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Design Your Signature by CocoSign Tools

In a nearly paperless world, signing off emails and sales letters with a customized signature lends credibility.

Likewise, a unique touch is added by using digital signatures at the bottom of blogs and creative stuff. 

In our everyday lives, the value of electronic signatures can not be diminished.

We all are trying to build a simple, accessible, insightful, and secure alternative to paperwork, no matter if we belong to a large corporation or are working as individual marketers.

E-signatures are a cool accessory that works reasonably well for this reason. 

Use CocoSign To design Your Digital Signatures

It might sound like a process requiring a ton of coding skills to build a digital signature. 

With CocoSign, you can learn from the signature makers how you can create your digital signature in a moment. 

In general, CocoSign is a signature and management software for digital documents.

The signature generator feature is a component of its small to mid-sized enterprise cloud-based digitization solution. 

Since it is cloud-based, the software can be used by anyone with internet access.

Companies will also optimize their workflow and enhance efficiency, which improves their result in exchange. 


Here is how you can get started with CocoSign?

Draw the Signature   

Drawing is the first way you can create your digital signature. It would be best if you drew it using a mouse or touchpad on CocoSign ‘s online canvas. 

You can use the touchscreen, which provides better precision if you are on a touch-enabled device.

Until you’re pleased with the signature, you can erase and redesign your movements. 

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generate signature

Type your name 

Can I get a signature design by merely typing my name through CocoSign?

Yes, using the Signature Generator is the second way, which is a much simpler way to build the various signature designs online.

You have to type your name in this process, and the CocoSign will create appropriate signatures instantly. 

These differ according to their font, scale, length, and readability. You can pick the one that closely matches your written signature. 

Once you are done, You need to save it after making an e-signature.

You can save it on your local computer or secure cloud storage for CocoSign.

The latter is more helpful because you don’t often have to upload it back.

Steps for Using CocoSign to sign documents 

Using a secure and prosperous electronic signing solution, making an electronic signature should be a breeze-through.

The steps involved in developing an electronic signature are highlighted below. For this illustration, we will be using CocoSign. 

Step 1: Drag & drop the document   

Build a CocoSign account, to begin with, and get credited with a 30-day trial period.

Drag the document you want to upload to the marked window to add it to the website.

Another choice is to click to upload the form by clicking the ‘select file button.’ 

Step 2: Document signing 

Once it has been uploaded, continue to sign your paper. Here are some of the signing choices you have. 

  • Using a stylus pen, mouse, or laptop trackpad to draw your signature. View the following use cases about your signature made from Cocosign.
  • Sign, scan the image, and upload it to the website on a piece of paper. 
  • Use any of the platform’s styling templates to type a name and style.
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Step 3: Download

When you’re finished signing, click to save changes and let the server process the document.

You can download the document to your local computer after this.

Features of CocoSign

Secure: Security must be the highest priority. Keep a long-lasting track of your signed documents with your online signature service?

That’s an excellent sign. CocoSign offers the best security issue solutions, and you’ll know which one to opt for. 

Safe to use: CocoSign maintains a secure evaluation process of each operation and the names, emails, and IP addresses involved.

With CocoSign, keep your electronic records intact. CocoSign offers maximum security to provide a safe working environment for its customers & is legally binding.

Saves Time: With an electronic signature application, you can handle urgent and time-sensitive agreements within a brief period. 

Reduces costs: By reducing paper waste by only one percent, the use of electronic signatures lets you save about a billion dollars, unlike the conventional way of handling paper records. 

Improves customer service: By using an electronic signature, you can maximize your client’s experience and satisfaction by using a convenient and more productive way to capture their expectations and feedback. 

Encourages a green environment: In no small degree, reducing paper use in offices will provide a greener ecosystem. 

Productivity increases: Cocosign has a template function that would be useful, mainly if you use the same documents daily.


The significance of electronic signatures to companies can not be overlooked.

It decreases transaction time, costs and increases the business’ efficiency.

There are more than ample reasons to buy into the concept. The advantages obtained from electronic signing are enormous.

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