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How Much Does TBC Boost Cost? iRiverAmerica

Fans of the newest version of World of Warcraft, The Burning Crusade Classic, need character boosting, as well as admirers of WoW Classic and Shadowlands. The TBC version has 70 levels of character upgrade and offers the choice of 10 races and 9 classes for character creation. Players will be able to boost their heroes gradually due to 5 planned game updates.

So, since February, when the presentation of the new WoW version was announced, every gamer is looking for more detailed information about the novelty. Every player is especially interested in the price of Classic Burning Crusade boosting.

For this moment, there is information about boosting and cloning value:

  • Levelling up to 58th game level (this level is a minimum necessary for passing through the Dark Portal) costs $39,99
  • Cloning of an already existing character from the World of Warcraft Classic (it would be possible to play with a cloned hero on servers of the official vanilla Classic Era) costs $35

It is very convenient to buy a character boosting service. The process of personage development requires a lot of time and effort. Moreover, such a process demands special knowledge, skills, and experience from gamers.

Therefore, it is reasonable to use the service of qualified companies that carry the WoW boosting process. Such a decision gives players the possibility to enjoy the exciting plot and spectacular graphics instead of spending hours and days repeating the same actions just to take their personage to the next level.

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However, if you have enough time and want to save your money, there are some tips that could help you.

How to Provide a Successful TBC Boost?

The most reliable way to boost your character in any version of World of Warcraft is to use classic boosting methods:

  • Quest passing is the simplest boosting method, which you can execute on your own or with a group
  • Dungeon passing gives more experience than quests and allows getting beneficial equipment
  • Stripping is quite easy because you need just to choose a zone and kill mobs

To upgrade a character rapidly, it is better to combine different boosting techniques.

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