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How to Secretly Keylogger Your Child’s iPhone? iRiverAmerica

Using an iPhone, one can do a lot of things. While most of the things are for entertainment and connectivity purposes, some malicious usages also exist.

No one can turn a blind eye towards it. We must expect this reality. 

If you’re afraid that your loved ones, especially the minor ones can also walk on this path, the ideal way is to track their iPhone activities.

For this purpose, only the iPhone keylogger exists. This is software that will help you monitor every keystroke activity on the target phone without touching it. 

It can help you monitor other iPhone from a distance and prevent any unpleasant phone usage. But, can every iPhone keylogger help you? Can you trust any keylogger? 

Of course not. This article throws light on every major aspect of the iPhone keylogger and talks about a really useful and reliable iPhone keylogger. 

Spyic – iPhone Keylogger with a Difference 

The work of the iPhone keylogger is very diligent and demands perfection without any compromise.

Though the market is flooded with many iPhone keyloggers, very few are able to work with the due diligence that this job demands. 

Check the Spyic website now as this is what we are going to discuss today. 

It is a remote phone monitoring tool that offers a very feature-rich iPhone keylogger.

Its keylogger has already won millions of hearts across the world and has managed to endow all of its customers with risk-free and easy iPhone monitoring. 

Its performance has been appreciated by many leading media houses. You can learn more Keylogger for iPhone by Spyic here. 

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What Makes Spyic’s iPhone Keylogger Far Ahead Than Its Peers 

We have already been told that we have ample iPhone keylogger options around us. But, why are we discussing Spyic? Why has it managed to grab the attention of the whole world? 

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Well, there are reasons for it. And those reasons are: 

Its jailbreak performance 

More than half of the keyloggers that we know take the help of jailbreaking. Jailbreaking is a process wherein one has to manipulate the original OS and make it work as per your wish. 

Though it works, it comes with a fair share of risks such as damaging the OS and exposing the data. The after-effects of these risks can be horrendous at times. This is why it is not advisable to everyone. 

But, Spyic doesn’t work that way. It keeps jailbreaking at bay and helps you record keystrokes without any worries.

Its zero-compromise policy 

Most of the online iPhone keyloggers demand one thing to assist you- gaining access to the data.

If you want to use them, you should give access to your data. Allowing access to any random tool can be proved very dangerous. 

It’s like you have to compromise on your data safety to utilize their service.

Spyic has a zero-compromise policy. Under this policy, it doesn’t save data on the server and bring it under multiple threats. This way, it ensures data safety and doesn’t force you to make any compromise. 

Its user-friendliness 

While using the rest of the iPhone keylogger is nothing but a headache, Spyic is a breeze. Without keeping you engaged in time-consuming set-up and installation, it can be at your service.

You don’t need any special skills or tools to make it work for you.  

Your regular device and browser are good enough to get started with it. You don’t need to mug-up a lot of keylogger usage content to know how things work. 

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To make things further easier, it offers a free live demo on the website. The demo will give you an overview of its functionalities. 

iphone keylogger

Its flawless performance 

One of the key issues that exist in almost every iPhone keylogger is the tapping sound in the background. The target may hear it and this could be a problem for you.

But, this will not happen with Spyic as it’s free from this and many other traditional keylogger loopholes such as:

  • Reduced performance of targeted iPhone 
  • Heating the targeted device 
  • Screen black-out 


This way it never makes things suspicious and raises a doubt in the target’s mind. You will continue your mission unless you don’t want to abort it. No one else can ruin your mission. 

Its committed customer care team will help.

No matter how easy using an iPhone keylogger seems, some sort of hassles and hurdles are always in your ways. 

To deal with these situations, Spyic has a very dedicated customer care team that is always all ears towards your concern. Every issue is reported and proceeded on an urgent basis and resolved in the least possible time. 

Its real-time performance 

Only God knows for how many a person uses the keypad. All we can say is that it’s a lot as almost every activity requires some keystrokes. But, extensive keypad usage should never be an excuse for any missed detail of loophole in data.

Don’t worry. It won’t be as Spyic is capable to capture data in real-time. No matter how extensively the iPhone keypad has been used, it will capture every single detail.

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Every entry is marked with timestamps as well. Hence, you can check for its viability. 

Its comprehensive assistance 

Spyic’s keylogger works at a very extensive level. It can track the keypad movement made on around 35+ phone activities.

For instance, you can find out which new contact has been saved, what text was typed, which search was made on Google, which IM was dropped, etc. 

It’s so good at its job that it can help you find out the password of many social media platforms and even track the OTP received on the targeted iPhone. 

In short, nothing will leave behind. The best part is that all this facility can be availed at a mere cost of $10 per month. There is hardly any keylogger that works so perfectly. 

Final Words 

The use of keyloggers can help you learn about every iPhone movement remotely. Without touching the targeted iPhone, it can spy on it.

But, all of this will only happen if you’re using the right kind of tool. Spyic is the right kind of tool. 

Packed with every advanced tool and feature, this iPhone keylogger works with full perfection. One must definitely try it. 

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