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Top Reasons to Learn NodeJS – iRiverAmerica

The internet world today is filled with innovative applications that are nothing but helpful to users in today’s time.

At some point in time, you must have surely felt the urge to create an application with creativity, innovation, and unique features than the ones already present.

Well, to do the same, you can surely opt for Node.js training.  

Node.js was created in 2009 by Ryan Dahl. It was developed as a powerful framework on the V8 JavaScript engine of Chrome that compiled the native machine code.

Soon, it became a popular choice for developing large-scale applications, especially video streaming sites and single-page applications.

Its popularity has overwhelmed developers across the globe. One of the main reasons behind it is the unparalleled scalability it offers.

Therefore, major companies like IBM, Microsoft, Uber, Cisco, LinkedIn, PayPal, and Netflix have used it during production.

The average annual income of a Node.js developer working as a web developer is about $76,348 while that for a senior software engineer is $122,918. 

Node.js helps people to execute relevant tasks for application development.

Throughout the course span, you will learn about its basics and core modules that are surely going to benefit you in the coming times.

Besides, the benefits and future opportunities conjugated with it is quite high. We can certainly say that Node.js is going to help you progress in the future.

To discuss it, here we will be talking about Node.js, its benefits, and uses, it’s career opportunities, jobs, and many more.  

About Node.js Training

The Node.js training helps to get advanced knowledge as per different aspects like shrink-wrap, NPM Vet, REST, Express.js, NPm with SQLite CRUD operations, and MongoDB.

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Apart from that the course covers all the relevant topics related to Node.js and renders experience as per the HTTP server building.

Once you complete the course you would be able to grasp the Node.js framework, know asynchronous programming, and you will also be able to work with Node.js projects and shrink-wrap.

You would also be able to know the development procedure of the web application with the help of Express Framework and the deployment using Nginx. 

Benefits of Node.js Training 

Now that you know about Node.js, let’s know some of the benefits combined with its training.

We can surely say that with Node.js you are just going to be more advanced in your field.

We have mentioned some of the advantages that comes along with the course in brief.  

  • Microservices Building 

As the technology enhances and the software landscape movie forwards, the world is going more towards the microservices.

The benefits associated with it are numerous and they are quite appropriate.

When you get yourself a Node.js certification with proper training, you are likely to get the perfect library for similar application development.

The tactics used by it are focused on a modular development with the help of all the precise modules.

In normal terms, Node.js would help you to grasp about microservices as it gets more prevalent in the coming times.  

  • More Than Just Web Development 


Node.js is known to render enough flexibility. This signifies that it can certainly be utilized for many other entities.

Basically, it signifies that the libraries are just not limited to web development but also infrastructure and ops.

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You will also be able to develop numerous development tools and IoT works that are innovative as well as creative in nature. 

  • Creating Excellent Applications Without Complex Coding  

Also, withNode.js you would be able to create excellent applications without any complex coding.

This surely makes it one of the best choices for others. It is used as an asynchronous paradigm that can handle data exchange between both the client and the service.

Besides, It also utilizes Non-blocking I/O for the execution of more than one requests, without any thread suspension.

In addition to that, Node.js utilizes the V8 JavaScript Engine which is considered as one of the most agile implementations of JavaScript.   

  • Helps to Write JavaScript on Both Client and Server 

One of the many benefits of Node.js is that, it helps you to write JavaScript on both the client as well as the server.

The scenario earlier was different. Node.js was preferred as a language for the client and backed by PHP and Java. However, at present, it is utilized as a language that can be used for the application.

This certainly increases the efficiency of teamwork and better outcomes.

Besides, learning it can help you with full-stack development.  

Career Prospects of Node.js Training 

To talk about the career prospects of Node.js Training, it is profound.

As a front-end developer, one needs to go beyond HTML, JavaScript, and CSS so that the applications could be created without any such issues.

They need to add more technologies in their project to make it better with time.

Apart from that, people with Node.js knowledge can render diversity in an individual’s career as they have the options for different professions involving game development, app development, and product development.  

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One can certainly opt to become a software developer and get outstanding progress in the coming time.

The salary packages for graduates of A tier colleges can reach up to 7-8 lakhs INR and 3-5 lakhs INR for both B and C tier colleges.

With a rapid progression and completion of 5 years of experience, the salary can surge up to 12-15 lakhs INR.

Also, the placements in MNCs can render enough flexibility and high packages on the same level. 


 From the above article, we can surely know how Node.js training can be an efficient strategy to become more proficient in your domain.

It is one of the best ways to give your career a great start. Besides, it is already being adopted in distinct fields and you are likely to get more advantages after completing it.  

Also, the entire training is quite interesting and renders your progression. Node.js is easy to understand and its usage is more than just web development.

The benefits combined with it is certainly endless. After completing the course, your career is certainly going to take a surge instead of a dip.

We hope that we helped you to understand about the course and its prospects precisely. 

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