops with suitable processors according to the requirements of users.

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For example, if a gamer wants a laptop, Asus makes sure to produce a laptop with the latest version of the core processor to ensure the best performance. Similarly, if a businessman is looking for a laptop, Asus has spread a variety of laptops for business-related people in the market. These laptops are making life easier for people around the globe.

Asus Battery:

Asus surpasses Acer in providing laptops with the ability of a 2-day working battery. You charge the laptop once a day, and you do not have to worry about low battery issues for a maximum of 48 hours. If you keep the brightness down and only use the necessary apps, your laptop will stay alive for two days.

On the other hand, keeping brightness high for whatever reasons and keeping the laptop’s ram busy in unnecessary chronic sessions will decrease your laptop’s battery life. Moreover, overcharging can also be a huge factor in minimizing the battery’s life span.


Quality is the most critical factor in making Asus a highly ranked brand in the computing industry. Since Asus launched its first product on the physical market, the company has never compromised on quality. As a result, their laptops got viral in laptop injury just like videos and shorts get viral on social media these days.

Recommendations from friends and suggestions from online buyers forced laptop-buying people to try Asus. Once, whoever tried Asus was highly impressed with the quality and became a regular buyer.


As the quality of Asus is superior, the budget of Asus laptops is also a little higher than that of Acer ones. If you are a gamer, Asus ensures the availability of high-quality laptops with the latest specifications installed, but they also ask for a heavy budget. If you want to play a game and stream your gameplay on any online platform like twitch, Asus laptops are available for over $2000. The budget is heavy, but the quality is better than the competitive brands.

Customer Support:

In other blogs, we compared Asus Customer support with HP’s customer support, and Asus won the competition easily because of its responsiveness. But comparing Asus with Acer based on customer satisfaction is tricky. Acer has done a lot of homework to entertain their customers 24 by 7.

Asus is trying hard to beat Acer in this category, but now, Acer is leading on the chart. Asus needs to simplify its system to reduce the average time they take to solve the queries and difficulties of its regular customers.


Who makes Asus laptops?

Asus is a company from Taiwan registered in 1989. After their impressive hard work, they are currently leading the chart in producing motherboards and gaming laptops. On the other hand, their consumer notebooks are pretty popular among customers. Asus is currently no. 3 in selling consumer notebooks.

Who owns Acer?

Compal Electronics is the actual owner of Acer. The same company has been producing Dell brand personal computers. HP and Toshiba were also linked to Compal Electronics lately. Forty-five percent of Acer laptops are currently under production by this company.

Is an Acer laptop good?

It depends on which laptop you buy. If you are purchasing an older version of the Acer laptop, you will have to compromise on the quality of the product. However, suppose you have a friendly budget to spend. In that case, Acer has more than a dozen powerful quality laptops with high performance, quick responsiveness, long battery life, and special customer service.

Are Acer and Asus the same company?

No, both companies are different from each other. Though they are separate companies owned by different people, some similarities exist. Both companies are from Taiwan, while an ex-employee of Acer started the Asus company, and currently, both companies are competing with each other in the physical market.


Comparing Acer vs. Asus has been tricky for us for multiple reasons. First, both brands have occupied a large percentage of customers in both physical and online markets. Second, both of them have been producing quality laptops according to the needs of buyers.

Third, Asus won the overall race because of creating multiple electronic products rather than sticking to laptop production only. Finally, although Acer primarily produces laptops, they are incredibly qualified and can easily beat Asus laptops in various fields.

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