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Five Types of Content to Attract Great Traffic!

Almost every Internet user is familiar with types of content it represents.

Nobody analyzes why one page is more interesting for the website’s visitors, and the other is less.

You don’t need to do this, because professional marketing sharks had already done it for you.

Mostly, the highest activity is observed among the young audience: kids from school, college, and university students.

Sometimes a person spends too much time in superfluous resources, and suddenly they remember:

“I need urgent help in writing my essay.” Then students maybe go wherever they need, but you, as a business owner, got the necessary traffic for your website.

Even if you are a mature marketer who knows everything about content that brings success to your business, we represent five types of the most attractive content that bring an enormous amount of audience to the website.

Jokes, Memes, Vines

Many people look for relaxing content after classes or works.

The easiest way to entertain yourself and get a dose of fun is to post funny pictures (as memes), texts, and videos.

This brings enormous attention to your website if you are ready to work on content like this.

Try to think about the creative field related to your product or about the subject you are interested in.

Bring up the idea and use it as a framework for your entertainment content.

Themes such as and hilarious fails, and funny animals are the type of win-win content that will always attract the audience of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

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This is the fact based on long-term experience, and it is hard to deny.

Humor is always good, but not the easiest option to run the business.

Every time you and your team have to generate fresh ideas and not to repeat competitors’ schemes.

Decide which topics you want to represent on your website and use a humorous type to present the information to the visitors.

Change a serious perspective approach and be different from the competitors. Definitely, these types of web sites deserve much attention.

Weird or Bizarre Headings

A long time ago, services started to experiment using highly unconventional topics.

The audience of those times was naive and quickly got on the hook of provocative and spamming websites.

The Internet is teeming of content with controversial headlines to attract more traffic.

There is nothing useful for users, and usually, it redirects you to other shocking news with taboo articles.

content marketing

However, you may use the strategy of loud headers in your post when it is time to advertise your blog or website with the content of your business.

Keep to avoid annoying material; make your own sophisticated and classy.

Don’t persuade your audience with a dull point of view.

Consider your perspectives with this content alternative.

Split the acute remarks with the alternative points of view. Diversity makes the content interesting and the audience wider.

Elements with Interaction

Games, quizzes, psychological tests, and questionnaires are a great type of content that attract traffic to your website.

This is the content that is targeted to interact with the users.

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Mainly, anything where the user is actively participating, they feel acknowledgment of the people who created this content.

Use the simple trick of “Yes” or “No” buttons at the end of the post.

This element gives your website’s visitors to have a choice.

Including these small elements let the users feel freedom in your service.

Try to write new unrepeatable questionnaires and quizzes.

Then users will not only get satisfaction but new knowledge as well.

Contrasting Elements

The type of content you represent is the face of your website.

Daily you create a reputation within your content.

Don’t afraid to be creative and split the elements that seem boring for you with different types of expression.

Add a lot of visual elements to the article, impress the user with interactive features.

Work with the specialist on the bright design and make the interface look pleasant for the user’s eye.

Service and Product Reviews, How-to Info

Users often ask Google how-to questions. Prepare something unusual for a person who is looking for the answer.

Organize guides, such as WikiHow, or write the articles on the blog on a narrow subject.

Research what exactly people are looking for.

Differentiate the information you got from the statistics by the users’ gender, season, when they are looking for something, and age.

Whether you learn your audience, your content would be useful and interesting for them.


The creative approach in content generating is one of the most complicated jobs, but it will definitely be appreciated as a result.

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