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3 Best Apps to Monitor Text Messages on Android & iOS

If you want to track your children’s text messages and see what they are up to lately, then you will need a text monitoring app. We are going to introduce you to the top messaging apps with the likes of Cocospy, Guest Spy and Appmia. We will brief this app and deduce which one of them is the best!


Do you want to know how I can monitor my child’s text messages without them knowing? The answer to that question is Cocospy!

Cocospy is a high-end tracker app. This app is featured in several publications with the likes of TechRadar, Toms Guide, Digital Trends, Life Wire and others. Moreover, this app is used and supported by thousands of users around the world.

Apps to Monitor Text Messages

This app comes equipped with several functions you won’t find in other tracking apps. Once you gain access to the target phone, you can track and record their live calls. This app also lets you track their text messages and email address.

If you want to track the Live GPS location of your target, this app will help you do it. You can also gain access to their personal life, see the company they keep and how they interact with them. Cocospy also lets you access their contact list and browser history.

It also grants you the ability to read instant text messages and enjoy remote control access of their device.

Apps to Monitor Text Messages

In general, spyware apps require you to jailbreak or root your smartphone. Well, this is not the case with Cocospy. It’s easy to install and use.

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How to Use Cocospy?

You can use this app to keep track of someone. It saves your time and effort if you want to view someone’s activity. You don’t need t go via a complex and long process to set this app.

You will need to download this app from its official website and install it on your and the target’s device. If you want the best of both worlds, you better get the premium version. The premium version comes with several added functions that you will find rather useful.

You have to physically access the target device for a bit to install this app. Once you are done, you will be able to track their activity, access their contact list, and much more.

We just added a snap of messages tracking tab. In this tab, you can easily view the messages including their receipt and timing.

The user interface is easy to use and understand. Everything you need is easy to access. This app comes with a detailed guide shall you need it.

Apps to Monitor Text Messages


This is a powerful tool that lets you track someone else mobile activities, and even control their device remotely. With this app at your disposal, you can track incoming and outgoing messages on the target device. You can read these messages from any device or location if you get to your control panel. You can also see the time, date stamps, name, and number. Following, we are going to discuss the features of Appmia:

  • Record Calls and Surrounding
  • Read Sent and Received MESSAGES
  • Block Messages, websites, and social networks
  • Track the location of Device
  • Control the phone remotely
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Guest Spy

If you believe your kid is abusing their right to use a cellphone, then you can put an end to it if you use Guest Spy. This is a monitoring app that lets you see the delete messages from the panel. You can track every sent and received text thanks to this app. It lets you see the sender’s name and contact number. Following, we are going to discuss the features of this App:

  • Call Management
  • Track Text messages and GPS location
  • Monitor online activities
  • Access address book and calendar
  • Read messages on the phone, Skype, and social media
  • Access Multimedia Files
  • Remote Control


We just gave you top of the line tracking apps. These apps let your track on someone else cell phone. You can use these apps to keep an eye on what sort of text messages the target sends and receives.

Cocpspy is the best alternative because it is easy to use and doesn’t come with useless bloat features. It is a user-oriented product.

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