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20 Best Vinyl Cutting Machines Compared – iRiverAmerica

If you want to create the best quality vinyl decals, here is a list of the 20 best vinyl cutting machines.

As a material for decorations, vinyl can be used to create decals that can be customized based on your preferences.

Thankfully, with a good vinyl cutting machine, you will be able to customize how you want to make each vinyl look.

You can create your own design for each color and then combine the decals to become one grand design that you can enjoy.

Choosing a good vinyl cutting machine needs to be done carefully, as each of them offers different features that you might or might not need.

Top 20 Best Vinyl Cutting Machines Reviewed

Here are 20 best vinyl cutting machines that can help you create the best quality vinyl decals for various purposes:

Cricut Explore Air 2

Cricut Explore Air 2 is one of the most popular vinyl cutters that offer many variations for you to choose from.

Best Vinyl Cutting Machines

There are also bundles that are available with your purchase of this model.

This machine is capable of cutting vinyl in double speed when you compare it with its predecessor.

It also offers the ability to cut various types of materials with the best precision.

You can design your cutting customization using your laptop or iOS devices.


  • The best precision cutting mechanism to ensure that you get accurate results.
  • When compared to its predecessor, it can finish your projects 2 times faster.
  • Aside from vinyl, it can also cut more than 100 types of craft materials.
  • Bundles are offered for better features and values.
  • It uses the Bluetooth wireless technology, allowing you to operate the machine wirelessly.

Official website: https://cricut.com/en_us/machines/cricut-explore-family/cricut-explore-air-2.html

Silhouette Cameo 4

Silhouette Cameo 4 is the latest vinyl cutting machine offered by Silhouette for the Cameo series which is released in September 2019.Best Vinyl Cutting Machines

It boasts a better design, better features, and better values overall.

It can cut various types of materials, including the vinyl, fabric, cardstock, and many others.

It has the width of 12 inches, with a sleek and compact model, as well as wireless technology to make it easier for you to finish your projects.


  • It is capable of cutting thicker materials with the 3mm clearance.
  • You can easily cut and load the vinyl rolls into the machine.
  • It has a sleeker model and much more aesthetically appealing look compared to the previous model.
  • Wireless connectivity with free Silhouette Studio software.
  • It is capable to perform heat transfer directly from the roll.

Official website: https://www.silhouetteamerica.com/shop/SILH-CAMEO-4-WHT-W

Silhouette Portrait 2

If you want to create various decorations using vinyl for personal use, Silhouette Portrait 2 is the right machine to do that.

Best Vinyl Cutting Machines

It is a vinyl cutter machine designed by Silhouette to be used just like a personal printer.

You simply connect this machine using the USB cable to your PC or Mac, and you are ready to go.

It uses a smaller blade to cut various types of materials according to your needs.


  • With its small and sleek design, you can put this machine on your desk for personal use.
  • It has 2mm clearance that allows you to perform deep-cut operations.
  • You can put the materials that have up to 10 feet long and 8 inches wide.
  • It comes with the Silhouette Studio software and 50 exclusive designs.
  • It has AutoBlade for precision cutting operations.

Official website: https://www.silhouetteamerica.com/shop/portrait/SILHOUETTE-PORTRAIT-2-4T

USCutter Vinyl Cutter MH-Series

The MH-Series vinyl cutter provided by USCutter offers various types and models of vinyl cutting machines that can be used according to your needs.

Best Vinyl Cutting Machines

Whether you need a big or small machine to complete your projects, you can choose the right model within the MH-Series models.

There are also various features that you can add to the machine, including heat transfer, software upgrade, clip art, stand, and more.


  • Lots of models to choose from with many variations that you can customize for your machine.
  • You can choose up to 50-inch size for your cutter.
  • You can connect to your device via the serial port and USB.
  • It includes 3 blades with pen adapter.
  • Various features can be added to your base model depending on your needs.

Official website: https://www.uscutter.com/USCutter-MH-Series-Vinyl-Cutter-w-VinylMaster-Cut-Design-Cut-Software

Brother CM350 ScanNCut 2

The CM350 ScanNCut 2 is a vinyl cutter machine provided by Brother USA that allows you to complete your own cutting projects at home.

Best Vinyl Cutting Machines

It includes on-screen editing with built-in scanner, as well as 631 built-in designs.

You can also cut various materials up to 2mm thickness.

Since it has the on-screen editing tool, you can edit your design right on the machine, meaning that you don’t need to connect it to a computer or Mac in order to perform the editing and cutting operations.


