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20 Best Free IP Camera Software, Top Cam Software for Maximum Security

Everyone wants to ensure their home, office, or another private property is fully secured. In this case, the camera software is the best option for installing them and having an overall look at your property. You can install IP camera software on your device to turn your webcams or any IP cameras into active surveillance cameras that you can access anytime via the internet. This is especially important if you want to keep your room or personal space free from any possible break-ins. There is numerous software in 2022, but we have short-listed the 21 best free IP Camera Software that is much more advanced in 2022.

By installing the IP camera software, you can catch the intruders in their act, and you can record them as well. The setup does not require too many gadgets as everything will be available in your home. You will need to install the selected software to your PC, laptop, or any device you want to monitor. You must have a good internet connection to monitor things from anywhere, anytime, with a single click. On AndroidCompare, you will also find the best inventory management software.

20 Best Free IP Camera Software – 2022 Additions

So, are you excited to enter the list of best free IP camera software that are trending and high classified in 2022. Here are the top 20 best free IP camera software that can help keep your home and personal space free from invader.

AnyCam – Best IP Camera Software


On our list of best free IP camera software, it is versatile software with maximum features. Also, it has been serving people for 16 years, which is why people still choose AnyCam software over thousands of options. Finally, it is an IP camera software designed to be easy to set up and use for anyone who wants to turn their regular webcams into surveillance cameras.

Whether you want to use it only for one camera or multiple camera setup, this software is the best way. You can record live streams with multiple cameras and record the footage on your local or network storage. Moreover, it is useable for both Windows and macOS computers. In 2022, it has been updated, and now you can also use different effects on the captured videos.


  • It is easy to set up and easy to use, whether you use it for one or multiple cameras.
  • You can record livestreams simultaneously with the multiple camera setup.
  • You can store the footage on your local drive or network storage.
  • You can view each camera in full-screen, windowed mode, or tiles mode.
  • It is available for Windows and supports various stream cameras (RTSP/MJPEG/RTMP).

IP Camera Viewer – Best Free IP Cam Software

Best Free IP Camera Softwares

It is another multifunctional camera IP software that allows you to monitor anything your camera is witnessing from a PC and laptop. IP Camera Viewer is the software that lets you use any cameras connected to your PC as surveillance cameras. Whether you have USB webcams or IP cameras, you can use this software to turn those cameras into your monitoring tools.

With this software, you can connect four cameras and control them simultaneously from your PC. The video properties can also be adjusted to improve your surveillance system’s footage quality. Also, it is free to use camera IP software with many excellent features. Most importantly, the owners keep updating this software to ensure there is no minor fault that they have missed.


  • With this software, you can connect any USB or IP cameras and turn them into surveillance cameras.
  • It supports up to 4 cameras to be controlled and monitored simultaneously.
  • You can configure the video properties to adjust the video quality.
  • The webcams can also be used to listen to the audio feeds from the surveillance system.
  • It is available for Windows with support for thousands of camera models.

ContaCam – Best Free IP Camera Software


ContaCam is useful and valuable software for everyone at the same time. The primary reason is that this free IP cam software is accessible to all windows versions from 95 and up to Windows 8. Moreover, it provides versatile, light, and easy-to-use video surveillance software that you can set up in minutes. You can set up the usage of the software by putting your cameras on surveillance mode, continuous recording, or motion detection.

You can monitor the camera feeds via the web and record and store the video footage on your hard drives. Another exciting and noticeable feature of ContaCam is that it provides you with four different languages: English, Italian, Russian, and German. There are many more advanced features that ContaCam delivers in 2022.

ContaCam Advantages:

  • The product is intended to be quick and does not need a lot of assets on your framework.
  • You can pick the subjects of your web observing page and design different checking settings.
  • You can store the video accounts on your hard drives.
  • This product can set up movement recognition to allow your cameras to identify movements.
  • You can set up a limitless number of equal cameras on your reconnaissance framework.

