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5 Educational AI-based Technologies To Enhance Online Learning

Learning is an ongoing process in itself, and with the rise in newer innovations and technology in the educational sector, the process of imparting education has changed for the better.

The benefits of education are numerous and academic institutions are always striving to provide better learning environments to their students to make teaching more effective.

The current situation has shifted the traditional learning environment to one of online learning.

One such new technology that has significantly helped improve online teaching is artificial intelligence in schools.

Thanks to AI in education, students and teachers can now merge high computational tools in their overall learning process.

Several adaptive learning companies have come up with excellent solutions to some of the educational drawbacks.

Here are some educational AI-based technologies that have enhanced online learning.


Cognii is an adaptive learning company that focuses on making AI-based technology for students in higher education levels and for training purposes in corporations.

These AI learning assistants help employ conversational technology that guides scholars to improve their critical thinking abilities.

With the adaptation of such technology, users can get instant feedback on their assignments and can even get one-on-one help if needed.


Knewton has recently developed an Artificial Intelligence Program known as Alta.

Alta is used primarily to help detect gaps in the user’s knowledge and provide custom coursework to help them get better at their academics.

The interactive learning program is mostly used by colleges and helps improve one’s knowledge of subjects such as chemistry, maths, economics, and statistics.

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Knewton can also help create individual assignments for those students who have difficulties with certain subjects or topics of the program.

Many students and academic institutions can benefit from such personalization of their studying programs.

At the same time, more assignments does not mean a student will get a deeper understanding of the subject.

Professional writing help can come in handy in such situations. If you are not sure which service is trustworthy enough, it’s vital to check its reviews.

Students may benefit from reading a review for Edusson.com, to ensure there are reliable and safe writing services that can provide professional help with the most challenging assignments.

Even a task created by AI technologies may require more detailed solutions and explanations from a true professional for a student to get a good grasp of the topic in question.

Century Tech

Century Tech provides a unique platform that utilizes data analytics and cognitive neuroscience that helps teachers create highly individualized lesson plans for their students.

With the program, the academic faculty can monitor each student’s progress and identify the knowledge gaps that have developed over time.

The AI program then offers personalized study courses and feedback that help scholars get back to their needed educational level.


Blippar is an Artificial Intelligence software that helps enhance the learning environment for scholars.

It combines augmented reality and computer vision intelligence that brings subjects such as biology, physics, and geography to a visual platform.

With such programs, teachers can create virtual images and videos to teach them about particular concepts.

By looking at such interactive material, scholars can better grasp the concepts being taught in school.

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Nuance is a speech recognition software that can quickly transcribe over 160 words in a minute.

This has been known to be incredibly helpful to students who are unable to type fast or have disabilities that prevent them from writing.

The software also features word recognition and improves spelling ability in its users.

Teachers can also make use of the software by dictating their lessons and documents for further use.

Several other AI-based technologies have taken over classrooms in the United States and worldwide.

Many researchers have studied the impact of using such technologies in the school and found it extremely useful.

As such, we can all agree that AI is here to stay.

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