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Five Zenith Watches to Choose From, that You Will Surely Love

There are so many brands making luxury watches in the present.

However, along these new generations of luxury watchmaker brands are the older generations that have existed for more than a century and are still as popular and robust as ever.

These old luxury watchmaker brands maintain their level of elegance and sophistication on the luxury watch products. 

Zenith is one of these older generations of luxury watchmakers that is still going strong in the industry.

The brand is famous for its classic timepieces. Its most popular watches all bear the Zenith El Primero Chronograph movement known for its precision despite its old age.

The Zenith is also one of the few brands that produce its pieces under one roof and location. 

Zenith Chronomaster Men’s Watch

The first watch on this list would be the Zenith Chronomaster Men’s Watch from the Chronomaster series.

One look at its elaborate and outstanding watch would get one to decide to buy this timepiece. 

Zenith Chronomaster Men’s Watch presents an elaborate display of its entire interior mechanism.

The see-through dial displays the baton index markers and baton luminous-toned hands. It also features one sundial, which shows the current placement of the sun during the day.

This timepiece from Zenith boasts its precise time-telling accuracy using its 32 jewels that can continue working for 50 hours and can survive water splashes from any direction due to its high water resistance.

This ¥784,455 or $7,48 timepiece is equipped with a rubber and alligator leather bracelet band to balance the wearer’s quality and comfort. 

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Zenith Defy Men’s Watch

The second watch is the Zenith Defy Men’s Watch. Though it is a little simple or straightforward compared to the first one, the timepiece boasts the world-renowned El Primero Chronograph movement responsible for its precise time-telling, which does not decrease in accuracy even as it gets old. 

The watch comes with a grey dial adorned with three other subdials and baton index markers and hands finished with luminous silver-tone.

It is made sturdy and robust by its titanium case and solid back.

Its rubber bracelet band also maintains the feeling of comfort for the wrist to avoid irritation. 

If this watch is what you need to complete your everyday attire and impress your co-workers during your business and casual meetings.

You can have it for ¥974,728 or $9,378. It would also be a perfect gift to your loved one to add to his level of confidence. 

Zenith Chronomaster Men’s Watch

This white Zenith watch from its Chronomaster series is the third watch on the list.

It comes with a white dial with three other subdials responsible for 12-hour and 30-minute counters. It also features a see-through section to observe the internal mechanism of the watch.

The dial also boasts its finely made stick index markers and Rhodium Plated Hands.

The case of the watch is made of stainless steel to provide vital protection.

It relies on its Zenith El Primero movement, which utilizes 31 jewels for pinpoint time-telling accuracy.

Zenith Chronomaster is resistant to water for up to 100 meters and can maintain its operation for up to 50 hours.

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Zenith Elite Unisex Watch

This unisex watch from Zenith’s Elite collection series will be the fourth watch.

The brand’s artisans made this classic timepiece featuring a white dial adorned with stick index markers and lance hands to create a minimalist appearance.

It also displays the current date on the 6 o’clock position. 

This stainless steel timepiece with a leather bracelet band amounts to only ¥572,637 or $5,510.

The user should only be wary of water splashes here and there because of its low resistance and best to remove it when joining water activities to avoid damage to this piece. 

Zenith Defy Midnight Unisex Watch

Zenith aims to portray a starry midnight sky using its rich black dial embellished with diamond index markers and little stars on this fifth watch’s background.

The silver-toned hands with a star on the end of the second’s hands also add to the starry sky portrayal. 

The watch case is of quality steel with a see-through back protected with sapphire glass crystal. Its 27 jewels help always tick the right time away through its Elite 670 caliber and continue working for 50 hours.

You can also wear it while swimming because of its hundred-meter water resistance capacity. 

This classic timepiece from Zenith’s Defy collection series is worth ¥666,273 or $6,410, which is a little bit affordable despite the diamond embellishment.

You will never be wrong choosing this timepiece for your boyfriend or girlfriend since it is unisex. 


Watch lovers and enthusiasts adore classic timepieces and will surely grab one if the watch is to their liking.

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Zenith watches ensure that every piece of their factories is sturdy and of higher quality and a higher level of style and elaboration to attract its target eyes. 

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