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5 Best React Native Apps Till Date! iRiverAmerica

React Native, a JavaScript framework has seemingly accomplished the impossible.

It has facilitated the use of apps on both the Android and iOS platforms without compromising on improved user experience.

The use of the app smoothly on such different platforms, mainly involves the reusing of codes between them.

The framework has significantly upgraded several applications that we use in our daily lives.

Its gradual evolution is noteworthy and has been accepted by numerous app developers. 

There are several apps that use React native to improve productivity. And Risepps, a React Native app development company, helped us to create the list of 5 best React Native apps:

  1. Instagram

Instagram thoroughly accepted the challenge of shifting to React Native.

Due to React Native, the app garnered more traffic from both Android as well as iOS platforms.

Another advantage that the application received due to React Native was that the maintenance of the iOS and Android platforms could now be done with relative ease.  

  1. Townske

One of the most enriching and informative travel guides can be obtained from the app Townske.

Their development team had the distinct advantage of using a React Native app development company already in their web application.

Hence, they were perfectly aware of the benefits of the framework and wasted no time to use it for their mobile application as well. This greatly boosted their developmental speed.  

  1. UberEats

UberEats is one of the highly popular food delivery apps that have successfully carved out their niche.

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They sought out the assistance of a React Native app development company to aid one of their primary concerns.

They needed a dashboard with notifications like sound, etc. for restaurants. Although React Native is a small part of this application, still its significance cannot be overlooked.

  1. Skype

Skype completely remodeled itself with the help of the React Native framework. This greatly attracted the users and resulted in more traffic to the application.

Using React Native, the team of Skype completely changed the outlook of the app by the inclusion of some interesting features.

After its massive success, Microsoft made an important decision regarding the use of the native app.

It decided to use this framework not only for its mobile app, but also for its desktop app as well.

  1. Walmart

Walmart has spearheaded the sphere of retailers in the market for a very long time.

So, it comes at no surprise that the company would take innovative and bold approaches to make its presence online all the more prominent.

They hired a React Native app development company to improve customer satisfaction with their mobile application.

They accomplished the improvement of their performance within a very short time using React native framework.

These are some of the applications that are built using the React Native. It has consistently provided success for the companies that chose to adopt it. Many more apps are likely to use this framework shortly.

But we also recommend paying attention to a framework such as Flutter. It has been rapidly gaining popularity recently, and more developers are starting to use it in their projects.

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These frameworks have many similarities, and no fewer differences because such giants as Facebook and Google create them both.

If you are interested in cross-platform application development, we recommend you to read about Flutter as well.

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