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Why Your Mac Runs Slow and How to Deal with It?

Mac is the personal computers produced by Apple Inc. It is widely used by many people in their work, study and daily life.

It has many advantages. But there are also problems occurred like Mac running slow that can also be bothering.

Part 1: What Are the Advantages of Owning A Mac?

Mac gains such popularity worldwide because it gains many advantages comparing with other personal computers.

  1.     Mac is famous for its modern design. Many products published by Apple Inc are welcomed by many people as they are beautiful. It is good at managing those simple lines and space to come out good and simple design.
  2.     Mac is popular because its simple operation. It intends to let everyone, no matter they are tech novice or fans, to enjoy the convenience of technology. All the functions built in Mac are so user-friendly that many people would like to try to buy their products.
  3.     Mac is credited because it has less malware so that it could protect your computer. All the internal designs are made by Apple Inc so that there would be fewer chances for virus to hack your computer and protect your privacy from leakage. It promised the stability of your Mac and keeps it in good status.
  4.     Mac is connected tightly with other Apple products like iPhone, iPad, which means that it is convenient for people to transfer data and files among these products. For example, people could receive phone calls both in his or her Apple products so that they won’t miss the calls. 

Mac has so many benefits so that it is widely used by people to do their work and study.

People might type their ideas, edit their files and browse online on Mac. The simple and safe user experience makes the Mac welcomed by people. 

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But what bothers a lot is that there would be slowing down of Mac, which does great damage to people’s working efficiency and influences their working schedule.

What makes your Mac run slow? How to address this problem to make better use of your Mac.

The following reasons and solution may help you better manage your Mac.

Part 2: Why Your Mac Runs Slow?

There are a lot of reasons may cause the Mac’s running slow. They can be divided into 3 parts – settings, operations and memory.

  • There may be something wrong with the status and settings of your Mac. 

speed up MAC

Like other technology products, Mac should be kept in good status to promise the operation of its functions.

If problems occurred in your Mac, you’d better check if it is caused by the settings. For example, you’d better check if you are using an outdated Mac.

You should update the system on time so that all the functions could work efficiently. You’d better check if the hardware still works. The good status of your Mac could promise the operation of its daily use.

  • The running of too many files may make your Mac slow down. 

If there are too many files like applications are running at the same time, your Mac would be unable to deal with them immediately.

There would be a delay of slowing down for your Mac to manage those files. The solutions can be to open or deal with many files or applications at the same time.

Try to manage these stuffs orderly so that your Mac could be able to run fast. 

  • Your Mac may be out of storage. 

Your Mac may run out of memory so that it could deal with other files immediately. People get used to taking photos, receiving files and downloading many applications on Mac.

If it is not cleared up on time, they could eat up the storage of your Mac and make it slow down. 

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The best solution is to clear those useless files on your Mac to free more space.

There are many tools that can be used to clear your Mac, among which iMyMac Mac Cleaner provides a comprehensive service to deal with multiple unwanted files on your Mac.

Part 3: How to Deal with Mac Running Slow with iMyMac

iMyMac Mac Cleaner is a comprehensive software to help you manage your files on Mac and free more space to keep it in good status.

It is able to remove many files like duplicate photos, browsing history and cache to address the slowing down of your Mac.

What Can iMyMac Mac Cleaner Do?

As a comprehensive cleaning tool developed by iMyMac, it has lots of functions to keep your Mac in good status.

  1. It could monitor the status of your Mac. Open the software then you can see the System Status page where there are indexes about the CPU, memory and disk of your Mac. You can assess the status of your Mac according to these data and address problems accordingly.


  1.   It provides a bundle of functions to help you manage your Mac in our daily life:
  • Uninstaller helps you completely remove the applications you don’t want. 
  • Privacy could help protect your privacy by removing the browsing history and login information of your Mac. 
  • System Junk could clean your system junk files. The hidden files on your system many be useless and slow down your Mac. It could scan the system files and suggest the files to remove. Then you can decide whether you want them to be removed.
  • Duplicate Finder helps you find the duplicate files and photos. People could free more space by clear the duplicate files on their Macs. It could help find those files even the files are named differently.
  • Large & Old Files could scan and remove the useless large and old files that stored on your Mac. It would scan the large and old files automatically and list them in certain order for you to choose. You can view if they are useless and remove them to free more space.
  • Mail Trash could find the email junks and attachments to remove. It could keep your storage in good status by removing the useless files and attachments at your email.
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 Follow the steps below to clean your system junk files:

Step 1. Click on System Junk on the left side of your screen after launching the iMyMac Mac Cleaner on your Mac.

clean PC

Step 2. Press the Scan button to allow iMyMac detect all the junk files stored on your Mac.

mac cleaning tool

Step 3. After the scanning process, you will see all the junk files in different categories, including User Logs, Photo Junks, Mail Junk, System Logs, System Caches, App Cache, etc. Select the files you want to delete or just tick the “Select All”.

Step 4. Press the Clean button to get rid of those junks then confirm your action.

Now you will see more space on your Mac and experience a quick Mac to enjoy storing other more images or moveis you like.

Part 4: In Conclusion

So now you know the reason that why is your Mac running slow and also learn the way to deal with it. 

The recommended iMyMac Mac Cleaner is a comprehensive tool to deal with multiple useless files on your Mac and keep your Mac in good status in daily life.

It also can be a great help for people who want to clear their Mac and keep it in good status while they their time is limited to do so. 

With the help of iMyMac Mac Cleaner, they can leave the cleaning thing all to this software and have a good user experience when they are using the Mac.

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