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Best Thermal Pastes for CPU & GPU to Resolve Overheating Issue in 2022

AndroidCompare brings you the best comparison between the best thermal pastes in 2022. Performing highly demanding tasks such as gaming, designing, video editing, and many others can put your computer at a very high temperature. So, a good thermal paste is needed to keep your system at a cool temperature so that you can perform all the demanding tasks without any problems. Moreover, most of the thermal pastes on our list are versatile and complete your multiple jobs at once.

If you struggle with heating issues over your phone, tablet, laptop, or pc, all you need is a top thermal paste. It will decrease the temperature in minutes, and you will be able to use your device like a fresh piece. People mainly use all of these top-rated thermal pastes to improve the performance of their gaming laptops and computers. So, bring one today to your home. Also, if you are a gamer, here’s the list of best gaming laptops under $1500 in 2022

20 Best Thermal Pastes | 2022 Additions

Repel the overheating issues on your CPU, laptops, and other devices by comparing these best thermal pastes in 2022. Most importantly, you will find all our suggested products at an affordable price.

Arctic MX-4 | Best Thermal Paste

It is as good as MX-2 and can resolve the overheating issues of your GPUs. Arctic MX-4 has been one of the most famous thermal paste products that have been around on the market for years. It has received various awards for the best thermal paste products from multiple publications. The Arctic MX-4 is the thermal paste that you need if you want to keep the performance of your CPU and GPU at their peak, especially when you are overclocking it. It uses micro-carbon particles that naturally have extreme thermal conductivity. If you are an old user of this thermal paste brand, you will find it easy to use and understand.

Best Thermal Pastes

Noticeable Features:

  • It doesn’t use metal particles, so you don’t need to worry about any electrical problems when applying this paste.
  • It can last up to 8 years in a single application.
  • It is among the most accessible applications to use in 2022 for your laptops.
  • Along with the low-thermal resistance, it is also non-electrical, non-capacitive, and non-corrosive.
  • It is pretty affordable for the values that you get from it.
  • It is straightforward to apply, thanks to the well-designed packaging.
  • It can remove the heat generated by your CPU and GPU due to its micro-carbon particles.

Official Website – Arctic MX-4

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut | Top Thermal Paste

You get a mildly viscous thermal compound with a good stability feature. Furthermore, this is as simple to use as clicking a button. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is the thermal paste explicitly designed for highly demanding computers that generate lots of heat on their CPU and GPU units. It is used in various industrial environments to keep computers running at the lowest possible temperature. For example, it can keep your computer cool even when the CPU and GPU generate 80-degree Celsius heat. We added this item to the list as this thermal paste is being used a lot in 2022.

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut

Grizzly Features in 2022:

  • It keeps the optimum heat transfer of your CPU once applied.
  • It can dissipate heat for up to 80-degree Celsius.
  • You get 12.5 W / mk thermal conductivity with this paste.
  • It is designed to keep your computer cool while you overclock it.
  • It is excellent to be used for the system with water cooling and air cooling methods.
  • Moreover, it is among the best non-conductive thermal.
  • It has long-term durability with no electrical conductivity.
  • It is one of the best thermal pastes for GPU.

Cooler Master MasterGel Maker | Best Thermal Paste 2022

Cooler Master MasterGel Maker is a thermal paste suitable for high-performance computers. It can be applied to the CPU, GPU, and chipsets to keep them cool for years, even though you overclock the system all the time. Thus, it can help keep the performance of your computer in good standing while protecting your system from any failures, overheating, or short-circuiting problems when you run demanding tasks on it. So use it for your laptop, pc, and GPUs confidently.

Cooler Master MasterGel Maker


  • It uses nanodiamond particles that can keep your system cool while avoiding auto-oxidation and erosion.
  • It is lightweight, easy to apply, and easy to spread.
  • You get grease cleaner with this top thermal paste of 2022.
  • It can help keep a steady performance of your system even during full overclocking sessions.
  • You can spread or remove the paste easily without worrying about it being dried out in the process.
  • It can be applied to the CPU, GPU, and chipsets.
  • It is one of the best GPU thermal pastes.

