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Best Warehouse Inventory Management Software, Grow Your Business Immensely

When it comes to managing your business, whether it is an online or conventional/offline business, inventory management is an integral part that can determine how well you will ensure your product delivery for each customer. In 2022, it is quite challenging to run a business without best inventory management software. There are many great advantages of running a business with an advanced management system.

You don’t want to have a problem handling your customer’s order just because it doesn’t match your current inventory information. The best way to manage your inventory is to use good inventory management software that can be integrated into your database, as well as your e-commerce website. This is the software that you can use to control the product stocks you always have to ensure that it is ready when the customers order it.

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20 Best Warehouse Inventory Management Software

Thousands of people demand best software to manage inventory on a monthly basis. Therefore, we have had to go through deeper to enlist some the top inventory management software. The systems will completely help you get started in managing your product inventory, warehouse, IT inventory, online, and offline businesses. Make sure to carefully read the features and other details of any software to see if it fulfils your requirements or not.

StockPile – Online Inventory Management Software

inventory management software

About StockPile:

First of all, we have StockPile software on our list which provides a high-quality free inventory management system. It allows you to manage all your product inventory online. Whether you are a small business or a home user, this tool can help you manage your stock easily. It doesn’t limit the number of users, items, and locations you put into the database.

The good thing about the StockPile online system is that it is capable of managing both smaller and bigger businesses evenly well. Furthermore, you can easily track anything available in your business or warehouse. It uses 256-bit encryption making it possible to keep your data secure. Overall, StockPile is one of the best inventory management software to run offline and online businesses.

StockPile Features:

  • Unlimited items, users, and locations to store in the database.
  • Accessible anywhere, free forever, and always available.
  • Record your sales, count the damaged goods, and take returns easily.
  • The reporting module allows you to get detailed information about your recovery turnover.
  • Manage preferences, as well as physical warehouses, manufacturers, and locations.

ABC Inventory – Offline Software for Inventory Management

ABC Inventory

About ABC Inventory:

If you wish to overlook your inventory items thoroughly, you must use ABC Inventory software. The noticeable feature about of ABC inventory is that it is an offline inventory management software. Interestingly, you can install and use it on your computer for free, designed for small and medium businesses. With this software, you can manage all the goods in your business with a database that doesn’t limit the number of items you put in it.

However, the free version can’t be used to link it with other computers and sync their data, and it is only available for a single user. While inspecting this software for inventory management, we observed that it works efficiently well for medium business projects. Most importantly, it has got an outstanding technique of controlling the available items. It will rank and show you the items’ performance on their cost, demand, and profit.

ABC Inventory Software Features:

  • The completely free license doesn’t have any restrictions on the number of items you put in the database.
  • You can install it offline without the need to rent any online server.
  • Multiple companies, warehouses, and currencies available.
  • Protect your database with a password.
  • Customizable screens and reports according to your preferences.

inFlow On-Premise – Best Inventory Management Software

inventory management software

About inFlow Software:

Next, we have a software and an app at the same time for running small businesses. We are talking about inFlow On-Premise which is the offline version of the inFlow inventory management software you can install and use on your computer. The free version offers suitable features to evaluate the software or start a small business. It can record and track a limited number of goods, which can be used for a single user.

Although, most of the owners of small businesses love using inFlow for managing their inventory. It does not mean that you can not use it to run a medium-sized business. We have inspected it thoroughly and found it good enough to run multiple size of businesses. Furthermore, your data is completely secure and it gives you a complete look about the trending products in your inventory.

inFlow Features:

  • A limited number of products, customers, and reports that you can record in the database.
  • You can track payment owing, sales, and purchase orders.
  • It is super easy to record multiple locations and apply the barcode system.
  • You can enter custom fields, import/export data, and count sheets.
  • Automatic backup for the software to keep it up to date.

Odoo – Open Source Inventory management software

inventory management software

About Odoo:

While looking for the best inventory management software, you must have been suggested with Odoo open source software. Undoubtedly, it has been amongst the trending software to manage inventory. It provides all-in-one software that makes it possible for you to run your business. This software deals with various aspects of your business, such as customer relationship management, website builder, financial management, integration, and so on.

