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If you can’t seem to fall asleep at night, be it because of too many thoughts flooding your head or the temperature of the room being not right or because of persistent insomnia – you need to try something new.

White noise, soothing ASMR and listening to bedtime stories are some of the tricks of the trade to beat that sleep disorder from the get-go.

Dozing off to the soft sound in the background will leave you energized when you wake up, raring to go.

Doctors say that one in three of us today are victims of sleep disorders, and if so, then we need to be trying harder to sleep better. Good sleep is essential if we want to be productive during the hours we are awake.

We happen to spend a third of our life asleep and when that third is affected the two thirds where we try to be useful is going to go downhill too.

When it comes to fixing your sleep cycle, having something to fall asleep to can be extremely useful. This is where podcasts come in. Spotify has a wide variety of podcasts to choose from, and they promise to help you disconnect from the content slowly and fall into a deep sleep.

Push aside powerful documentaries and analysis-driven podcasts, and tune into the likes of the ESPN FC Podcast or the Small Town Murder Podcast for a slow transition to REM sleep. Their rhythm, their sounds, and their overall format although unintentional is best suited to fall asleep to.

To save you the hard work of scouring Spotify for sleep-inducing podcasts, we have compiled a list of our favourite Top Five bedtime podcasts that we promise will put you to sleep, in the right way.

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Make sure to tune in to these podcasts every night, and before you know it, your sleep disorder will be a thing of the past.

ESPN FC Podcast

Churning out a new podcast every day, this show ensures you get good sleep every night. The ESPN FC Podcast is a minimum of thirty minutes in format, which is sufficient time for you to tune out and fall asleep. And for the days when it’s that much harder to fall asleep, listen to the hour-long episodes.

The ESPN FC podcast crew hosts have a conversation throughout the format with voice modulations that lull you into sleep slowly but steadily.

ESPN FC Podcast was created to give feedback on football games, but now they can cater to a new target audience – the sleep-deprived.

They discuss games, they discuss techniques, they discuss the future of players, and they discuss all this is a smooth rhythm of ups and downs that will effectively help you zone out. We recommend listening to ESPN FC Podcast to tackle the irregular sleep cycles – but only if you are not a football fan!

Small Town Murder Podcast

Every week, a new podcast airs that averages a good two and a half hours to three hours in length. And this is why Small Town Murder Podcast is every insomniac’s dream of uninterrupted background sounds.

A comedy – meets – crime format that covers a wide range of morbidity and horror, this is an unexpected find in our quest for sleep-inducing podcasts.

Small Town Murder Podcast is unique because it throws at you data and numbers and pairs this with conversations between the hosts. And this combination, when you are in bed waiting for sleep, puts you right to sleep.

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The voice modulation of the hosts on Small Town Murder podcasts is soothing, and their constant content is a lullaby. Should you enjoy bedtime stories with no happy ending, and want to fall deep into sleep like a child, then look no further than this podcast, Small Town Murder.

Sleep with Me Podcast

This podcast is nicknamed the “ultimate sleep podcast” because it has been serving the sleep-deprived since 2013. The brainchild of Drew Ackerman, who was a victim of sleep insomnia himself, Sleep with me is little over an hour in length and airs twice a week. You will never run out of episodes as he has a library of over three hundred sessions on Spotify.

The selling point of this podcast is the voice of the narrator, with its gravelly and soothing essence that is like a lullaby. He is confident in his ability to lead you towards sweet dreams and prides himself in putting grownups to sleep.

The episode contents are random and varied and inconsequential while you try to get some rest. So if you are clueless about where to start your bedtime podcasts journey, then start with Sleep with Me.

Game of Drones Podcast

Game of Thrones gripped the world, and every other millennial was hooked onto the unexpected turn of events. Game of Drones, on the other hand, narrates the same show in an inexplicably dull manner.

A podcast from the dreary voice behind the “Sleep with me” podcast, Game of Drones aims to be as banal and monotonous as possible, and that’s what makes it effective at putting you to sleep.

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Drew Ackerman puts out a new episode every week, lasting an hour and a half, and this is more than sufficient to kick-start that REM cycle you desperately seek.

His skillset is unparalleled in turning the most epic moments of the show into the slowest, blandest and most lethargic podcast. Add this podcast to your night time mix to ensure a quick onset of sleep.

99% Invisible Podcast

When you are wide awake and attentive, this podcast is a wealth of information on topics concerning design and architecture. Roman Mar walks you through exciting content, and the show is a learning curve. But when you lie in bed and sleep evades you, this show acts as the perfect dream inducer.

Roman Mars has a constant chatter going, and the format is such that there is an uninterrupted half-hour long episodes every week.

These make the golden duo when searching for bedtime podcasts, and 99% Invisible is a winner. Tune in when you get into bed, and before you know it, you will be fast asleep without a care in the world.

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