Official Website – Cooler Master MasterGel Maker

Noctua NT-H2 | Good Thermal Paste

It is another lightweight thermal paste with all the required features. Noctua NT-H2 carries the improvements over the previous NT-H1 thermal paste product, which provides better heat dissipation and thermal performance for your system. It uses microparticles that can keep your system’s heat at a low temperature, whether you use it for overclocking or regular use. Its recommended temperature is room temperature. Also, it is compatible with both air-cooled and water-cooled systems.

Best Thermal Pastes

Noctua Features:

  • It is effortless to apply, and it is also effortless to clean with the wipe included in the packaging.
  • It has lower thermal resistance than the previous NT-H1, giving your system the best performance in various conditions.
  • Noctua assures air and water-based cooling, which is its most exciting ability.
  • It doesn’t cause any corrosion or short-circuiting in your system.
  • This paste can bring all its features as soon as you apply it, so you don’t need to wait for any break-in or burn-in period.
  • It is stable to be used for long-term, more than five years for a single application.

Arctic Silver 5 | Thermal Paste for Overheating

AndroidCompare recommends this cooling thermal paste to those who want high thermal conductivity. Arctic Silver 5 uses high-density micronized silver to keep your system temperature stable, which means keeping your system at the best performance at all times. Most importantly, applying it once will not create heating issues for your devices for a long time. You can use this paste for any high-performance computer to keep it cool when you run demanding tasks on it. Whether you use heatsinks or water-cooling solutions, this thermal paste can adapt to the condition of your hardware.

Arctic Silver 5

Silver 5 Features:

  • It uses high-density particles that can keep your system performance stable for years after a single application.
  • It doesn’t contain any silicone, and it is not electrically conductive.
  • The manufacturer has designed this thermal paste with pure silver, which helps you optimize thermal transfers to your laptops and computers.
  • It is easy to apply and will not bleed, separate, run, or migrate.
  • It can take up to 200 hours for the paste to become fully capable of maximum thermal conduction.

Grizzly Hydronaut – Best Thermal Paste For Laptop

I used it on my gaming laptop. Firstly, it was easy to apply without wasting a single drop. Secondly, it was evenly suitable for CPU and GPU. Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut is the thermal paste ideal for the system with water-cooling solutions. It will help the water-cooling solution to keep the system’s temperature as low as possible once this paste is applied. It is also suitable for computers in extreme overclocking situations where you keep using it for demanding tasks over long periods.

Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut

Hydronaut Abilities:

  • It is flexible and easy to apply as it doesn’t contain any silicone structure.
  • Grizzly is helpful to keep your system cool when using medium-to-large water cooling solutions.
  • You get thermal paste in good quantity to use over multiple devices.
  • It is optimized to deliver the best heat transfer capacity for systems with water-cooling solutions.
  • Applying it once will let you use your laptop or pc for a long time without any heating issues.
  • It has no electrical conductivity, and this paste can be applied on aluminum surfaces.
  • It is designed for overclocked systems and can last many years after a single application.

GELID Solutions GC EXTREME Thermal Paste

Here is another non-electrical compound in our comparison list for the best thermal pastes. GELID Solutions GC EXTREME gives you the easy-to-apply thermal paste that will keep your CPU, graphics card, and chipsets cool even when you overclock your computer. The GELID applicator is included in the package, making it even easier for you to apply the thermal paste on your processor, GPU, or chipsets. It has a good heat conductivity that can last several years after a single application. While using it, you don’t see bleeding and find it a friendly product.

Best Thermal Pastes

Features in 2022:

  • It conducts heat excellently without any electrical conductive compound.
  • Also, this application includes compounds that are easy to applicate and spread.
  • GELID is friendly and easy to apply.
  • It is also non-toxic, non-corrosive, and causes no bleeding.
  • Being multi-functional makes it the best thermal paste for GPU.
  • It can dissipate heat at a temperature up to 180-degree Celsius.
  • It is non-curing and can be applied to the CPU, chipsets, and GPU.

Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra | Best Thermal Paste in the World

In our list, it is a thermal paste that contains pure metal, giving you the perfect heat conductivity to keep your system cool even in extreme overclocking situations. The paste is straightforward to apply, and you can quickly spread it on your CPU or GPU without worrying about bleeding. After cleaning the CPU or GPU from dirt or any compounds, you can use this paste with a brush. It has many other advanced abilities to keep your busiest laptops and computers cool after using it.

Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra

Features to Notice:

  • The next-generation thermal paste is made based on the Liquid Pro product.
  • It obtains 100% of liquid metal alloy that is electrically conductive.
  • Anyone looking for a versatile thermal paste at a reasonable price will pick it up after using it for once.
  • It is easier to apply when compared to the previous Liquid Pro paste.
  • You will get a brush and a cleaning set in the packaging.
  • Unfortunately, it is not compatible with aluminum surfaces.
  • Nevertheless, it is one of the best GPU thermal pastes.

CORSAIR XTM50 | High Performance Thermal Paste

Whether you want to keep your CPU/GPU or other system components at a cool temperature, CORSAIR XTM50 High Performance can provide the thermal paste solution you need to keep your system performance stable for the long term. Its users claim it is a stable liquid for long-term advantage. Interestingly, you don’t need to dry or crack it after applying it. In addition, it has an excellent heat transfer capability, which can keep your overall system at a cool temperature even in the most demanding tasks.

CORSAIR XTM50 High Performance


  • The package provides the complete kit to make it easier for you to apply the paste to your CPU, GPU, or other components.
  • The paste can last for years without drying, cracking, or other changes.
  • It is non-conductive to electricity, meaning you can keep your components from having any short circuits.
  • It is suitable for overclockers and computer enthusiasts to keep their gaming, designing, and other activities stable and optimal.
  • Once you apply it, there is no way your laptop or computer will face the heating issue again for a long time.
  • You get an ultra-low thermal impedance that can cool your system better than other standard thermal paste products.
  • This is one of the best thermal pastes for laptops.
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Official Website – CORSAIR XTM50 High Performance

Thermalright TF8 – Best Thermal Pastes 2022

This is another budget-friendly thermal paste with all the requirements. It is also known as the heatsink paste, and people love using it in 2022. Thermalright TF8 is a thermal paste product that keeps your system cool even if you often overclock it. No matter how demanding the tasks you put on your system, it can still have a stable and low temperature once you’ve applied this thermal paste. In addition, it has no curing, which means you can immediately see this paste works its magic once you’ve used it on your CPU or GPU.

Best Thermal Pastes


  • It can work to dissipate heat at its maximum capacity as soon as you apply it to your system components.
  • This paste serves you for years with a single application without any electrical and short-circuiting issues.
  • It can withstand a high temperature of up to 380-degree Celsius.
  • The high thermal conductivity that obtains carbon micro partials assures that the liquid reaches the place.
  • It is non-toxic, harmless for the health, and easy to apply.
  • It is designed for extreme users with excessive system use, such as continuous overclocking.

Antec Formula 7 Nano Diamond

best thermal pastes

Antec brand creates high-quality thermal pastes for laptop and computer users. Formula 7 Nano Diamond is another famous thermal paste of Antec that provides the ultimate protection from overheating for your PC. Secondly, it includes diamond partials perfect for preparing your devices to repel heating issues. Moreover, It has a stable and light composition, making it very easy to apply on your CPU and spread. The nanodiamond best thermal compound will not cause any crack nor efficiently dry out. It can work at a high temperature of up to 250-degree Celsius.

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  • It can withstand high temperatures and keep your system cool even when you overclock your CPU.
  • The compound can easily be applied without any crack or drying out.
  • You get the best diamond partials in the market these days for thermal pastes.
  • It can last for years once you’ve applied it to your CPU.
  • Cooling the temperature from 70 to 10C is not a big issue for this best 2022 thermal paste.
  • It has a quick curing time as well as non-conductive to electricity.
  • The nanodiamond particles have an excellent thermal heat transfer.

Official Website – Antec Formula 7 Nano Diamond

Arctic Silver Ceramique 2

best thermal pastes for laptops in 2022

Arctic Silver Ceramique 2 is a productive, friendly, and safest thermal to use for your devices. Also, this thermal paste product is made based on a ceramic compound with high density to help cool down your PC even at the highest temperature. This paste is suitable for using systems with heatsinks or air-cooling solutions. The compound on this paste is designed to be conducive to high-temperature heat to keep your system performance stable and optimized.


  • This best thermal compound makes it easy to spread without migration, separation, or bleeding.
  • Since it includes a ceramic compound, it doesn’t conduct any electricity, so it will keep your system safe from short-circuiting.
  • It has been performing nicely for various gadgets since its release.
  • It is its most significant advantage to resolve heating issues for gaming laptops.
  • It can lower your CPU temperature as soon as you apply it, and it will go to its maximum capacity in heat transfer during your everyday use.
  • You can easily clean the compound later if you want to apply a new paste.
  • The syringe has a suitable design to squeeze out the right amount of paste when you apply it.
  • It will prove itself to be the best thermal paste for the CPU.

