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Tech Marketing on Twitter: A Brief How-To

Social media is a fantastic avenue for marketing. However, although companies, bloggers, and influencers massively embraced Facebook and Instagram, many found the little blue bird intimidating.

Still, Twitter has over 330 million active monthly users. It’s a gold mine for building your brand, but it’s a fast-paced network that requires savvy attention grabbers.

Let’s examine how you can use it for advertising your tech business.

Developing a Twitter Marketing Strategy

If you’re serious about making this platform your promotion outlet, you’ll have to think a bit before you create a profile.

Luckily, Twitter is no different than other networks in this respect.

If you already have a social media marketing strategy, it likely applies here.

If you don’t, let’s break it down. Essentially, you’re looking to develop a plan centered around content distribution for your target audience.

Your goals include attracting new followers and potential leads, boosting conversions, and building brand recognition.

Consider the following:

  • Who are you targeting? Develop a buyer persona.
  • How can you engage your followers? What do they enjoy seeing?
  • When should you post? Organize your posting schedule to get the most attention.
  • Is my strategy working? After you come up with a plan, analyze its impact, and see whether it’s yielding positive results.

These questions seem simple, but they do wonders for informing your future decisions.

Promoting Tech

We live in a tech-filled world, but people tend to find the technicalities challenging to grasp.

As a result, you must balance simplified descriptions and industry-specific jargon to cater to the general population and enthusiasts simultaneously.

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Problem – Solution

An excellent aspect of technology is its dedication to solving problems.

You can benefit from this feature by focusing on demographics with a specific issue.

They don’t have to understand how everything works, but they should be able to see how you’ll help them.

Make it Easy to Understand

If you’re in an expert-focused field, you’ll want to use technical terms here and there to attract the specialists in your industry.

However, it’s a balancing act to reach wider audiences at the same time.

Try to explain your product clearly without talking down to your followers.

For example, if you sell inductors, you could post about choosing the best one to help newbies on the market.

Cultivate a Voice

Finally, remember that you’re not the only tech company on Twitter. It’s a chatty platform, making a recognizable, authentic voice for posting a must-have. Some pointers include:

  • Once you figure out your social media persona, try to apply the principles to every post on every platform.
  • Consider your branding. Are you inspirational, edgy, or funny? Convey those qualities through human-sounding tweets.
  • Each post should convey a new message. Not every follower will see that super-important tweet, but that doesn’t mean you should repeatedly repost it.

Remember, it’ll take a while to develop an authentic voice, and even more for it to start feeling natural.

Try to stick to it either way.

Don’t Miss Out

Twitter is a free-for-all, powerful marketing platform for any business.

With the right strategy and approach, you can make people aware of and interested in your brand, driving up sales.

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So, don’t be afraid to take up the challenge.

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