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5 Tips on How To Enjoy Watching NFL with Your Family

It’s Monday Night Football once again and there’s no better way to enjoy the NFL than watching with your whole family.

Your wife, your kids, they’re all as hyped as you are.

While Football is fun to watch in itself, there are several ways to make the experience even better.

Whether it’s a whole party or a good leisure moment to spend the night together as a family.

These tips will surely make your NFL viewing sessions much better than ever before. Are you ready for some football?

Food and Drinks are Best

At this point, it’s kind of a sin not to bring snacks or beverages with you while watching.

No, I’m not referring to grand meals with a whole chicken and macaroni salad on the table.

I’m talking about food and drinks that you can carry with you. 

Treat NFL nights as a cheat day for you and your family: order pizza, ready some popcorn, grill some hotdogs or hamburgers and sodas ready.

Oh, and mom and dad can have a few cans of beer too. After all, beer suits best with football.

The only thing that should be as happy as your viewing is your belly. 

Tag-Along Friends with You

It could be your neighbor, your office mate, or your kid’s friend suffering from depression and isolation.

Heck, you can have a group of friends with you if you want.

The more the merrier – and watching the NFL (or any sports) is more enjoyable with a crowd. 

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More people mean more hype and seeing your favorite Running Back sprint for 70 yards to the goal feels more exciting with friends.

Oh, and there’s a sense of friendly rivalry too in case someone is against the team you are siding with.

Merch Matters

Whether you’re a hardcore Patriots fan or prefer the underdogs like the Dolphins, having merchandise for your corresponding team makes a difference.


While I do not urge you to buy one, especially if you’re on a tight budget, there’s a sort of magical aura that resonates from what you wear while your team is battling it out on live TV.

Merch makes you feel proud and represented. Sure, some of the merch may be expensive on their official website.

But some online shops offer huge discounts and coupons on NFL products such as FansEdge.

Again, it’s optional – but it makes a whole lot of difference.

Set-Up Your Living Room

To experience the most immersive NFL viewing, you will need a large HDTV and surround sound speakers.

We don’t need to elaborate on how you need to set-up everything but with a screen that’s large enough.

Plus sounds resonating from the speakers 360 degrees, it really feels like being in the arena along with thousands of attendees.

For the most basic set-up, you will want to play your family couch at the right distance in front of the TV.

Put the bass speaker up front and the other speakers on four corners of the room within the TV range.

Or, if you prefer something convenient, do buy an all-in-one speaker that offers Dolby surround sound. The experience is exhilarating. 

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If you’re out and about or even on a camping trip, we would recommend PIQO, a portable HD projector so you never miss out on your favorite NFL viewing!

This would even work great with the bluetooth speakers mentioned above, for the ultimate outdoor experience.

Subscribe to a Premium NFL Live Service

I’m talking about NFL exclusive streaming such as the NFL SUNDAY TICKET and NFL GAME PASS.

Trust me, you’ll find no better NFL experience than these.

Why? Because it puts you up to date with the latest happenings in the world of football; player tracking, real-time stats, multiple viewing, live scores, all under 4K resolution at max. 

However, it’s quite expensive to buy one – it makes movie streaming sites seem like you can buy that for a Dollar.

But if your life is dedicated to investing your time on American football, the payment is worth it. If you need to know more, click here.

Optional But Recommended

While these tips aren’t required, they do make viewing a whole lot better.

But if you’re not willing to spend some bucks on such, plainly watching NFL with your family is still wholesome and rewarding.

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