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Win Spider Solitaire Every Time with These Hacks

No matter how advanced gaming gets and how many sophisticated games hit the market, the love for card games remains the same. Card games have been highly popular in all the seven continents of the world because they’re a source of entertainment and continue to be a huge range. Among all the major card games enjoyed globally, Spider Solitaire is one of the most popular.

Spider Solitaire has been around for a long time. The game is interesting, and it kills boredom. However, spider Solitaire has gone out of the desktops with the changing times, and now you can enjoy the game on your mobile devices. Moreover, you can play Spider Solitaire online and connect with hundreds of online players regardless of where you are.

The basic premise of the game is simple – build an ascending suit sequence in the foundation zone. But building the ascending suit sequence is easier said than done and comes with challenges.

Players need to learn the game’s rules to go ahead, which is forming a set of thirteen cards of the same suit, and it should be in ascending order on top of the foundation pile. The game begins after each player has been dealt twenty-seven cards in the tableau, and the players can move the top card from a column to another if it is forming a descending sequence. In online Spider Solitaire games, players have to compete with other players and also the timer. The first player to finish the game before the timer runs out is declared the winner.

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Does the game intimidate you? Do you want to know how you can augment your chances of winning? Here are a few tricks to help you succeed every time.

  1. Move fully packed builds

Remember, you can move the last card in the column when building cards down on that column. You can also move a fully packed build, which is the entire sequence of cards appearing in order.

  1. Empty piles as quickly as possible

For emptying piles as quickly as possible, start from the columns having fewer cards. The empty files can be used as a temporary storage place for cards when you are rearranging them in sequences to form fully packed builds.

You can even move cards to empty columns to expose more hidden cards.

  1. Flip cards whenever possible

Flipping cards help to expose hidden cards and allow you to find a wide variety of possible moves. The more hidden cards are uncovered, the more you can take chances to build a card sequence wherever possible.

  1. Start with higher cards first

Try to start building with the cards of a higher rank. If you start with a low-ranked card, the build will be quickly finished with an Ace, and you cannot place any more cards on top of an Ace.

Starting with high-ranked cards allows you to add more cards to the stack.

  1. Open columns? Move Kings

Kings can’t be placed on top of any card. So, when you reveal a King card, move it to an empty column and then rearrange the cards. The tactics will help you finish the natural build quickly.

  1. Use empty columns as temporary storage

When you’re rearranging the cards, use empty columns as temporary storage. It will save you precious time when you’re feeling stuck trying to make a sequence of cards, but a single card is blocking the entire sequence from being put together.

  1. Eliminate a column as early as you can

Empty columns are strategically important. When there’s a fully packed column in the relevant sequence of cards, you can remove that column from play. It will give you an empty column in its place that you can use.

  1. Wait to deal more cards

When it comes to winning Spider Solitaire, dealing with more cards is a necessary step. But you must wait as long as possible to deal with additional cards. This is because it blocks a significant number of moves whenever you deal more cards if any are available.

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If there are empty columns, ensure to use them before dealing with more cards.

  1. Use the undo function

The undo button is a player’s best friend when playing Spider Solitaire and trying to win. When you are flipping cards to uncover hidden cards, you have no idea what might be revealed. If the revealed card is not to your liking, you can click the undo button and backtrack your move. Then, you get to start over again. So, always remember this button to save you from making mistakes when you are playing to win.

  • Additional tip: Beat the timer

The Spider Solitaire online games are fast-paced, and there’s a timer that you must keep in mind. Therefore, it is best to challenge yourself beforehand to try and beat your best time so that when the battle starts, you are ready. After that, you can play free practice games to hone your skills. Once you are confident you can beat your best time, you can compete with other players in tournaments and contests.


Spider Solitaire is an entertaining, engaging, and challenging game that can be played for hours to keep boredom at bay. You can enjoy challenging yourself by playing practice games, or you can increase the stakes by participating in tournaments or playing the game in 1VN or 1V1 modes. Keep in mind the tips mentioned above to increase your chances of winning, especially when playing to win cash rewards and prizes.

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