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5 Best Apps for Sending and Receiving Fax with iPhone

Who faxes anymore in the 21st century? Thanks to technology, the world has taken a turn for the better and has eliminated the need for most of the old-fashioned heavy-duty modes of operation such as the fax machine.

However, some situations call for immediate and direct transmission of essential documents. Luckily, you don’t have to dig up your trash for your old fax. The little mobile phone has everything that you need including fax.

Some traditions are stubborn and take long before phasing out, thus came a fax app for iPhone. You only need to visit the apple store or Google fax free and choose one of the fax apps to scan and send your documents immediately.

Don’t worry if you’re at that point where you’re confused and wondering which app to use. This article highlights some of the best fax apps that will work like your old fax machine less the noise and bulky plastic.

5 Fax Apps to Consider For iPhone


eFax app is your ultimate mobile fax on the go anywhere anytime. You have to create an account after downloading the app, from the Apple store or Google fax-free,  and give it access to your contact list.

If you have a document that you need to send, you can either share it via the app or in PDF form as an email attachment. You can choose your recipient from the contact list and personalize the fax with a cover photo if you need to.

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There are various payment packages you can choose from to determine your final cost. The international payment package can send a fax in real-time anywhere on the globe. After the download, you get the first month free and your very own fax number.


The iFax app is popular in Turkey, Germany, Canada, the USA, Italy, Australia, Israel, and Spain. If you’re in any of the eight countries, you can send a fax toll-free. The goods news doesn’t end there.

You have the opportunity to customize the cover message or image from a variety of templates available within the app.  Faxing doesn’t have to be boring anymore with such a feature.

After download, you can enjoy seven days trial period, and afterward, the payment is dependent on the number of pages per fax.


Best Apps for Sending and Receiving Fax with iPhone

If you’re looking for a fax app that is both easy to use and affordable, then you’ve found one. Most organizations send a lot of fax messages in a day which may end up costly on other apps.

However, for the MyFax, it gives a limit of 400 fax messages and once exhausted, it charges $0.1 per fax. Unless you’re a government institution, 400 copies in a day is enough for only $10 a month.

Besides, you can send the documents from the app, the web or via email. The downside is that you can’t customize the cover page with digital pictures or signatures. However, it’s still useful for other primary fax messaging.


If you thought MyFax has a massive number of faxes allocated per day, then RingCentral will shock you. It has an unlimited number of faxes without any additional charge. However, this applies to domestic faxes only.

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The international faxes are chargeable per fax depending on the destination country.  It’s user-friendly with a simple interface. You can use the app to integrate other storage apps such as Dropbox and iCloud.


The app is suitable for either individuals or businesses because it can handle both large and small amounts of fax efficiently. It has competitive payment packages per month making it price-friendly for businesses with bulk documents.

Unfortunately, its simplicity is also its downfall because it doesn’t allow embedding of digital signatures or customizing the cover page.


To pick the right fax for your iPhone, you have to determine the amount and type of documents you need to send as well as frequency.

The traditional method of sending documents is now available on modern devices packaged in simple fax apps. Although the procedure is borrowed from years past, the process is now contemporary.

It’s fast, efficient and less costly to fax your documents from the iPhone to anyone on your contact list or email.


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