It includes an inventory management feature that helps you to manage and track your goods. As mentioned earlier, Odoo has an open-source license, so it is completely free to use. One of the most noticeable advantages of this open source inventory management software is its flexibility. In other words, it works nicely with CRM, eCommerce, accounting, billing, etc.

Odoo Features:

  • Odoo has an open-source license, meaning that you get all the full features completely for free.
  • This software doesn’t just manage your inventory, but all other aspects of your business as well.
  • It has a double-entry inventory system to ensure the best management for your warehouse.
  • It offers advanced features like dropshipping, cross-docking, and multi-warehouses.
  • The real-time reports will keep track of your inventory information at any time.

Official website

Delivrd – Warehouse Inventory Management Software

inventory management software

About Delivrd:

If you like using cloud-based management system for your offline and online businesses, you must explore the features of Delivrd and use it. The reason is that it provides order fulfillment and inventory management software that you can use on the cloud. The free version of the software allows you to use it for a single user, with a single inventory location and up to 10 products in your catalog.

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Moreover, it gives you the ability to track your goods and handle the delivery of your products. While analyzing Delivrd software, we found it fully helpful in reporting you about the performance of your significant products. It is also an excellent option for generating instant monthly reports to know about the profit and loss of your business.

Delivrd Features:

  • You can calculate your profit and loss to see how well your business is doing.
  • It is easy to track your goods, as well as handle the shipment of it using this software.
  • You can have various third-party integrations to add more features to the software.
  • The option of Print and scanning the barcodes of your products is also available.
  • You can get notified whenever your products have a low stock level.

RightControl (Lite)

RightControl (Lite)

About RightControl Software:

If you want to manage your inventory through a software which has an endless and advanced features, RightControl (Lite) is the best option for you. The one that we are reviewing here is the free version of the full RightControl software, which can help you manage your product stocks. It comes with various good features in the full version, but the features are limited in certain aspects.

For instance, the lite version can only handle 10 product lines, and it can only be installed in 1 terminal. Most importantly, it has an understandable layout letting users know everything about their inventory. Inventory management besides, you can use it for contacts, billing, and sales management too and you will find it evenly beneficial.


  • With RightControl system, you can comfortably control your business’s aspects, including invoicing, sales management, stock management, contact management, and warehouse management.
  • The invoicing system is perfect to be used both for conventional businesses and professional service providers.
  • It uses the MSAccess database for easier management and maintenance of your database.
  • You can add unlimited items per product line, with a limit of 10 product lines per 1 free license.
  • It keeps you informed about the current stock levels and gives you an alert whenever you are low on stock.

Official website

Skyware Inventory – Software for Inventory Management

inventory management software

About Skyware:

Next on our list of best inventory management software is Skyware. The reason behind the inclusion of this software is because it provides the same great results as others but with a different style. For example, it is a database driven web application allowing its users to track your inventory management online. Moreover, it is a simple web-based inventory management platform that is very easy to use.

The free version is available for a single user, and you need to pay an affordable monthly fee if you want to add more users. It is also very flexible to use, whether you want to track your goods from multiple locations or use it as a traditional inventory system. Before you start using this system, you need to register (if using for the first time) or login (if an old user).

Skyware Features:

  • You can track receipts for inbound stuff and tickets for outbound stuff.
  • You can also transfer moving stuff and adjust for lost stuff.
  • You can see each transaction detail and inventory item.
  • It is a straightforward platform that anyone can use, suitable for small and medium businesses.
  • You can print, copy, and delete receipts, as well as add supporting documents for each transaction.

BoxStorm – Computer Inventory management software


About BoxStorm:

It is another one of the best cloud-based inventory management software in 2022. BoxStorm provides a system for inventory management that you can integrate with QuickBooks online. Although there are monthly pricing plans per user, the free version provides various basic functionalities that you can use immediately. It is available for the web and mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

One of the major reasons behind the popularity of BoxStorm software is that it can be used with multiple devices. For example, you have an urgent task to complete regarding your business, so you can look after it through your mobile device as well from anywhere. Lastly, you will find it understandable and easy to use compared to other options on the list.