Cam Wizard – Free Security Camera Software

Best Free IP Camera Softwares

You can connect any cameras to your PC and set them up as a surveillance monitoring system in just a few seconds. Cam Wizard is old and trustworthy free IP camera software which requires Windows 7 or above. The good thing about this software is that it supports motion detection capabilities, and you can also schedule the time for the cameras to be active on your feed. In addition, you can store the video recordings on your local hard drives.

The most important feature of this security camera viewer software is that it is easy to install and use. Most importantly, with the updated features of 2022, this software also records the audio for you to ensure maximum security. In addition, all the captured videos will be placed on your computer’s hard drive or network drive.

Benefits in 2022:

  • It is a simple and quick-to-setup IP cam software that allows you to turn any USB camera into a surveillance monitoring system.
  • It is capable of detecting motions to identify intruders immediately.
  • You can also schedule the time for the cameras to be active.
  • Cam Wizard is now also capable of recording the voices simultaneously with video.
  • You can store the video recordings on your local hard drive, upload them online via FTP, or send them to your email.
  • It has advanced motion detection algorithms to minimize false positives.

Genius Vision – IP Camera Recording Software

Genius Vision

This software has been manufactured carefully by the Genius Vision company which specializes is IP video management software development. There are many great advanced feature in this best IP cam software of 2022 that gives easy monitoring of the multiple cameras from your device. Genius Vision offers the advanced network video recording management software that can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

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It contains the complete all-in-one IP camera management software with plenty of features and worldwide installations. The free version is available strictly for non-commercial use, with expandable features that can be granted upon requests. See the demo given below to understand how this software works.


  • It offers remote video monitoring and recording using any camera connected to your device.
  • You can monitor multiple cameras connected to your device using the internet connection.
  • It supports various brands of IP cameras, with support for webcams and phone cameras.
  • You can also use your phones as surveillance cameras with full features.
  • It is easy to set up and configure with the best feature quality in its class.

Luxriot Evo – Best Free IP Camera Software 2022

Best Free IP Camera Softwares

Although this option was added to the list a long time ago, it has more exciting features in 2022. Therefore, we have decided to enlighten this camera software’s new properties. Luxriot Evo is an additional IP cam software offered as a part of the Luxriot Video Management Software. It is free and can be used as your IP camera software with various useful functions.

Updated Features:

With this software, you can use your cameras to display video feeds that you can access remotely from anywhere. You can also perform live streams and upload them to YouTube or your website. Also, the quality of the captured and live videos has been increased so that you can witness anything with a clean view using different devices. With the updated features, it now nearly supports 5000 cameras at once, making it an obvious choice for home, office, and other secure rooms.

Advantages – Updated

  • You can use this software as a surveillance system for your home and small office.
  • It supports thousands of camera models, so you can be sure that your cameras are compatible with this software.
  • You can stream the video feeds remotely, with one simultaneous connection permitted at any time.
  • It is free to use as a complimentary software for the main Luxriot VMS suite.
  • You can also perform live streams for your video feeds and upload them to online platforms.

Blue Iris – IP Camera Software for PC

Blue Iris

If you want to monetize more than 50 cameras at once through a laptop or PC, you must use Blue Iris in 2022. It is video security software that has the ability to set up the surveillance system in your home or office with your IP cameras. It handles all the video management processes in your surveillance system, from monitoring to archiving. In addition, you can use this software to create video feeds from up to 64 cameras at a time.

You can also access the video feeds from any device, including your mobile devices. The other noticeable features of this best IP camera software are clicking screenshots, viewing the action lists, and downloading the video parts with clear audio. In the end, you can also view the Blue Iris remotely.

Blue Iris Advantages:

  • You can record and store audio and video at the same time.
  • The cameras attached to Blue Iris software are easy to navigate using mobile devices.
  • You can connect up to 64 cameras and monitor the video feeds remotely using an internet connection.
  • Mobile access is granted to you so you can monitor your video on the go.
  • You can receive alerts in various ways whenever intruders are coming to your house or personal space.

