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Top 10 Free Small Business Advertising Ideas Revealed!

Internet is a unique place where small firms and huge companies have the same equal rights for competing.

However, when we talk about advertising, both big and small companies should be very careful about budgeting, otherwise everything will be in vain.

But we have a good news. Internet is full of cheap and expensive ways to promote your business and get high results.

We have prepared top-10 list of practices small business owners can use and not invest too much.

Work with SEO

It is not enough to be a good company, let people find you when they search for the products you offer.

This tool is free and will give the results not immediately, but the effect will be stable in case everything is done on a regular basis. By the way, you have your website, don’t you?

Publish your clients’ stories

The format can be an interview, a questionnaire, an audio or video story.

The message should cover the following aspects: a problem and how your product helped to resolve it. Use “” to quote.

Ask people to repost your blog messages

In 2019 -2020 we have an accent on useful and interesting information, but the more people know it – the better.

Your task is to encourage people to tell about your ideas of shoes cleaning or keeping fit on their pages of such popular ad serving platforms like Facebook or something local that is popular in your country.

Register your company in Google MyBusiness

The idea of this advertising network solutions is that Google network will show people that your cafe or shop is near them, will help to build a route to you.

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Top Mobile Business Ideas

This option will be useful not only for visitors, but for locals as well as we may not know all the places that sprout like mushrooms after summer rain.

Study forums to find more potential clients

Places like Quora desperately needs opinions from experts side.

Don’t offer direct advertising, just give an advice how something should be fixed.

Little note: create an account by your company name and add a link to your website in your signature.

Share the information all over the Internet

Nowadays tendency to share in social networks each moment of your life is at the same time blessing and curse.

However, it is quite good tactic for companies if done wisely: discuss the article about your area if you have read recently, share the photo or funny moment from your work office routine and so on.

Thus, you haven’t spent a cent for advertising, but your clients are always in touch with you, see your up-to-dateness and more active that is impossible to reach with cold calls.

Seasonal Events

Write about seasonal events in your blog to keep your audience interested.

There are certainly festivals, conferences and other activities related to your niche. You need only time to find the information.

Adopt users content

Seeing glossy images is not so interesting rather that observing not professional photo of the same user as you are and a particular product you are thinking buying about.

There are lots of variants for implementation: quizzes, challenges, hashtags using and so on.

Find partners from related niches

If you sell healthy food, there should be somebody who deals with sport equipment or something related.

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You may ask to be mentioned on the website as a partner (and do the same on your resource as well).

Interview a person of importance from your field

It may not be exactly a celebrity, but somebody whose opinion is important.

Ask him or her to post the link of the interview on his website – it will attract his audience as well.

Such way out may cost you some money or some kind of services or discounts for the authority.

Little bonus about social networks and other stuff: be active.

It means that all your activities should be done as a two lane street.

People should feel you are interested in them, too. Track people’s reactions, emotions and comments.

Like, comment on the responses people give you. Imagine, it is a dialogue that is possible when two parties are actively engaged.

By the way, which other methods have you tried to promote your business and get more clients?

Tell us in the comments or email directly.

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