BoxStorm Features:

  • You can add various items (up to 15,000 items) and locations to the database.
  • You can scan products with barcodes, add/remove inventory, and move the stocks.
  • It is perfectly integrated with QuickBooks online.
  • You can export and import data easily.
  • You can check for the cycle count and the audit trail for your inventory.

Square Inventory Management – Software for Small Businesses

Square Inventory Management

About Square Inventory:

There are many people who wish to have various tools in their inventory management software. In this case, we suggest Square software which provides a free inventory management solution that you can access from any computer and without any commitment at all. The platform is designed to handle your stock management quickly to deal with your customers more.

You can also use it to manage your product stocks in bulk. While using this system, you will love its feature about the details of the product available. You can effortlessly count the items and know the profit and loss of any item. Also, it is easy to use and understand the whole system that is why we suggest it to the beginners as well.

Square Software Features:

  • The users can use this software with CSV spreadsheets for quick setup and calculation of your goods.
  • You will get alerts whenever your items are in low stock or out of stock.
  • It is easy to edit your items and download the reports immediately.
  • You can manage thousands of items with this software for free.
  • Advanced features are available, such as projected profits, purchase orders, and multi-location management.

Official website


inventory management software

About SalesBinder:

As the name suggests, SalesBinder is an inventory management software that provides maximum chances to increase your sales. It is one of the most advanced software on our list that provides an easy-to-use online inventory management platform with advanced third-party integrations. 1 user can use the free version, and it can only create 100 records.

Furthermore, this software can manage various aspects of your business, including CRM, invoicing, estimates, inventory, purchase orders, locations, and more. The versatility of this software to manage inventory attract more people to manage their online and offline businesses with this software.

SalesBinder Features:

  • It allows you to add multiple locations and zones for your product stocks.
  • You can also perform barcode scanning to track your products.
  • If you wish to create invoices and estimates for your customers, SalesBinder lets you do that within minutes.
  • It allows you to have multiple item variations and integrate purchase orders.
  • With SalesBinder software, you can integrate it with various third-party applications, such as Intuit QuickBooks, Xero, WooCommerce, and Zapier.
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Vend (Free Trial)

Inventory Management Software

About Vend Software:

Among the trending inventory management software in 2022, Vend also makes it place into the list. There are many noticeable and quality features available in Vend system. First of all, you can inspect all of its properties for free by availing its free trial. Secondly, it provides POS, customer loyalty, and inventory management software that can be used for PC, Mac, and iPad.

The free trial version allows you to use all the Vend features without restrictions, secure cloud backup, integrated payments, unlimited users, and unlimited products. Moreover, it provides the basic tools to operate your stores, as well as handling its stocks and transactions.

Vend Features:

  • The users of Vend get complete control over your product and inventory management.
  • It allows you to set custom reports to see the profitability of your business.
  • This software automatically calculates the administrative aspects of your business, such as taxes, margins, and currencies.
  • Like other software to manage inventory, this one is also cloud-based, and it can be made to work offline on any device.
  • It allows you to use the Xero Accounting add-on for a faster accounting process.

Ordoro – All-in-One Inventory Management Software

Ordoro Management Software

About Ordoro:

Managing your inventory besides, Ordoro is also capable of growing your business with several exciting features. Firstly, it provides shipping and inventory management software specifically designed for e-commerce businesses. It can manage various aspects of your business from sales until delivery to the customers.

You can also handle dropshipping with ease to use this software if you are a product supplier for other businesses. In other words, it is a versatile system that is capable of handling multiple type of businesses at once. Most importantly, if you have never used any software for the inventory management before, we recommend you should go for Ordoro. It has a user-friendly layout that guides you thoroughly in managing your business.

