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Comparium : Automated Website Testing Tool – iRiverAmerica

With the advancement of  the Internet and mobile phones, people have started reaching a business owner through their websites.

Business owners invest a lot on their website development. They have to make sure that they are presented in a correct fashion.

For that there is a need of constantly reviewing their website. They have to keep a check whether they are getting enough result from the website or not.

Comparium tool will allow you to test your website. You can check the factors which are giving you desired result and point out those which are not performing.

With this application you can figure out the improvements that are required to give you desired result.

This application will allow you to test every aspect of your website. You are no more required to visit different websites for testing every aspect of your own website.

You can check the ability and capability of your website which is very essential for setting a target and understand the true potential of your website.

Features Of Comparium Tool 

Explained below are the marvelous features that you’ll get with Comparium tool.

Provide good accessibility

When a website is created to feature your products and services, you need a large crowd to visit your website and spend some time.

When a viewer is visiting a site, he looks for good accessibility to stay longer and engage him. This will have better chances of turning him into a customer.

Therefore, website should be easily accessible to the crowd. Our application provides a platform that will make your website accessible on every screen.

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website testing

Manage website and update

For engaging the viewers the website should be attractive, for which it should be managed properly.

There should be a special emphasis on its design, layout, size and all other aspects.

Without proper management, your site will sail at the bottom of search engines.

This tool will provide proper management and frequent updates to your website which will have a better chance of gaining customers.

Supports all browser

The best thing about this tool is that it works with all the modern browser like Microsoft Edge,Chrome, and other all modern browser.

This tool also helps to get offline reports Via Email For Free. It’s also helpful in checking websites on Safari for Windows users.

Provides functionality in all web pages

Reaching every individual is the main goal when a website is created. For that the website has to be functional on every web page.

The viewer from different part of the world can visit your website through any web page without any struggle.

Our application will increase the capability of your website which will allow it to function on every web page.

Helps to integrate with famous browser platform

Installing every browser on your device will make the device slow and hard to work on. Our application, Comparium has got a solution for it.

Our application will allow you to integrate sites in many browser platforms like Chrome,Microsoft Edge, etc. This will enhance the reach of your website and offer a large crowd turnover.

Our application will allow you to explore popular browsers used by customers on a regular basis.

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Make site bug free

Having a bug in the website is always troublesome. Viewers will face difficulty in accessing your website.

They might not be able to reach to the service section and close the site. There is no returning after a viewer has left your site.

Comparium will make sure that your website is free from bugs. There will be a frequent test to identify the bug and remove them.

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