  • On-screen editing tool makes it easy to use this machine without any computer.
  • It has a large scanning and sewing area that you can use to create big cutting designs.
  • It includes the scanner function that allows you to save and scan your designs to the USB drive.
  • It has the space-saving feature that allows you to use even the smallest area in your vinyl to make your design more detailed.
  • These are perfect to be used in homes as the best vinyl cutting machines.
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Official website: https://www.brother-usa.com/products/cm350

Cricut Maker

Cricut Maker is a fully featured smart cutting machine that can be used to cut various types of materials, including vinyl.

Cricut Maker

It has the suite of tools that is expandable according to your needs, as well as the rotary blade that will help you cut the materials faster.

You can take control of every aspect of your cutting projects using this machine, while keeping everything simple to operate. It is also available in 5 different colors.


  • Various types of blades that you can change according to your project preferences.
  • 50 Ready-made projects are available for you to choose from.
  • It has the digital sewing pattern library to make it simpler for you to choose the design for your project.
  • More material compatibility when compared to other Cricut-released cutting tools.
  • You can add engraved and debossed effects to your crafts.

Official website: https://cricut.com/en_us/cricut-maker

Silhouette Curio

Silhouette Curio is a cutting machine designed for hobbyists to complete their cutting projects.

Best Vinyl Cutting Machines

It is perfect to be used along with other Silhouette cutter models as it will have the features that will complement each other.

You can connect this machine to your PC or Mac via USB cable and use the included software to start designing your crafts.

It has the fine and wide embossing tool to enhance the appearance of your crafts.


  • It is perfect to be used as a complementary tool to other Silhouette cutting machines.
  • It has cutting and embossing functions to enhance the appearance of your design.
  • It comes with the included design software that can be used on PC and Mac.
  • It has five different design tools to use, which are etching, stippling, embossing, debossing, and dual carriage features.
  • Perfect for hobbyists and DIY projects that need a better touch of creativity.

Official website: https://www.silhouetteamerica.com/shop/machines/curio

USCutter SC2 Series

The USCutter SC2 Series is the vinyl cutting machine that is the continuation of the previous value offer SC series, boasting better features than its predecessor.

USCutter SC2 Series

With the SC2 series cutter, you can cut your materials faster and with much quieter sound.

You can use this machine to cut stickers and labels since it is equipped with contour-cutting features.

This machine is also equipped with more memory, so that you can perform larger operations and get them done quickly.


  • Various features can be added to the base model that you choose.
  • Contour cutting feature is available with laser-enabled that you can activate with the accompanying software.
  • More durable and steady operations with aluminum stand to support the machine.
  • Bigger memory allows you to work on bigger projects.
  • Adjustable speed with 3 blades included on your purchase.

Official website: https://www.uscutter.com/USCutter-SC2-Series-Vinyl-Cutter

Sizzix Big Shot Machine

As an award-winning cutter machine, Sizzix Big Shot Machine offers various features that can help you finish your cutting projects.

Best Vinyl Cutting Machines

There are lots of projects that you can do with this machine, such as home decoration, quilting, mixed media, scrapbooking, and more.

The portable design that it has makes it easy for you to move this cutting machine anywhere you want.

It is a great crafting tool that can help to get the job done nicely and professionally.


  • It works with various Sizzix embossing tools that are available today.
  • You can finish various projects using this machine.
  • Portable design makes it easy for you to move this machine to different places.
  • You can die-cut and emboss various craft materials with this tool.
  • Affordable price when compared to other similar cutting machines.

Official website: https://www.sizzix.com/bigshot

Graphtec CE-Lite 50

Graphtec CE-Lite 50 is the vinyl cutting machine that you can use both for home and business, featuring clean-cut blades that help cut your materials accurately.

Graphtec CE-Lite 50It is designed to be able to perform operations even when you are not connecting it to the desktop.

It has a touch screen interface that makes it easier for you to perform the operations of this machine without the need to program it with your PC or Mac.

You can use this to create decals, apparels, and various other vinyl crafts for various purposes.


  • You can either connect this machine to the desktop or operate it using the touch screen interface.
  • It offers precision cutting and precision contour cutting.
  • It is compatible with various types of materials with sensors to detect registration marks.
  • It includes a standalone drawing program as well as integration with other programs like Corel Draw and Illustrator.
  • Rolled media support up to 20-inch width and 9-feet 10-inch long.