IC Diamond Thermal Paste Review

Pour a few drops of IC Diamond thermal paste on the center of your PC or Laptop wherever you want to, and it will cool down the device within minutes. Innovation Cooling IC Diamond is something that ensures high performance and durability. When you apply this thermal paste, you can easily see the cooling down of your system temperature right away, and it can reduce the temperature better than other similar products. This is because it uses micronized 7-carat diamond particles that can help transfer and dissipate heat from your CPU to keep it cool all the time.

IC Diamond thermal paste


  • It has a brief curing time, about 2 hours of regular use, before it can reach its peak performance.
  • The compound is designed to be stable in its application of it, meaning that it will keep intact during everyday use without separation or bleeding.
  • It has better thermal conductivity than Silver thermal liquid and others.
  • This liquid is a must for the gamers to repel any overheating issue.
  • It doesn’t conduct electricity, so you can avoid any electrical short-circuiting in your system.
  • You can use this for various components, such as CPU, GPU, LED lighting, and more.
  • The diamond particles have better thermal conductivity than pure silver particles.

Prolimatech PK-3 | Best CPU Thermal Paste

It resolves the heating issue in a pretty different way. Pk-3 transfers the heat to the heatsink and processor. The process of heat transformation keeps going until there is no heat left. Prolimatech PK-3 is the thermal paste that uses nanoparticles to create the best heat dissipation and peak heat transfer on your CPU. With this paste applied, you can enjoy lower temperature on the CPU, which means better performance for your overall system, even when you overclock it. Once applied, it can last a long time before you need to re-apply the paste.

Best thermal pastes for overheating


  • It can easily be applied and spread, and the nanoparticles will work quickly to reduce heat in your system temperature.
  • It has a high thermal conductivity with low thermal resistance.
  • When you apply it to the CPU, GPU, or Laptop, it finishes the heat thoroughly.
  • The compound is non-corrosive and doesn’t dry out in everyday use.
  • You can prevent any electrical problems with this thermal compound due to it being non-conductive to electricity.
  • It works almost immediately since it doesn’t require any burn-in period to work at a peak performance level.

Grizzly Conductonaut | Best Thermal Paste For PC

Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut is the thermal paste that keeps your CPU and GPU temperature low during peak performance, and it is based on the alloy called eutectic allow. After opening the liquid, you can use it for around three years with the same capabilities. It is made from a liquid metal compound that can easily be applied and spread. AndroidCompare suggests using it on nickel-plated surfaces if you want to get the most out of this thermal paste.

Grizzly Conductonaut


  • While it can be applied on any surface, the stable and best performance can be achieved when you use this paste on nickel surfaces.
  • It has very high efficiency in dissipating heat if you have a system that always runs on peak performance.
  • The synthetic needle in the package makes applying the paste to your CPU very easy.
  • It has ultra-high thermal conductivity with increased indium content.
  • This one has better thermal conductivity than the other items to ensure your device does not face the heating issue again.
  • It is suitable for systems with air-cooling and water-cooling solutions.

Kingpin Cooling KPx

Kingpin Cooling KPx provides high-quality and high-performance best thermal compounds that can help lower the temperature of your CPU and GPU when you overclock them. Do you want to keep your system stable and optimized even when performing highly demanding tasks? Applying this thermal paste can help the CPU and GPU transfer the heat properly and avoid overheating and other problems in your system. So bring this cooling liquid to your home today and apply it confidently to repel any heating issue from your gadgets.


  • It can work with various cooling solutions, including water, air, dry ice, and liquid nitrogen.
  • It is non-conductive to electricity, and it has a low thermal resistance.
  • The package includes the spreading spoon to make it easier for you to apply and spread the compound on your CPU or GPU.
  • It keeps your computer in high performance with stable low temperature.
  • This cooling liquid also greases its compounds to ensure robust protection against heat.
  • It has been tested in various CPU and GPU types during the overclocked performance.