Rear View Mirror

Best Free IP Camera Softwares

Do you like getting a notification sound from cam software whenever the camera sees something suspicious? Rear View Mirror is software that ensures maximum protection in different ways. First of all, it beeps or gives you an alarming sound where something unusual is happening on the radar of any attached camera. Secondly, it is a simple software that adds motion detection capability to your webcams, allowing you to get alerted whenever intruders are coming to your personal space.

However, this software can be expanded for a home surveillance system, as it supports multiple cameras and can also access remote cameras that use MJPEG streams. You can also share the IP cameras with other users. Interestingly, it keeps adding new features to improve your security system.

Advantages in 2022:

  • You can connect multiple cameras and use them in your surveillance system.
  • It adds motion detector functionality to your web cameras.
  • You can also work with various users to monitor the same video feeds.
  • This cam software provides an extraordinary feature of notification sound as alters.
  • You can get alerted whenever unrecognized motions are detected in your video feeds.
  • You can configure the alert sounds to match your preferences.

Sighthound – Wireless IP Camera Software


It is another multifunctional software for cameras that does multiple tasks professionally. Firstly, this software accepts almost all kinds of cameras in 2022, a newly added feature. Secondly, you don’t need to worry about the version of your computer Window as it only requires a PC with an internet connection.

Moreover, Sighthound provides a complete suite of surveillance software equipped with advanced technology to ensure better surveillance systems that you can install at home or in the office. This software allows you to detect the faces of people coming to your place and automatically see the vehicle plate numbers. It is excellent software to boost your home and office security. Interestingly, it now allows you to use filters as your rules. So if you have created any law with Sighthound, it will notify you if someone has broken or tried to break your rule.

Advantages – Updated

  • It is equipped with facial recognition and people tracking technology.
  • It is also equipped with automatic vehicle plate number recognition.
  • You will be able to identify any persons coming to your place and decide whether their access to your location is granted or denied.
  • It can be installed both for your home and business, increasing the security of your properties.
  • Sighthound also has a redactor function that helps protect the privacy of the people captured in the surveillance cameras.

Netcam Watcher Professional

Best Free IP Camera Softwares

We have to include this option in our list because it contains numerous features and is understandable for beginner users. Speaking of its features, Netcam Watcher Professional is the software designed to help you monitor and record the video feeds captured by your IP cameras.

It allows you to have remote access control for all your network cameras, and you can log into your network to access the video feeds. In addition, the software helps with other tasks, such as sending alarm notifications, intelligent patrolling, etc. Moreover, it has an outstanding ability to record high-quality videos from multiple cameras at once.

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  • You can monitor and record multiple cameras at the same time.
  • It allows you to create virtual tripwires for your areas so that you can be notified whenever someone crosses the lines.
  • With the intelligent patrolling system, you can set the cameras to move randomly while patrolling the areas.
  • You can also send alarm notifications to your email address whenever an intruder is detected on your IP cameras.

iSpyConnect – Best Security Camera Software

Best Free IP Camera Software

You can confidently attach any camera you use in 2022 to iSpyConnect as it is more advanced than before. Also, this software has no limitations, which means you connect as many devices as possible. iSpyConnect is an open-source IP camera surveillance software that allows you to use your cameras for home and office security.

It has a thriving community, with new plugins regularly being released for this software. This software allows you to access your cameras from anywhere, including the monitoring feeds and the video archives. The recording features in this best IP cam software are as good as any other software on the list. Lastly, it has the ability to notify you through email, push notification, call and SMS.

Advantages – Updated

  • This software is free and open source and is available for Windows.
  • You can access your video feeds using your desktop or mobile devices.
  • There are various plugins available for this software to enhance its functionalities.
  • You can connect any IP cams and USB cameras to your device and turn them into CCTV surveillance cameras.
  • You can also record the audio feeds from the cameras.

tinyCam Monitor – Best IP Camera App in 2022

Free IP Camera Software

We know many of you are finding a top-quality app for IP cameras that can do multiple security tasks for you. Therefore, we have added this tinyCam Monitor app that is easy to install from App Store and Play Store. Also, this app is simple to use and lets you create your own settings with complete guidance.

