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Current Trends & Problems Of Computing As a Mode Of Teaching

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Today computing is one of the most widely studied branches of science and this has to do with the development and application of digital technology in the midst of society.

Contemporary society witnesses the greatest and successive changes ever seen by any society.

In the last 50 years the advancement of science in all branches of knowledge and especially in the field of information technology and communications is great

It is important for the evolution of society itself, such is the case today enrich concepts such as science, technology, and educational technology.

The man without technique, without reaction against the environment, is not a man.

With this approach I also agree with the conclusion that “The technique is prior to science and economics”.

For this, it is necessary to recognize the difference between educational innovation and technological education.

It is useless to incorporate technology, let alone in the educational field, if it is not known for what, if only the previous teaching models on new technologies are projected, or if they are incorporated by social or commercial pressure.

Education gives discipline and culture (sum of knowledge), but culture changes according to the approach in which it occurs.

The media does not influence the process, but the way of coding that the medium has and the perception of the receiver (or educating).

There is no better means than another.

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When it is said that a technology is appropriate or appropriate, reference should be made to the adequacy of a specific problem and / or project and not a mere development situation.

Among the determining factors for the consumption of these New Information and Communication Technologies, it is fundamentally the formation of critical perceivers, that is, the generation of intelligent users.

The key: education and training for the adoption of new work methodologies and generation of educational projects.

The teaching-learning process has as an essential purpose, to contribute to the integral formation of the student’s personality.

Fundamental mediating path for the acquisition by this knowledge, procedures, norms of behavior, values; that is, the profession of culture bequeathed by previous generations.

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Which endorses as part of its integration in the different specific social contexts where each student develops.

So that in this direction the current Educational Revolution is projected by proposing a group of programs among which is computer science.

However, at present those that exist are fundamentally characterized by student administration and management.

In this aspect the applications of the computers are based on administrative activities such as: control of records, notes, student data.

And management activities such as: preparation of materials for teaching activities and statistical processing for research.

The teaching of computing as an object of study depends on the curriculum of each level of education, for which three levels are recognized: basic, middle and higher.

The basic level contemplates the teaching of the operation of the computer, knowing the applications, understanding about the process of operation and other elementary aspects, is the so-called level for literate users.

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The middle level, or specialized users, includes the teaching of programming fundamentals.

As well as the learning of various types of applications: word processors, graphs, electronic tabs and database management system.

The higher level for conscious professional users includes the teaching of methods, programming language, design and development of systems or software, hardware design and machine architecture, as well as the use of software related to the specialty.

Another trend is computer-assisted teaching, which has to do with applications in the teaching-learning process itself.

In this there are two fundamental directions, a direct one which is the use as a means of teaching, that is, the form of use in the teaching activities is foreseen.

And the indirect one, which is the use as a working instrument, where the applications are designed, that is, without foreseeing the form and timing of use as this is more open.

At present, special attention is given to the problem of optimization and improvement of the teaching-learning process.

One of the ways to solve this problem is the use of ICT and especially the computer as a means of teaching.

The computer has suitable characteristics for its application as a means of teaching because of its broad advantages in relation to other teaching means previously used and that allows us to fully reflect what the educator wishes.

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