Ordoro Features:

  • As a beginner, you should start with Ordoro software.
  • It can send automatic purchase orders when your inventory level is low.
  • While using Ordoro, you can use a barcode to keep all products tracked properly and to reduce errors.
  • Ordoro is an advanced system that bundles all items into one unit so that you can sell it together as a bundle.
  • The tracking and synchronizing your inventory level automatically is another noticeable feature.
  • It can connect all your supply channels as one and dropship your products to the customers.

Zoho Inventory

Inventory Management Software;

About Zoho:

Those who wish to track the items in the inventory and grow the sales at the same time must add Zoho Inventory software to their business. It is among the trending and most-liked system in 2022. Also, it is an inventory management software aimed at growing businesses, which helps manage certain aspects of your business, such as order fulfillment, stock management, and inventory control.

It can also be integrated with various third-party service providers, such as Amazon, PayPal, Shopify, eBay, and more. The free version gives you 20 online orders, 20 shipping labels, and 20 shipment tracking per month. In short, Zoho inventory system can be your strong companion in running and growing your business professionally.

Zoho Features:

  • It provides multi-channel inventory management software for your business.
  • The order management system allows you to manage orders, both offline and online.
  • Every item in your stock will be tracked properly with a serial number.
  • Most importantly, it allows you to integrate the platform with various shipping applications.
  • It allows you to integrate it with various CRM and accounting applications.

Nextar POS Software

Nextar Inventory Management Software

About Nextar Software:

On our list, one of the most professional POS and inventory management software is Nextar. You will love to begin managing your business with it because it has got several outstanding features. First of all, Nextar provides a simple POS system to set up and provides various basic functionalities such as customer account creation, inventory management, cash register management, and more.

It is easy to use and designed to be a low-cost solution for small and medium businesses. The free version includes various basic features without any time limit. We suggest you must explore the properties of Nextar software to see if it suits your requirements or not.

Nextar Features:

  • Making sales in a few seconds is super easy with Nextar.
  • Adding products to your inventory is one of the most exciting features of this software.
  • It allows you to create accounts for your customers.
  • You can adjust currency and set up your sales tax.
  • It allows you to create a supplier catalog and control your cash register.

Lokad (Free Trial)

About Lokad:

Lokad provides a quantitative supply chain technology that handles every aspect of your e-commerce sales. It is designed to be used by big ecommerce businesses and industries with a high amount of sales every month. It includes inventory management and control for a huge load of products.

You will come across various advanced features in Lokad software that are great for tracking the performance of your complete inventory. Moreover, the export and import option of your data is simple because it gets saved in the cloud.

Lokad Features:

  • It allows you to manage your inventory and track your inventory performance to determine your business’s best suggestions.
  • It provides a one-page dashboard with a fast display that gives you the best way to manage your product stocks.
  • All your data is saved in the cloud, and you can easily export and import your data anytime.
  • It is designed for scalability, which means that you can expand the platform as you grow your business.
  • It can be integrated with various third-party applications, such as Shopify, Vend, QuickBooks, Unleashed, and more.

Ornavi – Online Business Management Software


About Ornavi Software:

Ornavi is a job management software for businesses that is giving inventory and stock manager functionalities. It helps you to manage various aspects of your business, including job management, invoicing, quotes, inventory, purchase orders, and more. The free trial version is available for 2 months for all the available plans.

In this 2 months of time, you can explore all the features available in Ornavi. This is how, you can decide whether you should continue with Ornavi system to manage your inventory or not. Most importantly, you will be notified instantly if the items are low in the stock.

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Ornavi Features:

  • It allows you to import your supplier’s price list directly to your inventory.
  • Ornavi provides multiple unit measurement for your products.
  • You will get notifications when the stock levels are low.
  • Rapid quote generation allows you to generate quotes quickly from the database.
  • You can make stock purchase orders whenever the stock is low, and you can also store the manufacturer’s information.

PartKeepr – Inventory Management Softwares

PartKeepr Software Review

About PartKeepr:

PartKeepr is an open-source inventory management software that is primarily designed to keep your parts stock in check. So, if you are selling parts in your business, this software can help you track and manage its inventory. However, it can also be used to manage your products’ stock so that you will know when they are low on stock or out of stock. It is completely free.

