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5 Apps to Make Your Writing More Efficient – iRiverAmerica

Whether you are writing a blog article or your first novel, the hardest part is actually writing something down.

Writing is a time-consuming task that can be incredibly overwhelming.

With the fast-paced nature of today’s world, you have to be capable of writing well if you want to be successful.

From corporate managers to resume writers, you need to be good at finishing your projects efficiently if you want to get a promotion or excel at your current job.

The following five apps are designed to make your writing projects as easy and efficient as possible.


This app is one of the best options if you need novel writing software.

It helps to boost your efficiency so you can focus completely on writing your novel and instantly share it with the world when you are done.

This platform allows you to store all of your ideas in one location. You can add tags to your ideas so you can easily find them.

With this writing software, you can attach notes to different scenes and folders.

Sometimes, you might realize after finishing a section that your scenes need to be changed around.

When this happens, you can instantly move your scenes around using the drag-and-drop feature.

In addition, you can store your research materials, bookmarks, and images easily.

To prevent any work from being lost, the app also performs automatic backups as you work.

Once you are done with your novel, you can immediately share your book with an editor or beta reader.

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Hemingway Editor

This convenient, free tool is perfect if you struggle with the proofreading and editing process.

It allows you to input your article and immediately look for readability issues.

The Hemingway Editor helps you spot instances of passive voice, adverbs, and excessively long sentences.

All of these features allow you to tighten your prose and remove unnecessary words.

The Hemingway Editor highlights phrases you can simplify, hard-to-read sentences, and other potential problems.

In addition, it gives you a readability score so that you can instantly see just how difficult it is for a reader to understand your writing.


Whether you are working on a character profile or a blog article, Evernote can help.

This app is one of the most important tools you can use for becoming more efficient at researching different topics and taking notes.

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It allows you to focus on what matters most as you manage large projects, research assignments, and writing tasks.

With Evernote, you can easily manage all of your tasks and deadlines.

You can instantly capture your ideas using voice, written notes, and pictures.

Offered with a range of pricing options, this note-taking app is a single place for storing all of your ideas, reminders, and notes.


Even the best writers in the world have problems focusing on their work sometimes.

In the last few decades, concentrating has become even harder because of all of the technological distractions, smartphones, and apps people have.

Freedom is an app that actually works to reduce your distractions, so you can focus entirely on what you are doing.

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With this distraction-busting app, you can block other apps and websites from sending notifications.

This app can be installed on Windows and Mac computers. You can also add it to any Android or iOS device.

No matter which device or browser you use, Freedom can be synced across each device to block your distractions.

When you use Freedom, you can schedule block sessions for your writing work.

This allows you to deliberately set aside time for being productive on a daily or weekly basis.

You are able to get rid of any distracting apps or websites as you develop healthier digital habits.

Instead of relying on self-control to ignore a notification on your tablet, you can turn off the notification entirely and block the application from working for your set time period.

Focus Writer

If concentrating on your writing is an issue, Focus Writer can help you finally get your work done.

This app allows you to create a simple, distraction-free zone for writing.

You can focus on just the words on your screen and ignore everything else.

As a result of its simple design, you will immediately boost your productivity.

Most people use Microsoft Word or something similar for writing.

While it has many useful features, most people do not actually need all of these options.

When you have too many features, it can end up distracting you from your main purpose.

Focus Writer is a lightweight program that allows you to focus on writing without all of the unnecessary distractions found in a typical word processor.

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When you switch it to the full-screen mode, you only see the text and the background.

This allows you to concentrate completely on your writing without any features or buttons getting in the way.

Write Better and Faster With These Apps

Writing is hard enough. The last thing you need is to have constant distractions getting in your face.

With the best writing apps, you can remove any potential distractions and get editing help.

From simplifying your sentences to taking research notes, these apps will make writing your next project much more efficient.

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