Official website: https://www.graphtecamerica.com/vinyl-cutter-desktop-cut-plotter-ce-lite-50

Sizzix Eclips2 – Best Vinyl Cutting Machines

Sizzix Eclips2 is a DIY electronic cutting machine that you can use without the cartridge, but it boasts various features like precision cutting, reduced noise, speedy operations, and more.

Best Vinyl Cutting Machines

Accompanied with a cutting design software, you can create any project and edit your project easily.

Various font styles are available to make your creations even more stunning, and you can create multiple shapes in one cut.

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  • Laser Cut Preview can help you see your cutting results before you perform the operations to minimize waste.
  • No cartridge required for the operations.
  • Adjustable blade depth with precision cutting.
  • The interface is easy to edit with What You See Is What You Get style.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • It is considered to be one of the best vinyl cutting machines out there.

Official website: https://www.sizzix.com/659860/sizzix-eclips2-diy-electronic-cutter-starter-kit

Cricut Explore One

Cricut Explore One is the right vinyl cutting machine for those who are just starting out in the world of vinyl cutting and crafting.

Cricut Explore One

This machine is affordable, yet it offers various features that you can use to craft your vinyl materials into whatever type of decorations that you want to create.

With the size of a personal printer, you can put this machine on your desk and use it just like a printer.


  • Affordable entry-level vinyl cutter machine for beginners.
  • Precision crafting allows you to cut your materials in the best accuracy and precision.
  • Sleek and minimalist design in the size of a standard printer.
  • Perfect for beginners to learn the art of crafting various types of materials.
  • The design templates are easy to create and edit based on your creativity.

Official website: https://cricut.com/en_us/machines/cricut-explore-family/cricut-explore-one.html

Cricut Explore Air

Cricut Explore Air is the combination of value and professional quality that delivers the best cutting machine you can use to create professional crafts.

Best Vinyl Cutting Machines

It offers the convenience of use, huge compatibility with various materials, and precision cutting with professional results.

If you want a high performance vinyl cutting machine, Cricut Explore Air can provide it for an affordable cost.

Thousands of design images are available for you to choose from.


  • More than 100 materials are compatible for you to cut, write, and score with.
  • It uses a Bluetooth wireless technology for wireless operations.
  • Design software is available for Windows and iOS devices.
  • Fine-point blade for professional and precision cutting.
  • Cut your materials without the clutter.

Official website: https://cricut.com/en_us/machines/cricut-explore-family/cricut-explore-air.html

USCutter TITAN 2

For those who are serious about their vinyl cutting crafts, USCutter TITAN 2 is the best machine that offers various premium features that will make sure that you can craft your materials in the best possible way.

USCutter TITAN 2

It is the machine with a great performance that is suitable to be used by professionals and enthusiasts.

The machine is big enough to carry out big projects and get them done as quickly as possible.


  • This machine is suitable for big projects with fast processing speed.
  • It has floor stand and catch basket to ensure that your vinyl crafts are neatly organized.
  • It comes with the full version of Vinyl Master Cut software, a proprietary design software from USCutter.
  • LCD control panel to ensure easy operations to manage large projects.
  • Accurate precision cutting with the quiet sound to ensure the best professional results.

Official website: https://www.uscutter.com/TITAN-2-Vinyl-Cutter-28-53-68-inch


Faster and quieter cutting can be done by using KLIC-N-KUT MAXX Air vinyl cutting machine.

Best Vinyl Cutting Machines

This is the machine that you need to produce professional-level crafts with the best precision and accuracy.

It is also equipped with the wireless technology so that you can place this machine away from your computer for up to 30 feet distance.

Or, if you want to put it close to your desk, there is the USB connector that you can use to connect this machine to your PC.


  • Wireless connection to allow wireless operations of the vinyl cutting machine.
  • It has a good processor for faster operating speed and quieter sound.
  • It allows you to create professional-level crafts with precision and accuracy.
  • Adjustable blade holder seat and pinch rollers.
  • $300 value bonus kit is available with every purchase.

Official website: https://knkusa.com/product/klic-n-kut-maxx-air/

KNK Force – Best Vinyl Cutting Machines

This is the first cutting machine from KLIC-N-KUT that features dual head plotter that is fully computerized.

The dual head plotter can move in Z axis, meaning that it can move in three different directions, providing you with the most accurate cuts.

It is a modern vinyl cutter that you can use for various design projects, especially those that require X, Y, and Z axis precision.

You can program any design for this machine from your computer and perform the operation quickly and accurately with the best precision.


