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How Can I Improve My eCommerce Conversion Rate? iRiverAmerica

Before you can start an eCommerce business you need to decide what you will sell, who your target audience is, where you’ll get your products from, and how you’ll find your customers.

Of course, you actually need to have a website that is capable of attracting customers and converting visitors into customers.

That’s why it’s recommended that you use professional help with Ecommerce Web Design.

Once your site is created the key to success is in converting customers. Not every one that arrives on your web page is going to become a customer.

But, if you don’t adopt the right conversion tactics the majority of them won’t become customers.

The right tactics will make a difference.

Know Your Current Conversion

The current rate of conversion is a ratio of the number of visitors you have to your site and the number of customer sales you make on that day which are related to that specific landing page.

For example, if 100 people visit your site and you sell 20 of your products, you have a 20% conversion rate.

In fact, a good conversion rate is considered to be 2% or more, which means it’s all about getting customers onto your site to get the numbers and then converting at last 2% of them.

The only way you can improve your conversion rate is to know what it currently is and how to measure it.

Using Tools

There are a variety of tools available that are designed to help with conversion rates.

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The emphasis with most of these tools is to track how people interact with your site.

This will allow you to see where most users stop and leave your site.

In effect, you’ll identify the bottleneck point and can take steps to resolve the issue.

Images & Videos

Customers are drawn to sites that are professionally designed. It gives them an air of quality which helps inspire confidence.

The good news is that you can do this to your site by using high-quality images and videos.

Not only will potential customers see the products better, but they’ll also feel confident in the quality of what you’re offering.

That improves the conversion rate.

Free Shipping

You either need to sort a great deal with the shipping company or factor the cost of shipping into the price.

You can then offer free shipping which is always appreciated by the customer and is likely to help convince them to buy from you rather than a competitor.


Another great way to convert people is to give them a time-incentive. This can be a special offer that is about to run out or a reward if they buy that day.

This is often enough to persuade a visitor to become a customer.

Get Your Price Right

The internet makes it very easy for anyone to compare prices. That means in order to get a conversion you need to be competitively priced.

It doesn’t mean you have to be the cheapest, people will pay more for perceived quality. But, you do need to be competitive.

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Above all, every time you make a change to your conversion strategy, monitor it. This will allow you to find the most successful approach for your business.

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