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Mobile Marketing Trends For 2021, That You Can’t Miss!

We have just put together the biggest mobile marketing trends for 2021. Right at the forefront: videos and stories.

Many features can transform the marketing strategies of marketers.

Here we are, at the start of the year – what could be successful this year?

Meanwhile, an Instagram user makes an interesting discovery: he could see a calendar overview of all previous Instagram posts in the “Facebook Creator Studio.”

A feature that everyone will soon be able to use, and can Instagram Reels soon be shared on Facebook? 

Social Networks And Social Commerce

Where are people spending time? Pandemic and lockdown was a successful period for social networks and systems because people invested more hours into those platforms.

Is there a list of the places where users now spend their time?

These include the areas of “gaming,” “videos on YouTube channels with thousands of subscribers,” and “home-based” niches.

Integrating videos on social media will continue to be a trend next year, and the popularity of niche platforms will continue to grow in 2021.

Stories will also be one of the most popular channels for presenting your content next year. Don’t forget that – Social commerce is the future.

30 percent of all companies have already integrated social commerce into their business or plan to do so in the next twelve months.

Authenticity is still the be-all and end-all. Customer service is shifting towards social media.

Is the Instagram Calendar Coming Soon?

For a long time, users in the “Facebook Creator Studio” have had the opportunity to plan and publish their Instagram posts and to use A / B tests for video content.

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Now Facebook could provide a new feature for Instagram. This function was made available to individual users as part of a test.

So far, however, it is unclear whether and when the calendar feature will be available to the general public.

Digital Conferences

The corona pandemic has led to international conferences being cancelled, countless employees being sent to the home office in the wake of the lockdown, and entire economies being shaken.

Companies would therefore look to the year 2021 full of hope. Meeting through smartphones is the new black.

Keep in mind that conferences are cancelled, but there are digital platforms where you can host conferences.

Instagram Reels Soon On Facebook?

Facebook seems to want to connect more and more with Instagram.

According to this, a user would have discovered the option of sharing the Instagram Reels in the Facebook News Feed and on Facebook Watch, but it is not linked to their own Facebook account.

Facebook is continuously working to keep up with the competitor app TikTok.

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