  • It features Wi-Fi and ethernet slot to be used for wireless operations.
  • It has 2 blades, with one blade to be used in standard operation and another blade to be used for thick materials.
  • It has Z axis feature, allowing you to design in 3D with accurate precision.
  • It has an accompanying software to help you design your project.
  • It has a dual-head plotter that uses motor for its cutting operations.

Official website: https://knkusa.com/product/knk-force/

KNK Zing Air

KNK Zing Air is a vinyl cutter machine designed by KLIK-N-KUT for heavy duty operations, meaning that you can use this machine for big projects that require heavy load of tasks.

This machine allows you to design your project freely, with full flexibility.

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No matter what materials that you are using, this vinyl cutter machine can be used to craft your creations in the best possible way.

You can connect this machine with your computer using Bluetooth or USB.


  • It doesn’t use any cartridge, which means that you can save money on buying replacement cartridges.
  • It is designed for heavy duty tasks, which can be done faster when compared to other similar machines.
  • Built-in laser alignment ensures that your cuts are precise and accurate.
  • You don’t need to use any cutting mat with this tool.
  • It supports various types of materials other than vinyl.

Official website: https://knkusa.com/product/knk-zing-air/

Roland GS-24 Desktop Cutter

This desktop cutter released by Roland allows you to do all your cutting projects right from your desktop.

This tool can be used to cut various types of materials, even thick materials that other similar desktop cutters cannot handle.

It has a sleek and modern design that fits nicely on your desktop, yet with full features to produce the best precision cutting possible.


  • This tool can be used for various types of cutting projects, whether you are using vinyl or other materials.
  • It supports overlap cutting.
  • It includes Roland CutStudio software for free.
  • The stand is included with your purchase for better stability during operations.
  • It offers advanced features that integrate nicely with modern technology.

Official website: https://www.rolanddga.com/products/vinyl-cutters/camm-1-gs-24-desktop-vinyl-cutter

STIKA Desktop Cutter

STIKA Desktop Cutter is a vinyl cutter machine released by Roland, which features portable design with full features.

You can take this desktop cutter anywhere you want without any problem because of its small, portable, and lightweight design.

Yet, it has the features similar to the ones offered by the standard vinyl cutting machines.

It is suitable to be used for offices, schools, restaurants, stores, and homes.


  • Small and lightweight design to allow the best portability.
  • Colorful POP displays and labels.
  • It offers 64 designs along with bundled CutStudio software.
  • You can choose between 3 sizes of the machine.
  • Various types of masks and materials compatibility.

Official website: https://www.rolanddga.com/products/vinyl-cutters/stika-desktop-cutter

KNK Zing Orbit

KNK Zing Orbit is a vinyl cutting machine that is suitable to be used by hobbyists, yet it offers the commercial-grade features that ensure the best cutting results and performance.

It can cut a wide range of materials, including the vinyl, chipboard, fabric, and more.

It can perform complex operations faster with the advanced two-way communication technology.


  • It uses metal flatbed tables that can be easily attached or removed.
  • You can connect this tool using either USB or WiFi.
  • Various add-ons are available to enhance its features.
  • It has Automatic Registration Tracking to allow precision printing and cutting.
  • It is compatible with various materials.


Whether you want to put the decals on your walls, cars, motorcycles, or your personal stuff like laptops, T-shirts, musical instruments, and any other places, it is important for you to think about what kind of decorations that you want to make with vinyl decals.

Vinyl is a material that is good to be used for various types of decorations, as it can be made to fit perfectly for any situation or setup.

However, since vinyl is a unique material to decorate various things around you, you need to know how to use it properly.

First of all, you have to understand that you cannot create different color decals with only one vinyl.

In order to create a decoration with multiple colors, you have to combine different-colored vinyls into one.

So, each colored vinyl needs to be created separately in order to create the best decal combinations.

In order to get the best decorations or crafts from your vinyl materials, as well as other materials that you prefer, you need to use the best vinyl cutting machine that is available on the market today.

Thankfully, these machines typically don’t cost too expensively, especially if you are looking for the one designed for personal home use.

Whether you want to use the decals to decorate your room, improve the look of your car, or anything else, a good vinyl cutting machine can get it done for you.

If you just love creating various types of decorations for personal use, you can go for the affordable model that offers decent features for your everyday use.

The vinyl cutting machines featured here are the best models that you can use both for personal or professional use.

Whether you want to create decorations for yourself or to sell it, these are the machines that you can use for this purpose.

You can pick the one that you prefer after comparing all the features that they offer.

Once you get the best vinyl cutting machines of your choice, it’s time to start crafting!

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