Innovation Cooling IC | Best GPU Thermal Paste

Innovation Cooling IC Graphite Thermal Pad is the pad you can use to replace the thermal compound to keep your system temperature at a low degree. The good thing about this product is that it is easier to apply since it is already designed as a pad. You place it on top of your CPU and see it in action once you’ve assembled your system again.

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  • This cooling paste has a more manageable application than the regular thermal compound; you need to place it on top of your processor.
  • It can dissipate a high-temperature heat level of up to 400-degree Celsius.
  • It is a dry solution for your CPU, and cooling IC can use in the long term.
  • It has been designed in precision to fit your CPU size, so no more guesswork about how to apply or spread the thermal pad.
  • It is completely reusable.
  • It is one of the most famous & best CPU thermal pastes.

GELID Solutions GC-2 | Best Thermal Paste For GPU

Due to its adequate heat conductivity, people like using this paste to solve heating problems. GELID Solutions GC-2 is one of the best thermal paste products you can apply to your CPU or GPU to provide optimal heat transfer that keeps your system cool. It has an applicator that makes it easy to use the paste and spread it on top of your components. Moreover, it can work immediately with no curing time, so you can expect it to lower the temperature of your PC in just a few minutes after applying the paste.

Best thermal paste in 2022


  • It has an optimal heat conductivity with low thermal resistance.
  • It is non-conductive to electricity with no corrosion effect.
  • It can work at its peak immediately without you having to wait for the curing period.
  • It stays intact once applied, without any bleeding.
  • It comes with an applicator that can help you in applying and spreading the paste.

ThermalCoolFlux – Multifunctional Thermal Paste

You get five thermal packs at a reasonable price with maximum heat resolving abilities. ThermalCoolFlux is the thermal paste that uses polysynthetic silver as its primary compound material, and it can help keep your system cool down even during peak performance. It is a high-quality thermal paste that delivers high cooling efficiency and thermal conductivity. Moreover, it has an affordable price that gives you the best value for what you have paid. I have also been using this thermal paste, especially for my high-end PC, and it forced me to include it in the list of best thermal pastes of 2022.

best thermal pastes for high-end pc


  • You don’t need to guess how much to apply the paste because it comes with five syringes, with one needle suitable for 1 CPU for 1 GPU core.
  • It is made mainly of polysynthetic silver, which is known to be good in conducting and dissipating heat.
  • This best thermal paste has excellent quality and great thermal heat transfer capacity to keep your system cool during highly demanding tasks.
  • It can be used on your CPU, GPU, or other components that produce heat.
  • It is affordable when compared to other similar products.

Thermaltake TG-7

If you are hungry for long-lasting conductivity of the thermal paste, this item is for you. The experts suggest it for multiple uses and long-term cooling effects on your devices. Thermaltake TG-7 is the thermal paste that uses diamond powder as the material that helps dissipate heat from your system. It is highly thermal-conductive, meaning that you can keep your system at a cool temperature once you’ve applied the paste. In addition, it can keep your computer running at the highest performance level and is reliable in delivering its thermal heat transfer for years after applying the paste.

thermal paste


  • The diamond powder ensures that it can conduct heat optimally without cracking or drying out.
  • It comes with a spreader that can help you apply the paste to the surface of your CPU or GPU.
  • It has a long lifespan, meaning you can expect it to work for years after application before re-applying the paste.
  • It is reliable in protecting your computer from overheating for long-term use.
  • The diamond powder is more effective in conducting heat when compared to the regular silicon-based paste.
  • This is the best thermal paste for laptops.

Conclusion – Choosing The Best Thermal Pastes

According to AndroidCompare, these are the best thermal paste products that will be most popular in 2022. Do you have a PC that needs to be overclocked most of the time, or if you are doing various highly demanding tasks on your PC all the time? If yes, you will need a thermal paste to keep things cool in your machine. This is because the system will use the resources available in the CPU, GPU, and other components to make everything works perfectly to perform the tasks. This process will generate intense heat on those internal components.

If you don’t manage the intense heat your system generates appropriately, it can lead to overheating and various other problems. An excellent thermal paste should help keep the PC temperature low once applied. In our list, you will find multifunctional thermal pastes that you can use for gaming and other low-end laptops. You can apply the thermal paste to your CPU, GPU, or other components. Some have more features than others, although they can be more expensive. So, choose wisely based on your needs. Don’t forget to share your thought about this comparison of the best 2022 thermal pastes.

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