We had to include PartKeepr on our list because it has many noticeable features. One of the major ones is its working speed. Whatever the inventory management related task you give to PartKeepr software, it does in minutes with perfection. You can comfortably run your small and medium businesses with this high-quality inventory management software.

Features in PartKeepr:

  • It allows you to enter the relevant data for each part as much as possible and edit it whenever you need it.
  • You can keep track of your stock, and each part removed or added to the database.
  • This system helps you to find the part you need quickly, no matter how many products you have stored in your database.
  • PartKeepr is an understandable system, making it simple for you to edit your inventory.
  • It allows you to import and export the excel data of your inventory.

ShippingEasy Software

About ShippingEasy:

ShippingEasy provides shipping software and an e-commerce platform for online businesses, which includes inventory management. There is a free Starter plan available, but the free starter plan doesn’t offer the included inventory management feature. The inventory management feature is available starting from the Basic Plan.

The good thing about this management system is that it gives free trial version for the premium plans is available for 30 days. It has ability to generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports of your business.

ShippingEasy Features:

  • It provides synchronized inventory management that is always adjusted with your sales in real-time.
  • It allows you to add a supplier database to send the purchase orders low on stock automatically.
  • A simple dashboard that gives complete data that you need on one page.
  • You can bundle your products together with ShippingEasy even when your e-commerce platform doesn’t allow it.
  • It has many integration partners, such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, eBay, and more.

Inventoria – Free Inventory Management Software

Best Inventory Management Software

About Inventoria:

Inventoria provides an offline inventory management software that you can use on PC and Mac with a single lifetime license. The software can be downloaded and installed for free on your system. However, if you want to use the full functionality, you must purchase the software’s lifetime license.

Furthermore, it covers various aspects of your business inventory management system. Inventoria has the ability to complete any of your inventory management tasks in minutes. Most importantly, you will love using it and understand it in a few tries because of its understandable design.

Inventoria Features:

  • It gives stock warnings and reports to avoid out of stock items in your inventory.
  • You can organize and track your product stocks easily with this software.
  • While using Inventoria, it is easy to create purchase orders for your vendors to replenish your product stock.
  • It can also be connected to the cloud so that you can access the stock data remotely.
  • You can use barcodes, group items into categories, and set sales units for your items easily.

Apache OFBiz

About Apache OFBiz:

Lastly on our list, we have Apache OFBiz system that provides an open-source business applications suite covering various aspects of your business, including accounting, CRM, order management, inventory management, warehousing, and more. You can download Apache OFBiz software for free from the official website, and it is fully scalable and customizable for any business.

It uses the powerful Java Web Framework that is developer-friendly, with new features being added over time. During the inspection process of Apache OFBiz, we found it a flexible software that is useful for several business industries.

Features in Apache OFBiz:

  • It is completely free with the open-source license, and it is fully customizable based on your preferences.
  • You get various modules to use, giving you the ability to manage each aspect of your business.
  • It allows you to do product and catalog management efficiently.
  • It is perfect for any business, whether it is a small business or a big corporation.
  • There is no upfront and monthly cost to use the software while getting features similar to the premium inventory management software.


You also want to make sure that the customers won’t be ordering products that are still marked to be available while, in reality, the product is already sold out. To choose the best inventory management software for your business, you need to take a look at some important features, such as integration, accessibility, tools, item limit, user limit, and so on.

To manage your business well, you need to ensure that all product stocks are tracked properly so that each customer who wants to purchase a certain product will not get confusing stock information on your product page. These good inventory management softwares will help you manage the products you sell, whether online or offline, and ensure that your customers are satisfied with their purchase because they can get the products delivered to them immediately.

While some software is designed for big ecommerce businesses, and they might require you to pay a certain monthly fee to use, most of the software listed here is free to use. Some others have free trials that can be used with full functionality for a certain period, allowing you to evaluate its performance. So, if you want to start getting more profits in your business, you can start using the best inventory management softwares on the market today, which you can start using for free right now.

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