Moreover, tinyCam Monitor is an app you can use to connect to your IP cameras so that you can monitor and record the video feeds in your private properties. You can use this app to enhance your home and office security and monitor the video feeds on the go using your mobile devices. It is available for Android and Amazon devices.


  • You can access your IP cameras or webcams using this app on the go.
  • It has object detection and face detection features powered by AI technology.
  • You can also use this app with Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.
  • You can use local and cloud storage to store the video recordings from the connected IP cameras.
  • In addition, it has an internal web server that allows you to monitor the video feeds.

IPCam Monitor for Cameras

Best Free IP Camera Software 2022

IPCam Monitor is one of the easiest-to-use software on our list. It requires a few simple steps to connect your multiple cameras to this software and then start monitoring your home or property. Moreover, you can easily connect with your IP cameras and playback the video feeds captured by your IP cams.

Not only that, but you can also pick up the audio from the IP cams and listen to it remotely. If your cameras have an infrared system, you can turn them on and off using this software. Sound and motion indicators are also available. Most importantly, it provides captured videos with easy-to-listen audio quality.


  • It is simple software that can connect to your IP cameras and control them remotely.
  • You can set your cams to patrol the area by moving the cameras in different directions.
  • It has sound and motion indicators available for you to detect irregular sounds and motions.
  • It has two-way audio and infrared on and off mode.
  • You can also use presets to change your preferences in your video viewing.


Best Security Camera Software

IPCamSoft UWP is the software that allows you to control and access your IP cameras and network video recorders. With this software, it is possible to connect to multiple IP cameras and remotely access them from anywhere. As a result, you can improve your home security while protecting the people you love at the same time. This software is available for Windows 10 devices.

We have personally used this software and found it excellent for kids’ care and home protection. The newly added features allow you to monitor the live streaming of 3000 cameras simultaneously with a coherent system. At once, your laptop’s or PC’s screen will show the live videos of up to nine cameras. In case you need to take a screenshot or capture a video from the live streaming, they are just one click away.


  • It allows you to monitor and control your IP cameras from anywhere.
  • In addition, you can share the video feeds via email.
  • You can control thousands of IP cam models that are available on the market today.
  • With this software, you can enhance the security aspects of your home and office.
  • You can configure your viewing preferences and view nine cameras simultaneously at a time.

Foscam IP Camera Viewer

Free IP Cam Software

You can monitor the live recording of multiple cameras at once from your phone, laptop, and PC. You only need to connect this best free IP camera software with the cameras you want to view through your device, and it will do the rest. Foscam is a famous brand of IP camera maker that has produced various models of surveillance, CCTV, and IP cameras on the market.

The Foscam IP Camera Viewer is the software you can use to monitor and control the IP cameras from the Foscam brand for home or office security purposes. It is easy to set up and can automatically discover your Foscam cameras. The live monitoring also assures you that you get the recorded videos in good quality and sound.


  • You can easily control the camera viewing experience using zoom, tilt, and pan functions.
  • It has two-way audio support, allowing you to listen to the audio picked up by your cameras.
  • You can set up your Foscam cameras automatically.
  • It supports the use of iPhone and iPad devices.
  • It is designed to be safe and secure with the Zero Knowledge Security feature.

YawCam – Best Free Security Camera Software 2022

YawCam software has a built-in server when you install it to monetize your cameras. Free software allows you to turn your webcams into surveillance cameras, which you can control over the internet. It is written in Java and designed to be simple and easy to use. This software has the usual features found in most IP camera software, including video streaming and monitoring, motion detector, web server, and many more.

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It runs in the background as a Windows service, so it won’t hog your system resources too much when you use it. The other noticeable features are fast video streaming, motion detection, FTP upload, and various languages. Therefore, this best free IP camera software is used widely worldwide in 2022.


  • You can use your webcams as surveillance cameras and access the video feeds through built-in web servers.
  • The system is secure as you can password-protect your web server access.
  • It runs on small system resources as a Windows service so it won’t impact your system performance.
  • You can also view the video feeds as time-lapse movies.
  • It has a motion detector and image snapshot features.

