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How to Text Someone Who Blocked you on iPhone, Quick and Proven Fixes

Whether you are an android user or an iPhone user, getting blocked by someone and unable to text them is annoying. In this post, we are going to tell you how to text someone who blocked you on iPhone. If you are an iPhone user, you must know that iMessages is the only way you can chat with someone on an Apple phone. Therefore, we will scrutinize the iMessages settings and suggest the best solution for texting someone who has blocked you.

People recommend many solutions over the internet about texting a number that has blocked you, but not all of them are true. Furthermore, they will ask you to install third-party apps to your devices that can be harmful. Therefore, AndroidCompare will tell you the solution that does not require any app or software. We will simply get rid of this blocking and texting issue using iPhone. Also, we will be putting some light on how to know if someone has blacked you. So, stay with us as it is going to be a fruitful discussion. Firstly, we will disclose the solution.

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How to Text Someone Who Blocked you on iPhone, Best Solution in 2022

If you have been blocked by any of your friends, family members, or your partner, it looks pretty challenging to text them, especially on iPhone, using the same contact number or email address. We are not going to tell you to install an app or software to get rid of this headache as such apps contain harmful viruses. So, we will try other tricks that will indeed work for iPhone users. Let’s discuss the first solution that is helpful in 2022.

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Blocked by Someone on iPhone in 2022 – Add a New Email Address

It is evident that you can neither text someone who blocked your contact nor take the risk of installing any app or software. So, we are adding a new email address to iMessages. Giving a new address to the iMessages app is not difficult, and we believe many of you know how to do that. If not, follow the steps we have given below.

  • Go to the settings of your iPhone
  • Click the iMessages option there
  • Next, go to the Send and Receive option
  • There you will find a link with an anchor text of “Reach iMessages at” click this link
  • Now you will be able to see the option of adding a new or another email address
  • Make sure that the address you are going to add is yours and currently active
  • Once you have added the email, you will be asked to verify the address you have added
  • For the verification process, you need to access the mail
  • It will either have a code that you need to copy and paste there or a simple verification button
  • After the verification process ends, you can now start a new conversation effortlessly
  • Watch the video given below if something seems not understandable.


The tip here is to experience this solution by purposely blocking your contact number from another phone and then try texting them after adding a new address. If it works, you can now text that person who blocked you on iPhone. Moreover, this is a proven and easy solution that will let you text the contents that have blocked you.

How to Know if Someone has Blocked you on iPhone

Unfortunately, you are not notified when people block your iPhone or any mobile device. But, on the other hand, it is also imperative for some people to know if someone has blocked you or if it is just a thought. So, let’s put some light on this critical issue and find the best solution to know if the blockage is accurate or not.

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Messages Delivery

It is the best solution to know whether a contact number blocks you. So, you need to send a random message to the contact number you want to know if he/she has blocked you or not. After sending the message, you will see two different types of clicks under the body of your message. First, only one click under the message, and secondly, two clicks.

If there’s only one click below the message, there are strong chances that the contact you are trying to text has blocked you. On the other hand, if there are two clicks, then you have not been blocked yet.

Auto Messages

If you receive an auto message in iMessages after texting someone, it ensures the person you texted has not blocked you. The reason is that you don’t get automated messages from a contact that has blocked you.

Message not Delivered

how to text someone who blocked you on iPhone

Usually, when you text someone on your iPhone and instantly receive a notification saying the message was not delivered. It is a strong chance that the contact you texted has blocked you.


What happens when you block a number on iPhone?

Understanding what will happen if you have blocked a number on iPhone is pretty straightforward. The contact you will block on your iPhone will no longer be able to text, call, or FaceTime you due to the step you have taken. The only thing the blocked person can do is to voicemail you, but that will also not be shown to you. In other words, the voicemails sent by a blocked contact do not appear in the regular location. Most importantly, that person will still be able to contact you through WhatsApp or any other app that requires your phone number.

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How to tell if someone blocked your number from texting?

There are two scenarios that can be a sign of blockage after texting the contact you want to check. The first sign is if you receive a notification like a message not delivered. Secondly, you don’t see any notification also means you might have been blocked. Most importantly, automated messages on iPhones are not a sign of blockage.

Can you text someone you blocked on iPhone?

Texting a blocked contact on iPhone is possible, but it is useless as you don’t receive a reply from that number. To do that, you need to unblock that person first, and you will be able to get a reply. Find more related questions at Apple Support.


When you can not text someone who’s blocked you, it is really annoying, and many want solutions to this problem. So, AndroidCompare is here to help iPhone users with a proven solution for how to text someone who blocked you on iPhone. Most importantly, our solution does not require any third-party app or software to eliminate this problem. You only need to add a new email address in your iPhone’s settings.

In the end, we would like to get your thoughts on whether our solution helped you in texting a blocked iPhone number or not.

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