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XNSPY – The Most Sophisticated Monitoring App? iRiverAmerica

Mobile phone monitoring apps have improved their abilities with the features offered by progressive iterations of smartphones.

Symbian-based mobile phones had limited computing ability and offered limited sensors.

However, modern smartphones are packed with a range of sophisticated sensors and advanced computing power.

This is used by smartphone monitoring apps to collect large amounts of data, ranging from multimedia to GPS location.

There are plenty of monitoring apps on the market, but the purpose of this article is to review one of the most sought after apps called XNSPY.

We will first explore the uses of monitoring applications, and then highlight the prominent features of XNSPY.

We will then evaluate the app for ease of use and affordability. 

Parental Monitoring:

Monitoring applications such as XNSPY are useful for parents looking to protect their children from online threats.

Most parents these days do not recognize the dangers that lurk on the internet. Cyber-bullying, harassment, and inappropriate content are serious threats for children.

Similarly, sexual predators and scammers roam the internet in search of their victims.

Children are acutely vulnerable to these threats because they spend a major part of their time on mobile phones and the internet.

In this context, it is understandable that parents would like to use monitoring applications to ensure that their children can use technology without suffering from its ill effects. 

parental control app

Employee Monitoring:

Managers at an organization monitor their employees one way or the other.

Such monitoring can be through physical presence or cameras.

Many also opt to rely on monitoring apps as well. And there are many reasons for monitoring employees.

First, improved productivity plays an important part in improving company revenue and monitoring apps can help with that.

Secondly, all businesses have valuable data that, if stolen, can result in financial losses.

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Cybercrime is also a serious threat. Monitoring apps such as XNSPY can be helpful in all these situations.

This is because mobile phones are now extensions of workplaces themselves.

These devices carry multimedia files, important documents, work-related emails, and important communication.

Monitoring employees’ mobile devices can thus improve productivity, and protect confidential information of the organization.

employees tracking

XNSPY Features:

XNSPY is among the most sophisticated and advanced monitoring apps currently available for both Android and iOS.

What sets XNSPY apart from other such apps is that it offers a broad range of features that can help both parents and managers.

Let’s go through some of the features XNSPY has to offer.

Call monitoring: You can use XNSPY to keep track of all calls that are made to and from the device.

Calls can be recorded and accessed remotely.

Furthermore, you can access the entire call log on the app’s control panel. There is an added feature for parents.

They can add a contact to XNSPY’s blacklist, and the app will immediately notify if there is any communication with that contact.

It’s a very useful feature if you are suspicious of someone’s intentions towards your child, or if you have agreed to a no-contact rule.

Text messages: XNSPY lets you track all text messages sent to and from the device.

Just like the contacts, you can add certain words and terms to the blacklist too, and XNSPY will alert you if they are mentioned in any text message.

This feature acts as an alarm for potential threats to your child.

Similarly, if you are a manager, and have the confidential information to protect, you can add specific terms to the watch list.

You will be immediately notified if the employee tries to leak the information.

Social media: Social media has now become an integral feature of our social lives.

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This is especially true for youngsters who are tech-savvy and rely on such applications to socialize with their friends.

You can access Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Tinder, and scores of other social media outlets through XNSPY.

This is particularly useful for parents who may not feel comfortable understanding and navigating all these applications.

sms & call monitoring

Multimedia access: 

You can use XNSPY to access all images, audio, and video files on the device.

You can also see the calendar entries that the individual has made so you can have an idea of what kind of events they are planning to attend. 

Location tracking:

XNSPY lets you access the location of the device in real-time.

You can also use the geofencing feature to make sure that your child or employee does not enter or leave a certain location.

You will be notified if they do so. For example, XNSPY will alert you if you do not want your child to go to, or leave, a certain location.

Similarly, if your employees are required to travel for work-related purposes, such as delivery, you can track their movements in real-time.

Online behavior:

You can use the XNSPY monitoring app to see which websites are accessed via the device.

This way, you can build a picture of their online behavior.

XNSPY will also create a list of the most visited websites.

As an employer, you will be able to see if your employees are using the internet for work-related purposes or entertainment.

Remote control:

You can remotely control the device by using XNSPY’s remote control feature.

You can lock the device, take screenshots, shut it down, turn on the microphone for ambient recording, and even wipe off all data from the device.

These are useful features if you want to prevent personal information such as bank account details or residential addresses from leaking.

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You can simply wipe off all data from the device in case it is stolen or lost.

Ease of use and affordability: 

Installing the application is quite simple. Just go to XNSPY’s official website and select the subscription package that suits your needs.

You will receive an email that will include login credentials for XNSPY’s control panel, along with guidelines on how to install the app.

The installation itself does not take long, either. The app will take between 24-48 hours you could start accessing data.

Mobile phone monitoring apps

XNSPY offers an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface.

You can easily browse through different categories, from which you can access location, multimedia, text, or call data.

The premium subscription costs USD 7.49 per month, while the basic version costs USD 4.99/month.

These competitive prices make XNSPY more affordable than other mobile monitoring apps.


Monitoring applications have several uses, especially for parents and employers.

However, you need to make sure that you are following all local laws regarding monitoring.

If you are a manager, ethical guidelines are also particularly important.

This requires that you obtain the consent of your employees before installing monitoring apps.

Whether you are a parent or an employer, XNSPY is an advanced monitoring app that offers many features to meet your monitoring needs.

It is easy to install and use. Furthermore, XNSPY is also far more affordable than other monitoring apps as it offers different subscription packages that go easy on your pocket.

These factors make XNSPY the best monitoring app for 2020.

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