Surveillance Station – IP Camera Recording Software

Surveillance Station

If you are looking for the best protection software to completely protect your business and home, you must use Surveillance Station. Released by Synology, Surveillance Station is the IP camera software that helps protect your properties where you have placed a camera for safety purposes. Also, it has one of the best surveillance systems available in 2022.

It has various advanced and intelligent tools that allow you to monitor your environment securely. It supports multiple models of IP cameras, and you can get instant alerts whenever something unusual or against your rules is happening.

Advantages in 2022:

  • This best IP camera software has a centralized management system that makes it easier for you to monitor all your connected cameras.
  • It has an intuitive interface that makes playback and recording of the footage a breeze.
  • It has an intelligent analytics system that allows you to catch intruders in their actions.
  • You can also monitor the video streams via your mobile devices.
  • It supports various camera models and can also be integrated with other home security devices.

Official Website

SGS HomeGuard Free IP Camera Software

This free software of cameras has an outstanding detecting ability, that’s why numerous people use it. SGS HomeGuard Free provides free software that turns your web cameras into surveillance tools that capture videos and snapshots of suspicious behaviors. Whether you want to use it as a personal security tool or in your home/office settings, this software can deliver the required security features you need from your webcams.

It is easy to set up and has built-in motion detection technology. Moreover, you will come across multiple versions, each of which has its abilities. Its latest version is more advanced than the previous ones, so don’t waste time installing and setting up the old versions of this software.


  • It turns your webcams into good surveillance tools for your personal space, home, and office.
  • It has the preview mode and watches mode features.
  • You can also use this software to monitor the children’s activity while using your computer.
  • It has motion detection technology allows you to detect and record suspicious motions.
  • You can change various video settings to control this software’s playback and recording features.

Mydlink – Best IP Camera Software for PC and MAC

IP Camera Recording Software

Like many other camera software on our list, this one is also useable on PCs and MacBooks. Mydlink software allows you to connect to multiple cameras anywhere and anytime. You need a fast internet connection to monetize all the cameras attached to this software.

You can connect your Mydlink cameras to your home network, and once you set up the software on your PC, you can access your cameras from anywhere via the internet. It can monitor your home when you are away, and it also enhances your home security system.


  • It can help monitor the condition of your home and check out various things in your home, even when you are away.
  • Mydlink provides a range of high-quality camera products that you can use along with the software.
  • It supports Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.
  • You can connect to your cameras at home using your desktop and mobile devices.
  • It has an easy installation wizard that doesn’t need any complicated steps.

TeboCam – Best Free IP Camera Software

Install TeboCam today, connect it to the computer or MacBook and cameras you want to monitor, and upgrade your security system in 2022. It is a free and open-source IP camera software that allows you to connect any USB, webcams, and IP cameras via the internet. Moreover, TeboCam has a motion detection system built-in, and you can monitor up to 9 cameras in one viewing panel.

It is also designed to send immediate notifications to your email when some suspicious motions are being detected. You can use this software to enhance your home and computer security. The other achievable tasks are taking screenshots, capturing videos, recording high-quality with good sound, and notifying when something unusual happens.


  • It has a motion detection system can send immediate notifications to your email whenever suspicious motions are detected.
  • This software’s detection motion sensitivity can be set up through the settings.
  • You can monitor up to 9 cameras at the same time.
  • You can publish webcam or movement images regularly.
  • There is the graph view of movements that is presented in calendar mode.


Having some IP cameras installed around your perimeter is essential for personal, home, or office security. But that’s not the end of it. There is also another way to make the home monitoring process easier for you to do. You might need to install some good security cameras around your house and camera software to monitor it 24/7. This way, you can be notified whenever an intruder is trying to break into your property and alert the authorities immediately.

You must choose the right IP camera software to control all those security cameras from anywhere. This list of IP camera software can give you the best selection of the available IP camera software you can use to connect to your IP cameras, CCTV cameras, webcams, and USB cameras. Lots of features are provided by the software listed here, and more importantly, most of them are available entirely for free. Some others will allow you to try the software for a period before you decide to purchase it. You can pick the one that is best suited for your security needs.

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