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Fix Bank of America App not Working on Android, iPhone and Apple Watch

Bank of America provides its users with maximum facilities and Bank of America App is one of them. Countless people use this bank on a regular basis for multiple tasks like investing, saving, and many other essential tasks. In this case, Bank of America’s App helps a lot and lets you complete your daily banking tasks from home. On the other hand, the app stops working sometimes which confuses people a lot. Recently, people were finding a solution to the problem of the Bank of America App not working on android.

We are here to let you know why the Bank of America App has stopped working on your android device or any other. Also, we will highlight the most effective solutions that will help you in using the Bank of America App flawlessly. Make sure you read both the reasons why the app is not working for you and its solutions.

Bank of America App not Working | Possible Reasons

We have been using the Bank of America App for a long time and we have also faced technical errors throughout this duration. We concluded that the app does not work for 2 major reasons that are given below.

Bank of America App not Working due to Bad Internet:

Unstable internet connection is one of the major reasons why you are unable to access your Bank of America App. So the first thing you need to inspect while the app does not work is your internet speed. If you find it slow, the only thing you need to do is make your internet run faster. You don’t need to find any other solution.

Technical Issues in Bank of America App:

Sometimes, your internet is faster but still you are unable to use the Bank of America App properly. It means there is a technical problem with the app which you don’t know about. In this case, you need to know multiple solutions so that one of them could help you thoroughly.

Bank of America App not Working on Android | Best Solutions

We know many fixes about the Bank of America App and all of these fixes have worked for different users. It means, you will have to try all of them and one will surely solve your problem. All the suggested solutions below are convenient. So, let’s make your app work like before.

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Wait Until Bank of America App Starts Working:

As mentioned above, due to technical errors the Bank of America App does not work. So, the solution to this issue is wait. When the app has technical issues, their team fix this problem themselves. In this solution, you just have to wait until the app starts working fine again. Wait for an hour and see if the problem is fixed. If not, try any other solution suggested by FarmVilleFreak.

Bank of America App not Working | Inspect your Internet Connection

Bank of America App not Working

The secondary fix is to check if your internet is working well or not. If you find your internet slower, that can be the reason why you are not allowed to use the app properly. No need to try any other fix when your internet’s speed is faster.

Clear Cache if Bank of America App not Working on Android:

Clear cache on Android

If there is no technical error in the app and no speed issue with your internet, you need to try some technical fixes. In this case, clearing the cache of the app is the most effective one. It is really simple to clear the cache for both android and iPhone users. Follow the steps given below and you will know to clear Bank of America App cache.

For Android Users:

If you are an android user and need to clear the cache of the Bank of America app, here’s what you need to do. You can also check your sim is working on your android phone or not.

  • Go to your phone’s settings.
  • Enter the apps section.
  • Find the Bank of America App and click on that.
  • Lastly, click the clear cache option.

When done, run the app again and see if it has started working or not.

How to Clear Cache on iPhone:

The steps are the same but different titles on the buttons. Follow the steps below for clearing cache.

  • Enter the iPhone settings.
  • Find a general option and click it.
  • Look after the Bank of America App or any other app you want to clear its cache.
  • In the storage section of the app, you will see the offload app option. 
  • Clicking on that will clear the cache for you.
  • Now reinstall the app on your iPhone again.
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When Bank of America App is not working on android, this clearing cache solution is the most beneficial one.

Update the App:

I believe you are familiar with this solution if you use a smartphone on a regular basis. We all know if any app in our phone isn’t working properly, we are suggested to update its version to the latest one. In this solution for the Bank of America app, you need to check if you are using the latest version. Hopefully, if you use the latest version of the app, it will start working with the brand new features.

Date & time Synchronization:

Bank of America App not Working on Android? Set date and time.

If you travel a lot around the country or travel frequently between different states, there is a high possibility that your device’s date and time is different from the BOA application. If this is the case, you have synchronized the date and time inside the device you use according to the standard time of Bank of America. Once you have set the date accordingly, restart your device and try connecting to the app. Now it should work.

Find & Install Older Version:

Whenever a new release comes from any app, it always has the latest features, fixed bugs in the previous release, and it also comes with some newer bugs as well. If newer flaws do not make your device compatible for the application, then you can not run the app flawlessly. Hence, it is always better to find and install the older version of the bank app. You can easily find an apk file on google or any other popular search engine. Note that only Android users would be able to use this trick because iPhones always accept the latest update and ignore the older versions automatically.

Remove and Reinstall:

Sometimes, devices have bugs that are totally unknown. Even some of the great programmers can not detect a problem which is not visible. Due to these invisible and undetectable problems, sometimes an app stops working. The simplest fix to this problem is to delete the app from the phone and then find it again on play store to reinstall it. Do the installation correctly and you’ll be good to use the bank of America app.

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Find a compatible phone:

Some people do not use the latest phones and they try to stick with an older phone. The newest updates in the app doesn’t allow the device to connect to the apk app. If you are now unable to connect the app, you need to change the phone. Install the app in a newer phone or a better one, give your credentials and login.


How to use the Bank of America App?

By using the Bank of America app, you can manage your account professionally from anywhere with a stable internet. The fresh features allow you to receive and send money within minutes. Watch the video below for complete guidance.

Is there a Bank of America App for Android?

Yes, you will find Bank of America App on google play store with maximum features. You can check your account details, balance inquiry, sending and receiving the money, and deposit the checks.

Why is the Bank of America App not working on Apple Watch?

If the Bank of America App is not working on your Apple watch, make sure to inspect its settings. Enter the Apple watch app on your iPhone and find the Bank of America App for clicking the mirror my phone button. If it does not work, then reinstall the app. 


People have been demanding solutions for the problem of the Bank of America App not working on android. It happens either due to bad internet or some technical issues with the app’s backend. We have provided 8 best solutions for both android and iPhone users if their app is not working. You can simply start by improving your internet’s speed or by waiting until the app manufacturers resolve the issue themselves. If these 2 fixes don’t work, study the other ones and one will must resolve your issue regarding the Bank of America App.

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